Day 3; Not so Great

Today was one of the worst days of Titan history. It was worse than Beast Boy's prank. Worse than the supposed end of the world… yeah, even worse when than when the T-Car gets destroyed. But everything is all right now. Back then it wasn't, and I went into overdrive working. I almost couldn't believe it. Well, I'll start from the beginning, I guess.

All five of us were out for some pizza – although we don't spend so much time together as a team, we get out at least once a week for pizza. Other than that it's normally just two people hanging out at a time. With the usual arguments over what types of pizzas to get, I was feeling different today. It was my turn to buy, and I was feeling overly generous (oh and Raven got her hand off Beast Boy's body. I don't even want to begin thinking about what happened to that poor cameraman) so I decided I'd get more than one pizza. Which was a rare thing – especially for me. I had an entire meat-lovers pizza to myself, and Beast Boy, knowing his attitude, tried to share his vegetarian pizza with Raven – who actually agreed. And of course, the resident couple that's more obvious than Romeo and Juliet shared a pepperoni and cheese.

Anyway, there we were enjoying the delicious pizza, minding our own business. So, some villain – a dangerous villain - thought it'd be fun to come to us and interrupt. The villain was none other than Slade himself. In the flesh – or if he hasn't regained his human molecules back, then in the bones – but whatever. What shocked us though was that he showed himself in daylight to all five of us. But we didn't waste a moment. We were all rushing him without a moment's hesitation. But Slade came here obviously having a different plan. There's a saying that goes 'rip the head off the snake and the body will die'. I guess that relates to this – because if Robin died, the head, us – the snake – will die. Slade wasted no time and in an instant there was a sword stabbed in Robin's stomach. But it wasn't normal. No, it was inhuman speed.

We all knew how dangerous Slade was, but that was faster than any human or machine alive would possibly be able to do it. And as quickly as he had appeared, he was gone. I wasted no time in removing the blade and tending to the wound. But as I scanned his body, I was overcome in shock. His stomach was ripped completely open. This was dangerous.

"Robin, listen to me carefully," I said as I watched his face in pain. I hardly recognized his nod. "Don't move at all. Keep your breathing deep and try to hold your breath in for as long as possible." This would cause significantly less pain to him. He uttered a 'yes' through clenched teeth. The others were around as I tended to his wound. "Raven I need you to seal his wound before we go back!" she quickly put her powers to use. Unfortunately, all it could do was seal the wound. It wouldn't repair his stomach – he'd have to go under the knife for that. Which I wasn't so keen on doing, but it had to be done. I've never actually done a real-life operation like this before, but I've had so much training in it that I could do it no problem. We had to get back to the tower first, and I guess Raven knew that because we were teleported back to the tower before I could say anything. The Titans waited in the waiting room as I brought Robin in and operated. It was a long operation. It took all my skills, and I almost didn't pull through. I almost lost and, and we almost lost Robin. I was stupid, letting the grief catch up with me when someone's life was in my hands. But eventually, I was able to make it through. Robin's going to be out of commission for a good week or so while he recovers. I exited the room after I finished, sighing.

"He's going to be fine," I said. I saw everyone's relieved expressions. Starfire gave me a bone crushing… err, circuit-crushing hug. Beast Boy high-fived, or at least tried to, Raven. He decided on high-fiving me, which I returned. And Raven just said 'good work.' After that, Star stayed in the infirmary with Robin while the rest of us went off doing our own things. It was a very scary day today, and I almost slipped. Next time, I won't do that. I'm just glad I was able to put my grief behind me by reminding myself that someone's life was in my hands. I won't slip again. Anyway, it's time for some off time.

Cyborg, out.