The Cyborg Chronicles

Day 1; Creativity

Hey, whoever's reading this. Well I guess no one will. It's kinda like a personal log of my own. Like a diary. Only a diary sounds too girlish. Chronicles sounds cool. Well, why am I keeping a log? I hardly know myself. I guess I need a little more creativity in my life, as Raven oh-so-kindly put it. I swear, you say something wrong in front of that girl and she'll bite your head off. She's the reason I'm writing this now. She threatened me to do it, too! Man… it was a few hours ago.

"BOOYAH!" I screamed as I beat BB in Mortal Kombat 12.

"Dude! So not fair!" I know he thinks I cheat. He's just jealous of my mad skills.

"What do you mean not fair?" it's not like I can't mess with him though.

"You cheated!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!" of course, this comes every day we play games.

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"WILL YOU BE QUIET?" Raven exclaimed. She was trying to eat a lunch in peace and we kept yelling. Robin said we couldn't eat food anywhere else. Can you believe it? I built this tower, with some ideas from him, and he goes and says we can't eat anywhere else!

"Free country, Rae," I swear that grass stain gets stupider and stupider every day, because I saw her face contort into one of rage. But it quickly went back to that stoic expression she has.

"You have no manners?" Useless question against BB. I didn't say anything, just sat, trying to hide my chuckling. I swear, those two acts like a married couple from time to time. If I didn't know any better… nah.

"Relax, Raven. We all live in this tower. We're playing video games. It's normal for us to get competitive."

"Every day? And what better time to play when I'm trying to eat lunch." The sarcasm off that statement stung even me.

"Dude, it's not my fault you eat lunch at 1:30!" uh-oh. BB was getting angry. This was about to get serious. I should interject…

"Do you have a problem with that?" on second thought, maybe in a minute.

"In fact, I do. If you ate lunch with the rest of us, you'd be able to go in your room and read, or meditate… or, whatever else it is you do!" Oh, this was getting good. I was ignored as the two were almost in each other's faces now.

"Too bad it's impossible to eat at that time with everyone always fighting over what they want to eat. It's surprising. We've been together for three years and we can't manage to find one food we can all settle on. Now, if you don't mind, I'm trying to eat in peace." She dipped her spoon in some soup. And before she put it in her mouth, Beast Boy did something so stupid, that only he could do it. He slapped the spoon out of Raven's hand. All our eyes were glued to the spoon, and watched, as if in slow motion, it slowly descended to the ground. All was silent until the definite clang of metal on metal was heard. I wanted to slink out of the room, but unfortunately, Raven was MAD. The whole room went black. Everything was surrounded by her black aura. I couldn't move. I watched in horror as BB was consumed by black energy. He was then gone, and the room went back to normal.

"W-what'd you do?" I asked, afraid of his fate. She smirked and gave a small 'hmph' sound before answering.

"Sent him to another dimension."

"WHAT?! You can bring him back, right?" she nodded absentmindedly. "What dimension did you send him to?" I didn't bother hiding my amusement and glee.

"This very nice dimension where he gets to watch animals getting slaughtered." Whoa. That was bad. Even for someone who likes meat. How would a vegetarian take it? She seemed to read my mind. "Don't worry. I'll erase his memory of ever going to that dimension when he gets back."

"How long you keeping him there for?"

"Two hours seems fair." I blinked. Two hours of watching animals get slaughtered? I shuddered.

"Creative" I said. I didn't know that would be the wrong thing to say. She chuckled. I eyed her inquisitively. "What's so funny?"

"You don't have a single creative circuit in your body." I stared, shocked. What?!

"What about the tower? The car?!"

"Those don't count. Robin helped with the tower. I helped with the car." How could she say all this with that same monotone? It's almost like she didn't even care!

"B-b-but-" she cut me off, though.

"No buts. You play video games. The only type of food I've seen you eat is meat in some type of form. You spend your free time working on the car. You always have the same line in battle. You over use your sonic cannon instead of using your strength. Your battle strategy is usually the same." She stopped and looked at me. "Should I continue?"

"No way! I can be creative… I… I have a diary!" I shouted so loud. But I didn't then. She saw right through my shell of lying.

"Lying now? Well, at least that's new. You never lie. But you're still not creative."

"Fine! Starting today, I'm going to make a d-… chronicles!" Well I guess she didn't threaten me. But it almost felt like it, because she smirked that smirk whenever she knew she won something.

"It'll be for the best." She said. Before I could get another word in, she left the room. She also left the soup. I sighed, knowing she pulled a double-win. Damn, she was good at that. I proceeded to clean up her dishes. But I'll get her back for that one.

Anyway, that's how I came to keeping these chronicles, as I like to call 'em. In the end, Raven did win. But I can't help but think it'll be the best for me. Who knows? It's about time to go kick BB's butt in gamestation again.

Cyborg, out.