Disclaimer: Kripke owns all the characters, and Eleventyseven owns 'Save The Unicorns' which I altered for the title ). Hah, I only own the plot line!

So I got the inspiration for this fic while listening to 'May the Horse Be With You' by Relient K. I also met Eleventyseven a funky place called Soulfest soo.. Yah. I was bored and I didn't want to do any homework what so ever, so I wrote this. I hope you enjoy! And yes I know it's really short, deal with it!


'Yah, and I hear that unicorns ride on silver moonbeams and shoot rainbows out their butts.'

Dean Winchester, Houses of Holy

A twig broke shattering the oppressive silence of the forest. Dean Winchester snapped his head in the direction of the noise, pulling his gun from the place in the back of his pants where he kept it.

'Sammy,' he whispered, 'is that you?'

There was no answer, Dean called out again, a little louder his time, 'Sammy? You there?'

Something roared off to his left and he heard a screech of pain. 'SAM!'

Dean ran through the woods, trying desperately to find his brother. About three hundred yards into the forest he found a small glade. In the middle he saw a Grizzly bear lying dead in the pine needles, Sam was sitting next to it with a shocked look on his face. About a hundred feet away stood a very peculiar horse.

The horse was pure white and it had a golden horn sticking out of its head. Sam and Dean stared mutely at it. The unicorn tossed its main as if to say, 'You're welcome.' and trotted off into the depths of the forest.

It was Sam who finally broke the silence, 'Dean, that was a unicorn. They're not supposed to exist!'

'Well, Sam, a lot of the stuff we hunt isn't supposed to be real, and it is.' Dean replied, still staring at the spot where the unicorn had been. 'What happened?'

Sam stood up and brushed off his pants, 'I was sitting in this glade waiting for the werewolf to show up, except that Grizzly did instead. The thing just started to attack me. It slashed me here,' he pointed to his shoulder where there was a huge gash in his coat, 'and I screamed. Then the

u-unicorn came out of nowhere and just stabbed the bear with its horn. After the Grizzly died it came over to me and touched my shoulder with its horn and I was healed! Dean, it was amazing!'

Dean turned and looked at his brother, 'Are you completely sure that all of this really happened and it wasn't just some hallucination?'

'Dean, I'm sure.'

'Well, then. It looks like you were saved by the unicorn.'