Letter From the Daughter of a Time Lord by Peyton Halliwell

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who, I do this strictly for fun and due to my lack of a social life so don't bother trying to sue.

AN: An experiment with a new writing style and different point of view.

Dear who ever has so much free time that they are reading this,
I doubt you'll believe a single word that I put on this page, but I don't really care. Given that I'm writing this in English, I'll bet you're at least human unless my Dad's picked up some new kind of creature and the TARDIS is translating for you. If that is the case, get the hell out of my room and away from my stuff right now or my Dad will send you flying into the nearest black hole.

If you're human you've got to be curious about what I just wrote so let me break it down for you. My Dad is the Doctor, yeah just the Doctor and trust me I'm not writing down the other things my Mum calls him. He's an alien to you humans, which I'm again just guessing you are, he is a Time Lord. The last pure blood Time Lord at least so he has twelve regenerations where as I only have five of six. Sadly we can't be sure about that number, but I'm a bit more cautious than Dad is. Why do I only have five or six, well I'm half human. That's right half of my genes come from my Mum who is a descendant of apes swinging about in trees. At least it gave you lot opposable thumbs, which is something compared to the Ewatens, but I'm going on worse than Dad.

My Mum's name is Rose Tyler and as I've already said she is a human. Complete human, born and raised on planet Earth in the late 20th century, but she's pretty cool most of the time. She met my Dad in his previous regeneration when he was saving Earth yet again. I'll be honest, my parents are a cute couple but when you're one of the middle children in a family that just keeps growing cause Mum's only got a life span of seventy or so years and Dad is making the most of it... I think you get my point. Sure they say kids like to see their parents show each other affection, but come on Mum Dad the control is a public area!

Yeah I'm from a big family and to be honest it can be a mess. Two of my older brothers have already left in their own young TARDIS. I suppose I should explain that next since you're only human. TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. For those of you who are human and only use ten percent of your brains that mean it can travel in time and move in space. We go through space and time cleaning up any mess that rubs Dad the wrong way. Last week he stopped a Ryvibian invasion of a pacifist planet with a shoe lace and the sonic screwdriver. I'll grant Dad that, he's smart, but don't tell him I wrote that. After all I'm the rebellious teenager of the family. So yeah Dad is an alien, Mum is human, I've got five brothers and three sisters and we live in a time machine that looks like a police telephone box from the 1950s. Confused yet, good now get away from my stuff.