Two Trips To The Dump And A Body Bag.

"You've got a fever Chuckie. You need to go home and get some rest before you get any worse." Kimi said. "I'll finish the nightly cleaning and lock up by myself tonight."

"But dad specifically stated that I'm not to leave you here alone at night. And I wouldn't do that even if he hadn't told me not to!" Chuckie replied.

"I'm eighteen now Chuckie. I don't need to be walked everywhere I go like some little kid." Kimi said.

"Sorry Kimi, but I am not leaving you here to lock up the Java Lava by yourself, no matter how old you get. What kinda big brother would I be if I did something like that?" He asked rhetorically. A knock at the door suddenly interrupted their conversation.

"Hey guys, guess what I just found at the dump!" Phil called out excitedly. An idea quickly started to form in Kimi's mind.

"Y'know, Phil could always sit with me while you head home." Kimi suggested.

"I...I don't know." Chuckie replied uncertainly.

"I won't be alone, and you'll get to go home early. It's a win win scenario." Kimi said.

"Hey guys, you gonna let me in or not?!" Phil called from outside.

"Be there in a sec Phil!" Chuckie called back. He briefly paused to give Kimi a look that said Phil would not be staying, then turned to go unlock the door. The moment the door was opened, he was abruptly shoved out by Kimi as she quickly pulled in Phil, just before closing and relocking the door.

"Kimi! What on earth do you think you're doing?!" Chuckie protested.

"I'm sending you home." Kimi replied, eliciting an annoyed grunt from Chuckie.

"We are gonna have a long talk about this one tomorrow sister!" Chuckie said, jabbing a finger in her direction before throwing both arms down to his sides and storming off in a huff.

"Have a safe trip home Chuck." Kimi said with a wave as he disappeared from sight. The sound of a car starting was heard a moment or so later.

"Impressive work Kim." Phil said. "Now we got the whole place to ourselves." He said as he snaked an arm around her.

"Eww, totally not what I had in mind." Kimi said as she pried him off.

"Then what'd you get rid of Chuck for?" Phil asked, sounding confused and slightly annoyed.

"He was coming down with something. I wanted him to go home and get some rest." Kimi explained.

"So why pull me in?" Phil asked.

"So he wouldn't worry about me being alone here at night." Kimi replied.

"I see." Phil said. "So you didn't actually want me here, you were just using me to convince your brother you'd be ok without him." He said, taking an accusatory tone.

"Well, it's not like I didn't want you here at all. Just not for… that." Kimi said.

"I understand." Phil said. "You're not ready for the Philip express just yet."

"Can we change the subject?" Kimi asked uncomfortably. "What was it you wanted to show us a minute ago?" She asked.

"Oh, right, almost forgot!" Phil said as he took off his backpack and opened it. "Check it out!" He said as he produced a dark colored handgun from inside, displaying it like it was just the coolest thing ever.

"What is that?" Kimi asked, pointing at the gun.

"Oh I don't know, maybe it's one of those nose hair trimmer thingies." Phil replied sarcastically as he shoved the barrel of the gun against his nose.

"That's not what I meant Phil." Kimi stated irritably. "And what do you think you're doing with something like that anyway?" She asked.

"I'm bout to rob me a stagecoach!" Phil replied jokingly with a careless wave of the gun.

"Put that thing away before you hurt somebody Phil! Namely me!" Kimi said.

"Relax Kim. I checked the clip. It's not even loaded." Phil said.

"So? That just means it was probably ditched after being used for something illegal." Kimi said.

"Well I can't take it back now that my prints are on it." Phil said.

"Just wipe 'em off and leave it so the cops can find it." Kimi said.

"What good would it do the cops with no prints on it? I might as well keep it." Phil said.

"Are you nuts Phil?! You have to get rid of that thing!" Kimi said.

"Oh come on Kim, it's not like…"

"Gimme the gun Phil." Kimi interrupted, extending her hand to receive it.

"But I…"

"Give-Me-The-Gun." Kimi demanded more sternly.


"Gimme the gun!" Kimi snapped as she grabbed for the gun. Phil instinctively resisted and they struggled over it. Then they both suddenly learned a most costly lesson. An empty gun clip, does not an empty gun make.

Shortly after the shot had gone off, Phil raised his hand slightly and found it covered in blood. He looked at Kimi with a devastated expression as the realization of what had just happened sunk in. Then he fell to the floor, completely limp.

(A.N) For the record, I have absolutely nothing against Phil. The story just sort of came out this way. Largely thanks to three specific images that inspired it in the first place.