A/N- Well this is just a short poem I wrote, from Mayella's point of view. It's supposed to be describing what he life might be like. Feedback is encouraged! Please let me know how I did...this is for school!

I Am Mayella Ewell
By: Marie (you're not getting my last name)
A short poem describing what I think of Mayella's life.

I am troubled and I am alone.
I wonder why I am beat and uncared for.
I hear my screams piercing through the house as he hits me.
I see myself neglected and so badly hurt.
I want to be loved and cared for.
I am troubled and I am alone.

I pretend that I have a friend.
I feel confused and hurt because I know it's not true.
I touch the injuries as I silently shed a tear.
I worry that someone will know the truth, and he'll hurt me even worse.
I cry at night by myself when I am sure no one can hear me.
I am troubled and I am alone.

I understand that he's a drunk.
I say he knows what he's doing.
I dream that someone will accept me.
I try to make my life seem normal.
I hope that one day my dreams will come true.
I am troubled and I am alone.

I am Mayella Ewell.

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