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Chapter 1 – The Poison is Delivered.

It was another glorious day in the feudal era, the sun was shinning, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, gentle breeze from the west rustled in the trees. The entire world seemed to be at peace. Yet despite all this the day had started off in the worst possibly way, it was just that simple.

They were an unusually mix, these hunters of the shikon jewel shards, a miko, a demon slayer, a monk, a kitsune cub, a twin tailed fire cat and a hanyou. But despite their differences or maybe because of them they were a devoted family, each one with their own unique strengths ready and willing to defend and protect the other. And like any other family they also fought like cats and dogs. (So to speak)

Kagome sighed, she knew she should apologize, as she looked up at InuYasha's ridged back she thought to herself 'but not until he says it, I'm sick of being the one that always says sorry first. Well not this time buddy, I'm not gonna do it!' She was determined to hold to this, she told herself to stand firm and strong. But deep down she was unsure if she could, she knew all he would have to do to break her resolve was flash one of his smiles and she would melt.

InuYasha who was ahead of the group, his pace stiff and hard, his shoulders tense with frustration and hurt and he had an angry look in his eyes. He was grumbling to himself over the touchiness of humans and wondering what it was that he had done that was so wrong. Kagome followed behind him and even though he couldn't see her, he felt her presence. He also knew that Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara were bringing up the rear. They had fallen behind on purpose as it was just too dangerous to be around those two when they were like this.

"Sango, do you think it's safe to go near Kagome yet?" The little fox Shippo asked perched on Miroku's shoulder.

"No, not yet, she's still pretty mad" replied the demon slayer, who wondered to herself if Kagome would or could ever forgive InuYasha & his lack of tact.

"I agree" threw in Miroku. The memory of the look in Kagome's eyes this morning caused him to shiver "I'd stay clear of InuYasha as well"

"He did deserve it though" said Sango as she recalled this morning's event.

They had all been woken at the crack off dawn by InuYasha yelling and demanding they hurry, 'Daylights wasting' he'd said, whilst they were trying to eat a rushed breakfast it had happened.

"What's wrong with you Kagome" InuYasha spat, glaring at the tired Miko as she yawned for tenth time "will you stop doing that"

"Nothing's wrong InuYasha, I'm okay just tired is all" Kagome answered trying to stifle another yawn.

"Well maybe if you slept still for change you wouldn't be so tired all the time" his frustration at her inability to stop yawning evident in each word.

"Slept still? What do you mean slept still?" She had asked yawning again, confused by his words.

"You kept moving around and making all those funny noises"

"Funny noises huh, I must have been having a nightmare" offered Kagome.

"Humph….those weren't the sort of noises" InuYasha folded his arms across his chest, starring at her. His choice of words caught Miroku's dirty mind and he began picturing what she could possible have been dreaming about.

"What???...What do you mean?" Kagome stammered a bright red blush staining her cheeks as she noticed the look on the monk's face.

InuYasha leaned forward and sniffed the air around Kagome causing her blush to increase its color "And you don't smell like it was a nightmare"

Kagome's mouth dropped "What are you talking about? I'm sure it was just a nightmare" she racked her mind trying to recall the dream, her blush worsen still when she remembered, oh god! She thought.

"Well then, what was the nightmare about then?"

I'm not telling him, I'll never live it down, her thoughts screamed.

"Nothing….I don't remember, it was just a nightmare"

"No it wasn't!!! You were…." He searched for the right word, 'purring', that was it, she was definitely purring. "You were purring Kagome" What he didn't tell her was how her purring affected him.

Time stopped and everyone froze and the silence stretched on as they each tried to comprehend InuYasha's words, when the did no-one was game to speak.

Kagome's embarrassment dissolved into complete and utter rage.

"InuYasha" her voice was strangely calm and yet at the same time bone chillingly scary.

"Keh" InuYasha wondered why he was suddenly filled with fear at the sound of her voice.

Kagome stood, her hands clenched into fists at her sides, her head lowered and her eyes closed. InuYasha knew deep in his heart in was in for it now.

"Sit, sit, sit, sit, SIT, SIT, SIT, SIT, SIT, SIT, SIT, SIT" Kagome only stopped saying 'sit' when she ran out of breath. InuYasha slammed face first into the ground and with each 'sit' the ditch just got deeper and deeper. InuYasha's screams of pain echoed through the air, scaring everything in ear shot and shaking the ground for miles.

Sango remembered how red Kagome had looked, she felt so sorry for her, InuYasha could be so tactless, oh and that lecherous monk, he just sat there and starred at Kagome with one of those perverted looks he gets. She smiled to herself recalling how hard she'd hit him, sending him into the ground all most as deep as InuYasha, she had known exactly where his thoughts had gone, he was still sporting a nasty bump on his head. Now as a result of InuYasha's thoughtlessness no-one was game to go anywhere near the fuming Hanyou or the embarrassed and just as angry Kagome.

"Yeah, he did deserve it though, he's an idiot" whispered Shippo.

InuYasha looked back over his left shoulder without stopping and scowled at the group "I can hear you, you know" His eyes caught Kagome's and he's steps faulted, he was taken aback by the way she looked. She had a funny kind of mix between anger, sadness and embarrassment all over her face and damn it all, her scent was just as confusing. He'd only been concerned for her, during the night she had moved constantly and restlessly even causing Shippo to leave her side and go to Kirara. And those sounds she had made, they had stirred his blood thoroughly. He could still hear that soft purring noise and just thinking of it caused his chest tighten just as it had last night. Shaking his head to try and clear the memory, he suddenly snapped back around to face the direction they had been walking in.

Something was coming towards them.

Miroku ran to stand next to InuYasha

"Miroku, you feel that" he growled, unsheathing the tetsusaiga, he's feeling of uneasiness grew.

"Yes……something is coming" clutching his staff. "An evil presence is definitely is out there"

The beautiful blue sky ahead began to darken to blackish red and the very ground under their feet trembled.

"InuYasha!" Kagome called "There's jewel shards ahead….a few of them"

Everything went deathly still around them; there wasn't a sound or movement then suddenly with out warning the ground just in front of them exploded upwards sending rocks and debris into the air, throwing them all backwards. InuYasha and Kirara were the only ones who managed to land on their feet but everyone else fell into a tangled heap. As the dust cleared, there before them stood 4 vicious looking demons.

"They have the jewel shards" Kagome yelled as tried unsuccessfully to dislodge herself from the others.

The demons looked human, there didn't seem to be a demon characteristic in appearance but InuYasha could smell that they weren't human or hanyou like him but something in their scent wasn't right, he just couldn't quite put it in to words. It did however contain something that he could almost recognize but he tried to search his memory but whatever it was just wouldn't come to him.

"We're come for the girl" one of them spoke; it's voices thick and heavy. It raised and pointed a rather large sword in Kagome's direction "give her to us and you'll die quickly"

"No chance" InuYasha snarled, gripping his sword, transforming it into the mighty fang. No-one touches my Kagome he thought.

"No…well that's too bad" the demon said, shaking his head. "We'll just have to take her then". Suddenly he lunged forward at InuYasha, savagely bringing down his heavy sword. InuYasha leapt up to meet him, their swords clashed in a mighty blast that sent vibrations through everyone's body.

The three other demons took this moment to race around the two warriors, flying straight at Kagome.

"NO….Kagome RUN" barked InuYasha, he'd caught their actions from the corner of his eye.

Sango released her mighty weapon at the demons, screaming "HIraikotsu" but one of the demons managed to strike it away before turning his attention towards the slayer. She was uneased by its ability to bat her weapon away like it was a twig.

Snarling, its voice thick with rage "You shall pay for that little girl"

"Bring it on" replied Sango, drawing her sword.

Miroku jumped in front of Kagome, ripping the beads that bound his wrist, in one fluid motion he raised his arm and yelled "WIND TUNNEL". Everything in front of his out stretched arm began to hurtle towards the hole in his palm.

"I don't think so" spat the 3rd demon, releasing a ball of energy that quickly engulfed Miroku's arm, effectively blocking the use of his hand. It then charged at him, striking out at the monk who managed in his shocked state to block the attack with his staff.

The last demon dodged around the others and reached Kagome before she had a chance to react. He roughly grabbed her arm and lifted her off the ground, his razor sharp claws piecing the flesh on her upper arm. She screamed as pain rocketed through her body and she tried with to pry its claws loose.

"KAGOME" bellowed InuYasha, his concentration broken by the sight of Kagome being held off the ground by the demon. The more she squirmed and twisted the deeper the demons claws seemed to dig into her flesh causing more blood to run down her arm. The copper scent from the blood trails and the salt in her tears filled his every sense. InuYasha became enraged.

He sensed rather than saw the demon he was fighting strike out at him, reluctantly he tore his eyes from Kagome and raised the mighty tetsusaiga to block the attack just as the demon's weapon was inches from his face.

Sadistically the demon hissed "Ha, we'd heard she was your weakness, it's pitiful"

"Leave her alone" InuYasha snapped, the smell of Kagome's fear fueling his anger.

The demon was so close that he could feel it's breathe on his skin and in his nose, it stank. There was something in the demon's expression that InuYasha just couldn't fathom; there was a hollow emptiness to its eyes.

It snarled as it closed its expressionless eyes "Why of course….you only had to ask"

InuYasha's eyes widen in shock "what?"

The demon repeated itself "you only had to ask" opening its eyes it seemed to stare straight into his soul, pushing closer into InuYasha

InuYasha vision faulted and he felt a sharp, blinding pain in his right side, he realized that the demon had used it's free hand to stab him with its claws.

From somewhere behind him he heard Kagome scream his name "INUYASHA" as he stumbled back from the demon he whispered "Kagome".

"We are done" the demon shouted and as quickly as they appeared, the demons disappeared.

Kagome fell hard onto the ground scraping skin off her legs when the demon dropped her. She dragged herself up and rushed to where InuYasha had fallen to his knees. She dropped to her knees in front of him placing a hand on his shoulder

"Are you alright" she asked, concern etched in her every word.

"It'll take more than a scratch to get me" he muttered, his hand clutched to his side.

"Let me see the wound InuYasha" Kagome asked

"Keh…It's fine, it doesn't even hurt" he answered, standing up, in truth it no longer hurt and he did feel ok, benefit of being a hanyou he thought.

"I wonder what all that was about" mussed the monk as he came to stand behind them.

"Don't know but it sure was weird" replied InuYasha, helping Kagome to her feet.

"We'd better get moving in case they come back" retorted Sango

A nod of everyone's head was all the answer she got.

Kirara transformed and Sango, Miroku and Shippo climbed onto her back.

"Well then, let's move" Sango spoke as Kirara launched into the air "we'll scout ahead InuYasha and find somewhere to set up camp"

"Good idea my dear" replied the monk as his hand gently caressed the demon slayer's rounded behind. 'Whack' Sango brought her fist down on Miroku's head, stunning the monk.

"Idiot" Shippo said shaking his head as they left.

InuYasha turned to Kagome and noticed the wounds from the demon's claws had stopped bleeding and the blood trails on her arm were drying.

"You okay?" he said pointing at her arm.

Glancing down to survey the wounds, Kagome answered "yeah…it's a bit sore but it should be okay"

He turned so she could climb onto his back and he raced in the direction that the others had taken.

A short time later they caught up with the others near a small cave situated beside a flowing river. Sango had already lit a fire just inside the cave's entrance while Miroku and Shippo were knee deep in the river trying to catch some fish.

As Kagome slid from InuYasha's back she found herself thinking, his skin feels slightly warmer than usual and she was pretty sure she had felt him trembling as they ran, had the fight really taken that much out of him or was the injury he sustained worse than he was letting on.

InuYasha frowned as he moved to the cave wall and slumping down to lean against it, he felt a line of sweat slip down his back. Why does this cave feel funny he thought, I'm so hot his thoughts continued must be the excitement from the fight, yeah that's all this is. As he closed his eyes he was fully aware that Kagome was studying him. I like it when she looks at me was his last thought as he drifted off to sleep.

"Sango" Kagome looked over to her friend

"Yes Kagome" something in Kagome's voice made her rise from the fire quickly.

"I think something is wrong with InuYasha" her voice etched with worry.

Sango turned her gaze and studied the sleeping hanyou's form, noticing that his skin had taken on grayish tinge, sweat had gathered on his brow and his breathing seemed to be labored. Sango's face matched Kagome's; this is not good she thought.

"I'll fetch Miroku" She said as she exited the cave in search of the monk and Shippo.

Kagome knelt in front of InuYasha and rested her palm against his forehead, yes; he was definitely developing a fever. Glancing down to his side at the blood stain, she gently lifted the edge of haori to look at the wound. At the sight of the injury, she released her hold on the fabric and covered her mouth with her hands to try and stifle the gasp she let out in shock.

"Oi Wench!" InuYasha flinched.

Startled Kagome glanced up his face, her eyes seeking his; she was couldn't believe the look in his eyes. His eyes were partially closed and there was no spark or fire in them, he looked so despondent.

"InuYasha, you're sick" She made as if to touch his side again.

"Heh?... I don't get sick stupid" he tried to swipe her hand away but his strength was left him and he merely slumped forward, his head coming to rest on Kagome's shoulder.

"InuYasha" she gasped, blinking rapidly as she felt his full weight.

Using all the strength she could muster she gently maneuvered him to lie on the cave floor, he was to be unconscious. Kagome pulled his haori up again to better inspect the wound left by the demon and this was how Sango and Miroku found them.

Miroku removed InuYasha Haori and under shirt while Sango fetched more water and Kagome collected her 1st aid kit. Shippo and Kirara waited near the fire and watched with fear and apprehension as they tended to InuYasha.

"It's defiantly a poison" Miroku remarked as he sat back on his haunches, while Kagome busily cleaned the wound as best she could.

"That demon must have had it on its claws when it struck InuYasha" offered Kagome as she applied a dressing.

"It's definitely a strong poison to affect him like this, but I have no idea what it could be" Miroku added, rubbing his chin with chin with hand, that whole attack was weird, was this their true intention, did they merely go after Kagome to distract InuYasha he thought

Sango seemed of had the same thought "mmmm…at first they seemed to want Kagome but I believe InuYasha was the true target. Do you think Naruku had something to do with this?" asked Sango

"I don't know" mussed Miroku "it's possible"

Kagome fussed over InuYasha, wiping his brow with a damp cloth, she listened closely to her friend's exchange, hearing every ounce of concern and confusion that was in their voices. InuYasha moaned in his sleep, his brows knitted with each stab of pain that caused his muscles to clench. Kagome felt her heart break with each noise he made, you have to be alright InuYasha, I need you she thought.

"What do we do?" Kagome asked; her voice low and chocked with emotion.

"We'll need to get an antidote of some sort" replied Miroku quickly.

"I'll take Kirara and go to Lady Kaede" Sango suggested, jumping to her feet, Kirara sensing the urgency transformed before Sango had even fully stood up.

"Wait" Miroku gestured for her to stop "I think we should also go to Jinenji as well just in case" Miroku added "Jinenji is a master with antidotes, he should be able to help"

Shippo jumped into Kagome's lap "I'll take you to Jinenji, Kagome"

"No Shippo…I need to stay with InuYasha" Kagome answered, scratching the kitsune's head "thank you though" she added.

Nothing could drag her from his side thought Sango, as she saw the confusion on Shippo's face.

Shippo looked down "I just wanted to help"

"I know" Kagome held him close.

"Shippo…I agree with Kagome, if InuYasha should lose control in his weaken condition and his demon side rise, Kagome maybe the only one to reach him" Miroku said.

Sango knelt down at Kagome's side and looked at the little fox cub, "Do you think you could carry me?" Sango asked

"Sure..Why?" he questioned, he wasn't sure why should be asking.

"Well if you take me to Jinenji and Kirara takes Miroku to Lady Kaede it would be much quicker than Kirara and I trying to go to both"

"But that, that would mean leaving Kagome alone" Shippo was visually shaken at the thought of leaving Kagome alone, he feared for her safety "what if demons attack?"

Miroku stood "if we do this we should only be gone for the night, possibly the morning at most and if Kagome stays within the cave itself everything should be okay. I'll even place some strong sutras at the cave entrance to ward off any demons that may stray to close" He said trying to calm the kitsune

He looked down at Kagome who was starring at InuYasha "there is access to water at the back of cave, enough wood for the fire and you have some supplies, what do say Kagome?"

Without taking her eyes from InuYasha's face she spoke, she tried to keep her voice calm and even "then go and hurry back, I don't think we have much time to waste"

"Agreed" Sango, Shippo and Miroku replied in unison, Kirara roared her agreement.

Kagome rose and hugged them all, but she returned to her place next to InuYasha's side before they had even left the cave.

Brushing a sweat soaked strand of his silver locks from his forehead, she murmured "Stay with me InuYasha, just hold on ok" she murmured, "Please….just stay with me"

She glanced towards the cave entrance "Please hurry my friends, please hurry"