Title: As We Know It
Author: Girl Who Writes
Feedback: If you feel so moved.
Characters: Sailor Saturn
Word Count: 276 words
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama
Summary: Saturn bows to her fallen monarch, her Glaive pointing to the sky.
Notes: Written for LJ's misc fic challenge October prompt. Written on the spur of the moment - hopefully my writer's block is gone.
I decided to make Legacies a collection of ficlets based upon the duties of Saturn in the Silver Millennium, in varying perspectives. There will be at least one more part added.
Warnings: Slightly gruesome description.
Disclaimer: Naoko Takeuchi owns the characters and scenarios of Sailor Moon. I am a humble fan and thus make no profit from this venture.

She stands on the battle field, her hair fluttering in the breeze.

She watches the corrupted men of Earth slaughter their own people, their own animals. They are smeared with mud, with blood and with globs of flesh as they cut down everything they pass.

Saturn can see the madness of Chaos lit in their eyes, in their wild movements; the way the screams of people and animals brighten their eyes.

The stench of death is thick as Saturn looks around. The other planets have already fallen; there is nothing left except her, and this great slaughter of the last planet standing.

One man, his mouth smeared with the blood of someone – or something – else, looks up and sees her, his mouth splitting into a grin at the sight of the young girl. He is blind to the great weapon in her hand, the legendary Silence Glaive.

She offers him a cold look, one that shows the depths of despair, the horrors she has witnessed and will commit. He holds his dagger up, eyeing Saturn's body underneath her uniform – he lusts for her spilt blood, her eyes wide and congealing.

Saturn disappears in a flash of white-purple light, returning to the ruins of the Moon Palace, her boot heals clacking on the cracked marble that was once the floor of the Palace. She pauses before the corpse of Queen Selenity, cold and white as porcelain, her silver hair spilling in ribbons beside her.

Saturn bows to her fallen monarch, her Glaive pointing to the sky. And she turns away, to face the crumbling pillars of the Palace.

Saturn brings the Glaive down, and the world ends.