I'm rather miffed at the fact that there is no category for just any ol' game they don't have a sub-cat for. I mean, really... TETRIS HAS A SUB-CAT?! 0.o Anyway, this is a Vexx fanfic. There is nothing cross-over about it, and I really hope that doesn't get it deleted. I'd love another option, but it seems I don't have one.

This Vexx fanfic was inspired by a dream. So y'all can't blame me for the invention of the fan characters in here, because that's the way I dreamed them! lol. Seriously, this whole first chapter was the events of a dream I had, from the perspective of Vexx. Otherwise this whole ordeal would never have been conceived of in my warped little mind. Let me know what you think of it.

On another note, this is set years in the future of the story, after Vexx's return from the Shadow Realm, when everything is returning back to something that resembles normal, peaceful life in Overwood. Details of what happened in between the game and this story will be filled in as we go.

Vexx (insert better title here)

By Gina Trujillo

Chapter One

A light breeze swept over the lush grasses and cool waters of the forest just outside the village of Overwood, and carried on it was were the sweet scents of summer blossoms. A group of young girls were running about near a stream, giggling as children do while they skipped along and danced with one another. Carried upon huge wings came the harold of this serene scene's end. The children shrieked in terror as a huge shadow fell over them, followed by a demonic howl that drowned out all other sound. Then it had passed over them, for these girls were not the target of the winged creature.

Over the village the beast flew, sending more piercing howls and cries across the air. The village dwellers began scattering, come to hide, some to take up weapons against the beast. One man, a tawny coated male by name of Gly, was quick to find a man he knew could help, although he was unsure if he could reach him in time. Running over the hills as fast as his legs could spur him, Gly fled Overwood.

Deep within the forest, a small house was nestled, secluded and hard to find, should one not be paying attention. Gly had been there many times before, and the way was well known to him. Before the house was even fully in view, the name of the man who lived there was already being frantically called by Gly.

"VEXX! Vexx, where are you?"

Like a flash of lightning, the warrior guardian of Overwood was at Gly's side. He spoke not a word, but the expression in his eyes demanded an explanation as to why he had been called.

"The village," Gly gasped as he tried to breath. Vexx set a heavy gauntlet on his shoulder to help steady him. Others may have been frightened by this, but Gly was not afraid of the potentially lethal Astani War Talons which Vexx was condemned to wear until the end of his days. Many found Gly's lack of fear to be pure madness.

"There's a monster! Maybe a dragon! You have to help!" Before Gly could even finish what he was saying, Vexx was gone. The warrior charged back toward the village, rocketing himself forward one giant leap at a time with the power of the War Talons. The sounds of battle reached his ears quickly, growing ever louder. The looming form of the winged beast suddenly rose up in the sky, gliding over Vexx's head. Clutched in its huge claws was a young woman, screaming in fright. Vexx skidded in the gravel, eyes wide and mouth agape. He'd never seen a creature such as this one before. It wasn't like the Skinx, and yet it demanded the same sort of caution in the sense that it was an aerial attacker. Much smaller than the Leviathan, but just as frightening, if not more so.

The frozen moment passed as the creature rocketed off towards the point of sunrise. Vexx quickly regained his wits and made chase. The creature was headed for a cliff and beyond it there was only a small patch of land down below. Even that was only a space of twenty paces at best before the land dropped off into the clouded gray nothingness that surrounded most of the lands of Astara. Vexx knew that he had to catch the monster quickly, or else it would fly beyond his reach.


A sudden idea hitting him, Vexx turned sharply and charged to the top of a nearby hill that overlooked the abyss of clouds beyond the cliff. There, lying amongst the grass, was a large, flat, yellow disk with an emblem carved upon it. Without much pause, Vexx charged over this. By the ancient powers which had been granted him, the magical disk spun him into the air. Huge wings spread from his arms and the warrior soared out over the clouds to intercept the monster.

The woman in the beast's claws had long since fainted from fright, leaving the creature to focus on other things. This was tragic, as Vexx may have gone unnoticed for longer otherwise. Sadly, the monster was now back on-guard and spotted the new adversary. With an ear-piercing shriek, the beast twisted about and doubled back inland, hoping to lose the potentially serious threat to its mission.

Vexx growled angrily. His wings were not nearly as nimble, and had an extremely snort limit to how long they could be used. Turning as quickly as he could, Vexx followed the creature.

The beast turned its long neck about to see the furred warrior on his borrowed wings and watched as he slowly lost altitude. With as sound akin to a laugh, the beast casually circled about, deciding not to bother with what it viewed as a feeble rescue attempt. As it had planned, it started to head back out over the cliff side.

Seeing the creature was turning again, Vexx snorted in frustration and turned to follow as best he could. The trees were becoming ever closer now, and he was not traveling at what could be considered a slow speed. A wrong move and he would end up tangled within the branches, and have a few bruises he'd feel later on. Luckily, he could avoid this, as there was a clearing below. Vexx aimed for it, diving below the tree branches. Three times his own height from the ground and still descending, Vexx kept his gaze forward, at the cliff just beyond the thinning trees. He was sure he would make it before he would hit the ground. Just a bit farther…

The monster came into view then, happily flying away, content that it had lost its pursuer. A smirk reached Vexx's lips, knowing he would catch up if the monster didn't notice him now…


A jolting pain shot through Vexx's shield arm as a wing collided with a tree he'd drifted a touch too close to. The force of the first impact sent the wing upon his sword arm skidding into the ground. Helpless to stop it now, Vexx spun through the air. His wings folded upon themselves and disappeared. Vexx met with the ground, tumbling across it towards the cliff… and over the edge of it.

Moments later, Vexx found himself upon the flat of his back, waiting for the stinging pain to subside and for his breathing to return to normal. Slowly, he blinked his eyes open. He'd been lucky enough to not fall to his death off the second cliff, but the pain he was currently in made luck seem a very vindictive thing.

Up above him, a face peeked over the edge of the cliff. "Vexx! You alright?"

Vexx's brow furrowed at the question. He had, after all, just fallen off a cliff. How alright could he possibly be? However, upon realizing it was Gly who'd asked said question, all need for logic behind it was dismissed.

"I'll be right down, stay there!" Gly called.

Vexx waved a hand in a lethargic way that could have possibly been taken as a sign of agreement, but much about Vexx was very vague.

Gly quickly headed for a spot where stairs and ladders had been set up so one could reach the lower ledge. Much too soon for the liking of Vexx, Gly was at his side. While only a handful of summers separated the two in age, Gly was a hopelessly immature hero-worshipper who bordered on stalker at times. There were good reasons behind Vexx allowing the annoying man to live, although most of them would escape him on a bad day. Chiefly it was because Gly was of the same race as him, and their numbers were too few already. Perhaps it also worked in Gly's favor that he was one of the very few who did not have a certain degree of fear for the Astani War Talons, and so was a man who would dare try and befriend Vexx. (At times, however, this also seemed just cause to kill him.)

"That was amazing! I saw most of it." Gly looked out to the quickly vanishing beast as it flapped off into the mist. "But is still escaped?" Gly asked, disbelieving, as his gaze shifted back to Vexx. "You at least wounded it, right? Or you made it release the girl?"

Vexx raised a brow at him, wondering how it was that, for having seen 'most' of what happened, Gly was clueless as to what really had happened.

"Well?" Gly pressed him for and answer.

Vexx replied by slowly lifting a hand with a single choice finger pointed upwards.

Gly took this hint and pressed his lips tightly shut as if to prevent any words from escaping of their own will. Silent for once, he offered out a hand to help Vexx to his feet. A huge gauntlet grasped it, and Vexx was once again inwardly amazed as not even the slightest hint of fear showed in Gly's expression. The man was crazy, and that in itself was enough to warrant a small degree of respect from Vexx.

Upon reaching the top of the cliff, Vexx and Gly found that half the village had chased the monster and were now gathered as if awaiting the arrival of their warrior.

"No luck?" someone asked.

Gly shook his head, "It escaped."

The villagers all whispered to each other and exchanged worried glances.

"That was Kiri it took," someone spoke out, "The daughter of Karik."

Vexx snorted in disgust at the mention of this name. There had always been tension between him and Karik, the leader of Overwood's people. This was chiefly because, while Vexx had risked his life to free his race and destroy Dark Yabu, it was Karik who the people chose as a leader in the end. The people feared the Astani War Talons, and this was the reason Vexx was kept an outsider. This was neither the fault of Karik nor Vexx, and yet there was a certain amount of tension and hate that each harbored towards the other.

"The beast wore the mark that is painted upon the floating fortress," a warrior woman spoke, "The one that recently took anchor in Dragonreach."

"I knew it was trouble," a shifty eyed man responded.

"Someone must save poor Kiri!" An old man added with urgency.

All eyes turned to Vexx. Partly shocked, partly expecting this, the silent warrior rolled his eyes with a sigh, shook his head and started back towards his home.

"Whoa! Wait!" Gly piped up, "Waitwaitwaitwaitwait! What're- where are you going? You have to help!"

Vexx paused to look back over his shoulder, a brow raised as he wondered by he should even consider it. Already there were whisperings sweeping over the crowd, and the painful bite of gossip would return to him in time, after it swept through Overwood. People talking of his refusal to help would farther tarnish the already wavering trust the villagers had placed in him. With a suppressed sigh, Vexx recalled once more that, like it or not, he was the sworn defender of Overwood, just as his grandfather had been before. It was his duty to defend the people. His people.

A whisper from not far off caught Vexx's ear. "He couldn't handle the monster on familiar ground, much less-"

The man's words gave way to a choking sound as Vexx seized his throat with one metal-clad hand. Baring his canines, the warrior pulled his free hand back to strike the face of the frightened offender.

"Vexx!" Gly shouted at him, stepping in the way. The Astani War Talon stopped only an acorn's distance from Gly's face. Yet he showed no fear. "Let him go!" The force in the young man's voice was so different from anything Vexx had ever heard from him before, as Gly was typically happy (if not whiny) and never spoke out harshly to anyone. Vexx's eyes locked with Gly's in slight confusion and curiosity.

"Let… him… go," Gly insisted quietly, not a hint of fright showing in him.

Vexx looked past Gly, down his own arm to the face of his terrified captive. With a growl, he released the man in a fashion that caused the man to bare tiny cuts upon his neck in the days to come.

"Now, are you going to help or not?" Gly asked as Vexx backed away a few paces, "Because if you're not planing on saving her, then… then I will!" He stated boldly.

With a brow raised, Vexx smirked and snorted, his shoulders shaking a bit in the process. This was the closest thing to laughing Gly had yet seen him do.

"Oh, now, don't think I won't," Gly boasted.

Vexx side-stepped and motioned with both hands for Gly to walk past, the smirk still transfixed on his face. This came as a bit of a shock to Gly. Still, he squared his shoulders. "Fine! Just watch me," he strode past Vexx confidentially.

Still greatly amused, Vexx followed after him for a change. There was no way he was about to miss Gly's first attempt at being a 'hero.'