Shinobi Turned Goddess

By: Kibou32

Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto… don't even own one of its manga…!!

Summary: AU. Set after Orochimaru's invasion to Leaf and before Sasuke's defection. Kakashi finds himself caught in Naruto's web of love and without even knowing how it happened, he ends up falling in love. What will happen now?

Pairing: Fem Naruto + Kakashi.

Warnings: This story has sex between a minor and an adult. For further information read Author's Notes.

Author's Notes: Here are a few things I've gathered from the reviews I've been getting:

As far as I'm concerned: relationships between a minor and a grown-up are gross! In the real world! In Naruto: it is easy to have such a thing happening between a 13 year old Fem Naruto and a 28 year old Kakashi. Why? Shinobi have high mortality rates, so it was told like this from the Sandaime's point of view once I think… once they become genins, they are treated as adults; even though they are only teenagers. Even more so… I think Naruto graduates at twelve; so by the time this story takes place… she's actually a teenager but is in fact considered as an adult shinobi. So here I can politely say that it is perfectly normal for a grown guy to take up with a younger woman – this also happens in real life – and not be considered a pedophile.




It began at night, though the others didn't notice it at first, but their sensei did. Kakashi set about to make camp when he noticed it was too quiet for it to be his team. Usually one or all of them would be making sounds, either by complaining or by fighting; the former for Sakura or Naruto and the latter for Naruto and Sasuke. He began to notice something even stranger… Naruto was silent. He was being so quiet and still that Sasuke hadn't said a thing to the other boy – Kakashi could tell that Sasuke was a bit concerned for this strange behavior pattern in the other boy. To this he didn't know if he should be suspicious or not.

The next morning, he found that Naruto was sweating profusely and his astonishingly blue eyes were glazed as if he were ill. To this, he was a bit confused as he had seen his wounds heal faster than a regular person's, but now he's wondering if its only to wounds and not illnesses?

"Sasuke" "Sakura" – he addressed them both whilst unknowingly giving Naruto time to drift off some more. He told them to go on ahead after they had finished gathering up camp. He said he would stay with Naruto and that they'd catch up with them. He never did mention to them his suspicions about Naruto being ill or not knowing that Sakura wouldn't really care and make this worst than it already were whilst Sasuke… he actually didn't know what Sasuke would do in that context.

Whilst they were jumping from tree to tree after the other two had moved on leaving him alone with his other student, Naruto began to lag behind; Kakashi was focused on how Naruto seemed oblivious to the fact that both of his other two teammates were gone. He steered Naruto towards the ground trying to shorten the blow so to speak, when just as Naruto was about to jump to another tree branch, he slip and fell. It was a no brainier that if he fell he could get hurt, so he dove in to get him and only released his pent – up tension when they were both safely on the ground. After the initial panic had faded, a new one set in when he noticed his young student had a fever. How utterly unpredictable. He sighed.


By the time he had once again set-up camp, he set-out to undress the boy to get him comfortable and found a big surprise… Naruto was no regular boy… – pun intended – Naruto was a girl. As such he noticed that the henge Naruto had used to disguise her gender dispelled completely leaving Kakashi shocked to see a very voluptuous thirteen year old girl. As he had taken Naruto's jacket and t-shirt, he had a clear view of Naruto's goods—ah, breasts… if his memory served well from previous encounters with the female kind… they looked like they could be a C-cup… and for her small frame.. they were big and so so beautiful. He sighed. His hands itched to touch those succulent breasts with their succulent tipped dark rose nipples. He groaned pitifully feeling an ache suddenly formed underneath his pants. She had shifted innocently, moaning and writhing wantonly on her laid out futon leaving him with the beginning coils of lust. A lust he had never felt before. He had long since past puberty and had been not wanting a fuck for a good while, but with the way she had moved, with the way she had just innocently thrust her upper body to him; as if offering herself to him… and he found himself wanting to tease those delicious looking dark pink nipples with his tongue… here he gritted his teeth and turned away from temptation.

Forming the seals to summon one of his dogs: Pakkun, he told him – whilst turning his back on the lovely picture of innocent persuasion – to run to the village and get the Hokage here to check this new development not knowing that this might already be old news to her. Once he were gone, he gathered his wits and finished the task of undressing Naruto down to her small – here he gulped as he realized that he was this close to her sexy sex – soft orange bikini panties. He stopped when he felt with his own hands the loveliness of her legs, despite the fact that she wasn't as tall as other girls; they were sinewy silky and long. He noticed clinically that she shouldn't feel this warm or be so sweaty as yes it was cool and not hot as in a summer night. He didn't understand his feelings: he felt so horny!! His cheeks were suffused with blood – oh Kami! He was blushing!!! – whereas the lust had not left him but returned with a vengeance. He ached to be inside her. And he didn't know why!! Well the problem lay that he knew why, it was just that he was sure that he had more control than that.

So he waited for the Hokage's arrival with relish whilst he took care of sitting from across her laid out futon resting his back to a tree. It wasn't until the next day at seven hundred hours that he – touching her forehead with a somewhat cool hand – noticed her fever had receded. Two hours later, Naruto woke up as if nothing were wrong… she stretched up her arms and shivered a bit. He could see the goosebumps in both of her arms because he wasn't that far away from her.

By feeling the cool air on her heated skin, she acknowledged that she was nude from the waist up. As she usually was under the influence of the 'boy' henge, she didn't care to protect her body from being seen by others, but when she opened her blue eyes and saw how her sensei was looking at her so intensely… she noticed how her torso had pushed her breasts out to him as if in offering… an unconscious and sensual way of enticing him to reach out and touch her… she blushed heavily acknowledging that he could see through the henge!! How utterly embarrassing!! Immediately, she covered her boobs by crossing her arms over them and looked away.

"You lied to me Naruto. Doushite?" – she heard him say in a hard as steel voice not noticing that by this time he had moved forward and was kneeling right beside her sleeping bag.

"Watashi… ano…" – here she stopped because even though she couldn't see his eye, she was scared of him.

"Doushite?" – he asked again, his face not betraying his emotions, but his voice; his tone of voice told another story altogether.

"I had no choice sensei. It was an S-Class secret that only a total of seven people know. I couldn't disobey a direct order from the Hokage to let everyone else know I wasn't the right gender!" – she cried looking back at him and was startled to find him kneeling next to her side prying her quivering arms gently away from her chest.

"And now? Why do I get the privilege to see you now?" – he asked unknowingly of how one of his hands was caressing her left breast.

She shivered in response to his cuddling and said whilst inwardly trying to will the aching furnace below away.

"It's the Kyuubi. It's in heat."

"It? I thought the fox was male." – his voice dropped and then he noticed that he was pawing her rather heavily and she had not turned his affections away. He twitched under his mask – knowing that even though Naruto hadn't minded his affections, she was still innocent enough to not know what exactly he was doing – and tried to retrieved his hand only to be stunned quiet when Naruto whimpered in response to the loss of his touch.

"Kyuubi is neither. Which is why… which is why I'm able to feel its heat. I thought… Sandaime-jiji thought I'd be 18 when the after-effects of the heat would come in to me… demo… demo… by using the Kyuubi's power more than once I've accelerated the maturing process of my body in concordance with the Kyuubi's and the result is the heat." – she had moaned at the end leaving Kakashi feeling frustrated.

He scuttled closer to her and sort of wrapped his torso to her back in a protective gesture, but also in a lover's embrace. He expertly took off his fingertip-less gloves and began to openly fondle her breasts. He found he couldn't quite maintain control over his growing libido, but he still had enough presence of mind to ask before he let his control slip and take it further.

"Do you wish for me to help you?" – he growled. She nodded, but he had to ask again for a spoken answer.

"Yes! Oh! Kami-sama! Kakashi-sensei, please!" – that was all the answer he needed.

He started with divesting his clothing and her panties quickly and added an incentive so she wouldn't think that he did this with every female he encountered that made his blood hot… he took both of his masks off. And was fascinated as those incredible luminescent blue eyes darkened in lust and there was a speckle of something else in there he found he couldn't quite dwell on it at the moment. He dived in to suckle on her nipples feeling like an starved man in a desert. Something he could confess to never had felt before.