Pjcool's The Shining

Summary: A parody of The Shining. Paul Torrance (Pjcool) takes a job as caretaker of Overlook Hotel until he was possesses by the hotel and he try to kill his wife, Erin Torrance (Erinbubble92), and his son, Indy Torrance (My future son), with an axe. Note: I'm just gonna skip some scenes that is mature from the movie and I'm not gonna have cusses word in this story.

Chapter 1: The Interview.

(music background: "The Shining")

A writer, Paul Torrance, entered Overlook Hotel for his Interview of his new job. He had brown hair, dark-brown eyes, and wore a fancy coat and pants.

"Where's Mr. Bowman's office? I'm Paul Torrance." said Paul.

"It's at the left side of that door." said an employee.

Paul was happy because he finally got a real job. He was formal teacher until he got fired due to his short temper. He was a writer as well until he finally got a job. At the office, He went to see Mr. Bowman. Mr. Chad Bowman is the owner of Overlook Hotel. He has blond hair, blue eyes, he wears a gray coat, tan pants, and black shoes.

"Hello, Mr. Bowman." said Paul

"Hello, Mr. Torrance," said Chad as they shook hands,"This is my assistance, Mrs. Raven Douglas."

"Hello." said Raven.

"Uh... Raven, could you get us some coffee and get Christopher Michael?" asked Chad.

"Sure." said Raven. (A/N The names like Bowman, Raven, and Christopher are the kids back at my school, Rose Hill Middle School).



At Baltimore, a mother, Erin Torrance, was serving breakfast for her son, Indy Torrance. Erin Torrance had blond-hair, blue eyes, glass, and was 10 months older than Paul. Indiana Torrance brown-hair, blue eyes, wears red shirt, and brown pants. Indy Torrance made his own imaginary friend, Tony. (A/N I got the name Tony from the 1980s modern horror movie).

"Are you excited to go to the hotel?" asked Erin.

"I guess.", replied Indy.

"What about Tony?" asked Erin.

"I don't wanna go there, Mrs. Torrance." said Indy in Tony's voice.

"Why not?" asked Erin.

"I just don't wanna." answered Indy in Tony's voice.

"Well, we'll see about that." said Erin.

To be continued...?