Shinobi Turned Goddess

By: Kibou32

Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto… don't even own one of its manga…!

Summary: AU. Set after Orochimaru's invasion to Leaf and before Sasuke's defection. Kakashi finds himself caught in Naruto's web of love and without even knowing how it happened, he ends up falling in love. Will Naruto let him be her lover?

Pairing: Fem Naruto + Kakashi. Mentions of Naruto + (Shikamaru, Neji, Sasuke, Gaara)

Warnings: This story contains sex between a 13 year old girl and a 28 year old man. There will be sex scenes – not so explicit, but enough that kiddies younger than 18 shouldn't read it without parental consent. Furthermore… I don't condone sex with minors in any shape or form. This is completely fictional.


Part XVII:

Section Three


When Naruto braved the village again, the first person she met up with was Iruka. He had been at the wedding, he had given her away to Kakashi, but he had been a bit annoyed with her, so she thought 'Oh bugger! Now what on Earth did I do now?' as he came up to her and smiled. Smiled?

Yes. Umino Iruka was smiling. His smile wasn't fake or forced, but it was actually a true smile. It appeared Iruka had forgiven her for her mild tantrum.

"Iruka-niisan?" – She asked looking concerned.

"Ah! I was actually looking for you. Given the fact that you were on leave due to your recent marriage, I had thought you'd be… oh well… it doesn't matter. You're needed in the clan council's office."

Naruto looked at Iruka for a moment before she said: "What do they want?" – Thinking that perhaps they were going to issue some order or something like that.

"Well… you have to attend to those meetings. Each and every meeting they hold, you have to go." – Iruka said looking a bit confused as to why his adopted sister – adopted in the sense that he was the one who had given her away to marry – looked so shocked to be told this.

"What?" – she said looking a bit on the panicky side.

"You're a wife now, Naruto. Kakashi is the sole survivor of his clan, you're carrying his child and you're his wife. So of course you're going to take over the duties that he did not take before, that include dealing with the clan council and other things such as those."

Naruto swooned. She was beginning not to like this sort of thing. She was okay with taking responsibilities and the like. But not with this. Especially not after he had said he respected her dreams and would help her achieve them – come high hell or heaven.

"Naruto?" – Iruka exclaimed as he saw Naruto's blue eyes haze and her tan face taking a nasty shade of white. The likes he never wanted to see her in ever again.

Naruto didn't respond. She fainted.


Tsunade was a bit on the annoyed side when in the middle of a very boring but highly significant meeting with those heads of the top shinobi clans, Iruka rushed in with a fainted Naruto in his arms. Kakashi – who had been there – only because he had to now, no excuses made as he was now a Husband instead of a simple bachelor, almost freaked out.

"Mendokusei." – said a voice as Nara Shikaku took in the scene and eventually decided they'd be leaving way later than usual, if the drama wasn't settled with sooner rather than later.

Hiashi – also having deducted that – rose from his seat and knelt on the floor next to the young woman. He was no medical ninja, but even he could help out with what seemed to be a simple fainting spell caused by stress. His effective – but highly disapproved by both Iruka and Kakashi – chakra laced jab to Naruto's tenketsu point that helped her get back to consciousness, brought highly worried blue eyes to his own blank ones.

"…" – He said nothing and waited for the ultimate outburst.

Naruto didn't scream and she didn't shout, but at Kakashi's constant over-protective hovering, she did punch him a new one.


"Now then… the first order of the day is the introduction of Hatake Uzumaki Naruto into the council. All present, please rise." – Iruka called out now composed after all that drama.

Tsume from the Inuzuka clan bowed along the rest of the council and then sat back down. Kakashi stood on the other far end of the room, being told hotly by an annoyed Naruto that she was mad at him and wanted space.

"Well now, I remember you from Hana's talk about her dalliance with you when you were a chunnin three years ago." – She drawled.

Naruto looked back at the woman and said…

"For the record, it was your daughter who came onto me and not the other way around."

Tsume barked out a laugh and said: "I know. I just wanted to know what you'd say in response to that."

Shikaku looked shrewdly at both women and sighed before commenting that whatever she did before her marriage with Hatake Kakashi, was not pertaining to the question in hand.

"The matter at hand?" – Naruto asked looking thoroughly puzzled.

Meanwhile, Kakashi was confused. When had Naruto dallied with Inuzuka Hana and why was this the first time he was hearing about this?

"This is just basic procedure as the fact remains you were always a non-clan belonging kunoichi." – Inoichi said.

Chouza just nodded and then offered her a small smile. Naruto immediately warmly smiled back.

"So… why do I even have to be here?" – Naruto asked after a minute or two of answering some questions she deemed fair enough and some jabs at her high pranking days.

"The reason is quite simple. This is about your heritage as an Uzumaki and as the daughter of the Yondaime." – answered the ANBU whose painted mask was of an owl.

He stepped from out of the shadows and bowed to the council members. The clan heads dipped their heads a bit low in resemblance to a half-bow in response.

"Nani?" – Naruto said in response to that. Her screech – as unlikely as it seemed to be – made Tsume and Kakashi wince.

"That is right. You are the Yondaime's legacy." – He said.

Naruto tried to control her emotions and said… "Ok. A legacy… I can understand that. But if you said that in the first place, then there is no reason for you to say I'm his daughter."

"Actually, you are his daughter. Minato-sensei was dating Uzumaki Kushina at the time. No one had any knowledge of you being his daughter up until you were born and the Kyuubi attacked." – Kakashi said.

"But you were shocked to know I was a girl." – She said pointing out the flaw in his statement.

Kakashi blushed under his mask a little bit and said: "Well… there was the point of a non-confirmed rumor."

Naruto closed her eyes for a second and counted to ten. Being pregnant made extremely moody at the most inopportune times.

"I see."

"We'd understand if you'd hate your parents, Uzumaki." – Shikaku said trying to gauge the level of maturity Naruto would portray to this question.

"Why hate someone you've never met? I don't hate him, I rather suspected that the Yondaime and I were related. I just never expected to be his offspring. It'd be stupid to say I'm not shocked, but from that to hatred it's a bit of a stretch. On the other hand, I would have liked to know who was my mother at least. I think I can guess at the reasons as to why I wasn't told of my relations to the man who sealed Kyuubi in me, but not why my mother's identity was hidden from me."

There was silence in the room. It was Tsume who cleared her throat.

"I assume you're not going to ask us what does that have to do with you being here?" – She seemed rather disappointed that the young woman in front of her wouldn't react more strongly than this subdued person.

However, Shikaku and Inoichi both looked at each other, before Chouza sighed and said…

"No one knew Yondaime pretty well. Beyond Hatake and Yondaime's sensei, or even his ex-teammates of which only one remains, we're unable to answer your questions. As it is, the Ino-Shika-Cho trio was barely chunnin by the time your father was in command."

"Ah. So you expected me to just go ballistic and demand my birthright? I realize I know nothing of families, but why tell me now? What does it matter if I'm the Yondaime's daughter or not? What good does it do to me? Does it get me status that I already hold by my own labor? No. Does it get me respect by the villagers who so still hate me just because they can't see past the image of the fox inside of me? No. What can I get by being told who my father was?"

Kaminari was glad. He took his mask off, knowing that only his niece would be able to tell his real face aside from the henge. After all, he had designed it that way. She had reached a level of understanding. But the problem didn't lie in her skills. It lay on the fact that she was only fifteen. That she had acted that way in front of the Hokage, two months prior; was of no big surprise for him. After all, he just had to remember his sister Kushina and know that the girl in front of him and his sister were two of a kind.

When the girl took notice of him she gasped and reacted accordingly.

"You!" – she said with a shaky pointed finger at him. They had met once before after all.

"Yes. Me." – he said enjoying the taunt a little bit. Lord did he miss this! Verbal fighting with Kushina used to be one of the highlights of his days back when she was her daughter's age.

Naruto flushed in anger and lowered her finger as she cursed under her breath.

"You see… Naruto-chan; we are the last two of Whirlpool Country. As opposed to the idea as I was, Minato was right in keeping the truth of your birthright away from you. Including my sister's. I will teach you the way of the wind. But you must promise me to let go of your anger towards being pregnant. That ain't good for you." – He calmly stated.

She looked pensive for a second and then asked the one thing that had been nagging her for awhile.

"If everyone knew – or at least suspected – of my heritage, then why was I cockholded into marrying? Wouldn't I have a higher social standing than Kakashi's?"

It was at this exact point that Jiraiya made himself known to the clan council. Jiraiya smirked knowing why she was asking and said…

"Do you remember the way the villagers' would take to Konohamaru when Sandaime-jiji was alive?"

Naruto nodded nonplussed at what exactly her sensei was reaching at.

"That is moot point now that Jiji is dead. The preferential treatment is only available to members of the Hokage's family when said Hokage is alive. On the other hand, Sarutobi-sensei was part of a clan before he made Hokage. Minato didn't have a clan when he made Hokage. You would have been the first one in his clan had he been alive. Alas, he isn't and you can guess what that means in relation to what Kaminari has just told you." – He said.

"I get it. This is a military based village, in which there is no such thing as royalty. Only the Lords of Fire Country are considered royalty, Konoha is a part of something else, strong and abundant clans are not alike the royalty of the Fire Country's courts. A Hokage is a leader, not a ruler or a king."

The majority of the clan heads nodded approvingly at her.

She sighed knowing there was no turn back.

"Alright. Teach me."


"The first thing you must do is get control over your emotions." – Kaminari said to a two-month pregnant Naruto.

Even though it was a tough call, Naruto listened to her uncle about the way of the wind. It seemed to be a little like a ninja body art technique. Since getting pregnant, the Hokage had warned her against using too much chakra

Every single day, Naruto worked her ass off with trying to control her emotions. Kaminari had roped Yamato into this, whilst Kakashi stood by the side and wondered if it was too much for her.

Then Kakashi was called out to do a mission with the remaining members of Team 8 and Team Gai. In the end, both Shizune, Sakura and Ino had to go and aid them in trying to capture the Sanbi in its released form. The person who Orochimaru was trying to use as a jiinchuriki, Yashamaru, died during Konoha's attempt at getting the Sanbi sealed.

As they were returning, it occurred to Kakashi that for a minute or two; he was sure they were being watched by someone else. He turned around and found no one.


Uchiha Itachi surreptitiously made his way into the village. Before he arrived by the Hokage Tower, he was received by fukuroo (owl) masked ANBU and he nodded showing off a forgotten itachi (weasel) mask on his right shoulder. They escorted him to the ANBU Headquarters immediately, where he at once reported.

"Uchiha Itachi reporting, Fukuroo-sama."

"At ease, shinobi. Your words can be given once the Hokage arrives. The matter I called you here for is different. Your eyes, how are they handling the strain?" – Kaminari asked.

"They are much better thanks to the Hokage's treatment – even from abroad – but my eyesight is still deteriorating. Using Magenkyo makes me tired; the strain in my eyes is terrible."

"Would you be able to use your sharingan to help Hatake?"

"Why would Hatake Kakashi need my sharingan?" – Itachi asked looking - although his face was blank – curious.

"You haven't heard? I see. Your contact, Vixen has retired from ANBU."

Itachi had been slouching in his feet, but with that news he narrowed his eyes and stood up straight.

"Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto loved being in ANBU, last I heard. She wouldn't retire after only being in ANBU for less than five years."

"Well, truth is that she badmouthed the Hokage."

Itachi closed his eyes and sighed.


"And she's pregnant with Hatake's children."

Itachi had been somewhat calm then, but at that – unlikely as it were of him – he fainted.


When he awoke, he looked at the surprised eyes of the same girl he had been speaking of. She was sixteen. She was sixteen! Couldn't she have waited until she was twenty-one? Or until he finished Madara off?


She looked at him not surprised he had been told but also not upset that he knew.

"Tsunade-no-Hokage took me out of ANBU not only because I badmouthed her but because she knew I was getting too attached to the job. Because I was reconsidering becoming Hokage." – she said matter-of-factly. He sighed.

"Were you?" – he asked.

"When you're ten and you say you're going to become Hokage, you say it to spite those that tell you you can't. That's why I said so. Later on, I did want to become Hokage. If only to change the world worked here. There's a saying somewhere that if you want to change the world, you've got to start small, which is why I did it. Which is why I also said it. But when I was inducted into ANBU… I learnt things I didn't know, things that had been hidden from me because of other things. None the least, I went on hoping I could retain myself. When I learnt that I loved being in ANBU, loved being undercover, loved the thrill of the chase and the stealth and the quiet, where the only sound was the beat of my heart; I knew that I didn't really want to be Hokage. Hokage was honor and duty. Hokage is death by paperwork and boredom at political squabbles. That isn't who I am." – she explained.

"So you were. I had hoped I saved you from becoming the council's pawn." – he said thoughtfully.

"Up until Sandaime-jiji died, yeah. But when Orochimaru killed him.. not a chance in hell. I don't think I would turn down the opportunity of becoming Hokage if it were offered to me after a couple of years. Right now, I'm still too immature to bound myself to duty over honor."

Itachi smiled a facsimile smile and she grinned.

"The reason Fukuroo-sama asked you to come and help me is because Kyuubi has found a way to undermine the seal. By putting itself in concordance with a fetus' chakra, it basically wants another body-suit. I didn't put it together until afterwards. And I have been researching of a way to undo this, but I need your help."

"Lead on soldier." – he said stoicly.