An Odd Couple

When Odd goes looking for another girl to date, he gets more than he bargained for. This may not be a bad thing, though. OxS for the curious and some other minor ones.

Disclaimer: Code Lyoko was created by Tania Palumbo and Thomas Romain. It was produced by Antefilms and then by MoonScoop. It is aired in France by France 3 and in America by Cartoon Network. The author is neither employed by or affiliated with any of the above companies or entities. All characters, locales, and other non-original entities are property of the parties mentioned above. All rights reserved.

Odd Della Robbia grabbed a small rubber ball between his thumb and index finger and placed it into the slot located in the middle of his side of the table. The tiny replica of a soccer ball rolled slowly down onto the ramp and towards the middle of the playing field. With a quick flick of the wrist, Odd twisted the knob with his left hand, sending the black and white sphere speeding towards his right side of the table. Before his eyes could follow the object, he heard the familiar thump of rubber hitting wood before the ball fell into the table. He slid the counter one more unit before retrieving the ball and starting the game anew. "Match point," he called out as he looked at his opponent.

Ulrich Stern stood there in deep concentration. His eyes looked at both scoreboards and saw that they were tied with one point to decide the winner. He then looked at Odd. A few minutes ago, he looked dejected seeing that he was behind by a very large score. Suddenly, in a matter of a few minutes, he found himself tied and looking chipper. While both Ulrich and Odd were good friends, they were also very competitive and hated losing. Now was the moment of truth.

Odd placed the ball into the slot once more. As soon as it rolled down the playing field, he hit it with the same ferocity as the last shot. Ulrich, however, was ready. He quickly grabbed the goalie control and blocked the shot. He went past the middle of the field and got the ball to the final line of strikers. Ulrich slowed the ball down and began to pass it between his men, preparing for the winning shot. After he felt the time was right, he fired the shot, hoping this would end the game. Odd, however, had a different plan. He grabbed the goalie controls and twisted hard. The force of the move slammed the plastic goalie into the ball and sent it flying past all of the other players on the field. Ulrich tried to grab the goalie in time but it was too late. The ball hit the left corner of the goal before going into the table once more. Odd slowly moved the final marker one space.

"YES!" he screamed before waving his hand in front of his face. "You can't see me!"

"Shh!" Elisabeth Delmas, also known as Sissi to everyone, said as she glared at Odd. A minute ago she was intently watching her favorite soap opera along with some of the other Kadic girls. The sudden outburst of joy had distracted her and she blamed no one but Odd for interrupting her entertainment.

"You shh!" Odd shot back. After getting a hard earned win over his friend, he wouldn't let anyone bring down his good feeling, especially the stuck-up daughter of the school principal.

"Quiet, you," Sissi said. "I'm trying to watch this."

"Why bother? They'll just rehash the same story next week." Odd teased.

Sissi was fuming at this point. While she grew to ignore his insults to her, she couldn't bear to have her favorite show get slammed by someone who wasn't cultured enough to appreciate it. "You little..."

"C'mon, Odd," Ulrich said as he tapped his best friend on the shoulder. "Let's get outta here." Normally he would wait around and see what kind of insults Odd would come up with against his obsessed stalker but after losing a close game, he didn't feel like hearing any of them right now.

Sissi turned back around and focused her attention on the TV again. She always liked Ulrich and was glad that he protected her from getting insulted this time. She just couldn't fathom why he was friends with someone who took pleasure at someone else's expense.

The duo headed for their dorm. When they arrived, they saw a medium-size box in front of the doorstep. They looked at each other quizzically. None of them was expecting a package and they certainly didn't order anything online. Ulrich approached the box while Odd stood back and watched. "Hey, Odd," Ulrich said as he looked at the label. "This is for you."

Odd picked up the box as Ulrich opened the door to their room. As they both sat down, Odd peeled back the label and saw an envelope behind it. He took out the letter inside and read it aloud.

"Dear Odd," he started out. "Here's the package you requested. Hope it helps with both your studies and your music. Love, Mom and Dad." Odd looked puzzled. He hadn't talked to his parents in about a month and he certainly didn't ask them for anything to send him. As he opened the top of the box, his bewildered look grew more apparent to Ulrich.

"What's wrong?" Ulrich asked.

Odd pulled out the contents of the package. Inside the box was a smaller box. Inside that was a laptop. "This is cool and everything, but I never asked my parents for this," he said with a suspicious tone. It wasn't like he didn't want a laptop, especially since his last one caught a nasty virus that it never recovered from, but since he never asked for one, Odd was beginning to think that this was a setup by XANA.

Ulrich picked up on the tone of his best friend's voice. "So, if you didn't ask for one, then who did?" At that moment a knock came from the door. Ulrich opened it to find Jeremie standing in the hallway.

"Hey guys," he said a he walked in the dorm. His calm demeanor changed to that of excitement as he saw the package in Odd's possession. "Oh cool. It came in."

"Huh?" Ulrich said in confusion.

Odd was equally as puzzled. "Uh, Jer, what do you know about this laptop?"

Jeremie adjusted his glasses before answering. "Well, Odd, I asked your parents to get you another laptop for school since your last one broke. I told them you would need it for school since you would be writing lots of reports and for your music since they know you're a budding DJ and filmmaker."

Odd's look of confusion changed to happiness, though he was still a bit confused. "Wait, so why does the letter say I asked for the laptop?"

"Because you did. Sorry, but I used your e-mail account to contact your parents to ask for this. I picked out he cheapest laptop possible that still packed some punch in it. Hope you're not mad about the 'invasion of privacy' thing." Jeremie said, realizing that what he did wasn't exactly ethical.

Odd smiled. "No way, Einstein. Besides I wouldn't know how to ask them for this in the first place. Thanks." He gave him a fist bump to show his appreciation.

"That's good," Jeremie said, relieved that everything was OK between them. "Besides, it's about time you had your own computer again. The last time I used my computer after I let you get your hands on it, I almost lost my hearing. Now, let's take your laptop over to my room so I could tweak it out and get it hooked up to the network."

"Um, Jeremie, do you think getting Odd another computer was a good idea?" Ulrich asked.

"Why?" he asked.

Ulrich grinned. "Knowing Odd, he'll be on it all night looking for porn."

Odd's eyes grew wide. "Ulrich, I'm shocked! You know that I would never indulge in such a thing."

"OK," he said as he posed his friend a challenging question. "So what are you going to use it for?"

The blond and purple haired kid didn't hesitate to provide an answer. "Girls!"

"Wait a minute," Ulrich said. He was a bit surprised by the answer, though knowing Odd he really shouldn't have been. "Isn't this what you did last time you had a laptop?"

Odd flinched. He remembered when he attempted internet dating last time and the results weren't to his liking. "I thought we agreed not to talk about that incident."

"So are you going to be using the laptop for studying and music?" Ulrich asked.

"Oh, I will," Odd said with a carefree smile on his face. "I'll be studying up on girls online before I write love songs for them."

Ulrich rolled his eyes. "Fine. Now, if you excuse me, I have to get ready for this afternoon."

Jeremie was intrigued. "What's happening this afternoon?"

"I'm going over to Yumi's house to study."

"Oooooo!" Jeremie and Odd said in unison. "So," Jeremie asked, "what are you studying? Chemistry? Biology?"

"Human Anatomy?" Odd chimed in.

Ulrich's face turned red from both anger and embarrassment. "Get out! Both of you!" He pushed both of his friends out the door before slamming it shut. Odd and Jeremie laughed as they went off to do massive upgrades to Odd's new toy.