Love, Loss, and Lies

Chapter 3

It was basically the same as the last fight, Red X noticed. Bring down Grass Stain, Naïve Alien, and Metal Man. Fight Robin then Raven. Bringing down Robin was a lot easier then last time. Now all Red X had to do was dodge Robin's kicks and punches and aim at Robin's stomach. It worked. It wasn't long before Robin was on his knees, coughing up blood. Red X bent down at Robin's side. Chuckling, he said, "Don't worry, Boy Blunder, I'll take good care of your girlfriend." Robin's eyes widened but then Red X pressed Robin's pressure point. He collapsed. Time to dance.

Raven was floating in her lotus position, waiting her turn to fight. She closed her eyes, chanting her mantra. Azerath, Metrion, Zintos. Azerath, Metrion, Zintos. She paused. She felt a presence to her left. She turned her head, quickly, long purple hair billowing in the wind, pale skin glowing in the moonlight. She was beautiful, Red X noticed. Oh God, he wasn't falling for her, was he? That would be horrible. To be in love with the enemy. But that was wrong. She wasn't the enemy. That was Robin. Red X didn't know why. He just hated him. The feeling, he was sure, was mutual.

"Well, are we gonna fight, X? Or as you put it, dance? Or are you just gonna stand there staring?" She didn't bother adding at me. It went unsaid. Red X blushed. Thank God, he was wearing his mask.

"No, let's dance." Raven smiled mischievously.

"Okay, X. Azerath, Metrion, Zintos." A large metal beam, glowing black, was hurled at him. He dodged it easily and backflipped over to her. He was too close, Raven decided, to be using her powers. So she switched over to the martial arts Robin taught her. She was good. She could even give Robin a run for his money. Robin. She glanced over at him quickly. Bleeding, unconscious. Not good.

"Hurry up, X. I have to go heal Robin." Under his mask Red X scowled. There it was again. Jealousy. It was a bitch.

"I don't think so, Rae…you see, I'm just having to much fun." She threw a kick at his side. He caught her foot and she tripped, falling backwards. He dropped down on her, pinning down her arms with his hands.

"Get off, X! Azerath, Metr--" Red X had clamped his hand down over her mouth, smiling as she glared at him.

"Till next time, Rae." He lifted up the lower part of his mask and kissed her. And it was not just some peck on the cheek. No. It was a hard and deep kiss. Raven let out a gasp in surprise and the kiss deepened. Raven did not know what to think. Sure, she had flirted with Red X, but that was only because he flirted with her. And she enjoyed it. It was just fun flirting. Even if you did not like the guy. It was just amusing. She did not know how she felt about X.

Suddenly, she felt his body disappear from it's position on top of her. She glanced up just in time to see his red cloak vanish behind a large, wooden box. She sat up, putting her fingertips to first her lips then, her temples. She needed tea and meditaion, badly. Raven walked though the rows of boxes, looking for the rest of the defeated team. She levitated Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg into the back of the T-car. She grabbed a spare memory card and slid it into Cyborg.

"Did we win? Did we finally capture the little twerp?"

"No, Cy. Can you take them back home?" she asked, gesturing to Starfire and Beast Boy.

"No problem, Rae. Are you going to take care of Rob?"

"Yeah. I'll see you back at the tower."

Raven found him lying between two boxes. He was bleeding from the many cuts and scrapes all over his body. Raven sighed as she knelt down next to him. She put her hands on his chest as they started to glow blue. His shallow breathing deepened as he healed. He had internal bleeding. Brilliant. That would take up a lot of her energy to heal. She was going to have to drive his motorcycle back. She defiantly did not have enough energy to teleport Robin, Robin's motorcycle, and her home. At least she knew how to drive one. She used to own one. Back when she still live in Azerath. It had been black, purple, and jade. It had been one of the few things that had given her joy.

She finished healing Robin and had teleported him back while he was still asleep. She smiled at the familiar feeling of the wind in her hair as she sped though the streets of Jump City. But the ride ended to soon. She was back home.

Unbeknownst to Raven, Red X lay watching on the rooftops. Getting up, he jumped rooftop to rooftop, following Robin's motorcycle to the edge of the city, then watching until she was just a blur on the horizon.