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Summary: Two girls with two major secrets, one their NSA agents, the other well you'll see. They were sent on a mission to get close to two guys that go to Konoha high. Wait a sec what happens when they find out that they are the same guys the had a past with. And what if they accidentally found out both of their secrets. How will this jeopardize there career? But wait till the girls find out the guys secrets! Parings (Main) Sasu/Saku Ita/OC



"Girls I have a mission for you." Said Ren.

"Okay what is it ?" Anari said.

" There is something suspicious with these two boys. We need you to find out who they are working for. Got it. You are transfer students from oxford. You are your real age and you will be going to high school at their local high Konoha High. Your target is Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha do whatever it takes to get close to them. Oh your names, Sakura you are Larissa White and your main target is the younger one you will be put in all of his classes. Meanwhile Anari you are Jessica and your main target is Itachi got it? You leave now." Ren said.

"Geez for bionics you can treat us nicer we cost fifty mil. You know!" Sakura said speaking up.

" Just go to the plane!" Ren said seething.

" That was a long briefing huh sis I mean we each barley got in a sentence." Sakura said. Hikari was just laying there on the couch of the jet.

" You bubblehead don't you recognize who they are?" Anari said

" Nessa what you talking bout? Sakura said.

" Okay you mind-missing weirdo. 1, why are you using my middle name nickname and 2, they are our past. Did that crash make you loose everything of what you had with the younger one?" she said.

" I remember but I'm trying to stay optimist ya know but some people are making it hard," she said looking at me. And besides he might remember me! He should he promised me." Sakura said her voice full of hope as she tugged on the heart locket hanging around her chest.

" Yeah maybe but what about Tachi? Will he keep his promise to me cuz its been so long . . . He might not live up to it or even remember it! Ugh I need to sleep wake me up when we get there." Hikari said all depressed while looking at the beautiful jewel encrusted charm bracelet he gave her. It was one of a kind.


"Jessie were here." I said practicing my accent. Since we landed it wasn't safe to use our real identities.

" Aright lets go. We have a hotel room right, a temp?" she asked.

" Yeah they want us to try to move in with them eventually. Oh and used the accent Jessica!" I said right before we got off the plain.

"Oh yeah sorry, well we get our own separate suites right?" she asked. It felt strange because usually I would ask her for all the details.

" Yeah now lets get in the chopper. The hotel is still far, they have a Ferrari outside the hotel that is ours okay." I said getting frustrated by the bomb of questions. "I understand now why she gets frustrated when I bomb her." I thought. We climbed in and within minutes we arrived on the roof and were handed our room keys. We walked into the suites and took a long needed rest after checking out the Ferrari from the window. "I wonder what tomorrow has in store for us?" I thought.


Konoha high was huge. I heard Sakura breathing deeply(A/N as long as they are in Konoha they use fake names and accents.)

" We're supposed to get our schedules from the office Jessie." Larissa (Sakura) said.

"Well then why are we standing around Rissa?" I said. We went to the office and knocked on the principles door.

" Who's there." A voice said it was defiantly a woman that was drunk her words were all slurred and stuff.

" It's Jessica and Larissa White transfer students from oxford." Larrissa said.

" Oh, come in." she said. We opened the door and saw a lady with blond hair in pigtails. " I am Tsunade you new principal. I've heard a great deal of you two your supposed to be geniuses and thats why you were sent here." She said.

" It's very nice to meet you Tsunade-sama." We said in union.

" Here are your schedules now get to class." She barked. We nodded and then we went our separate ways. Before we parted I whispered " Do not let your feelings jeopardize this mission this could bring our ranks up. We need to complete it."

Larissa let out a bitter laugh and said" Yeah Yeah take your own advice we were made for this, literally." Saying the last word in a hushed voiced and then went to her class.


I walked into the class and I immediately saw him. He looked the same, his eyes his chicken ass hair. I smiled to myself. After that I took out my sidekick. Lets see now I got her in the send to place and I texted target in spot then I quickly put it away so no one would see my message. My phone started to ring my favorite song cyclone. I let out a quiet giggle but no one around me heard if the did I was looking at my phone so they would think it was a funny message. "NSA knows me to well." I thought.

I relooked the text message said good now get his attention but don't make it obvious. I looked at him with the corner of my eye and my extra-ordinary hearing to hear what they were talking about.

" Hey see that girl over there with the sidekick, is she hot or what!" a guy said I was still looking at them threw the corner of my eye and a boy with blonde hair was talking.

"Isn't that the transfer student from oxford?" a guy with long brown hair said.

" Yeah it is." A guy with a pineapple shaped hair said. "Hey where's Sai?

" I'm right here stupid." Sai said. Oh so that's Sai so that must be Sasuke. He (Sasuke) smirked.

" Why don't we go introduce ourselves?" he said.

"Sure!" the boy with blonde hair said. (A/N I 4got 2 tell u dat she changed her appearance same with Anari Sakura has blue eyes with a soft brown curls caressing her features.) I quickly texted to Jessica Target approaching so don't text me! They walked up to me and Sasuke was the first to speak.

" Hey I'm Sasuke, that weird looking guy over there is Sai" he said pointing at him, " The blonde duffus is Naruto, the guy with brown hair is Neji, and that last guy over there is Shikamaru." "

"Wow he didn't even say that much when he was little!" I thought

" Hi I'm Larissa I just transferred in from oxford with my sister Jessica. She's a junior though."

" Hn." He said.

" Um, if you don't mind me asking what does that mean?" letting out a small flirtatious giggle.

" Well Larissa you decide." He said smirking.

" Hey Larissa Sasuke wants to go out on a date with you!" Naruto said grinning like a fool, and all that earned was the infamous Uchiha glare.

" Sorry but if you are looking for a date I have # reasons to say no." He was clearly amused. It also left him wondering not one girl had ever turned down a date with him except for Sakura but she was his past that he didn't care about.

" 1 I just met you. 2 You're a player and 3 I don't date arrogant self-centered losers sorry. Right then the teacher walked in "Thank god I don't know what would of happen if the teacher didn't walk in! oh yeah Nessa!" I thought. I put my phone on silent and texted her. I have his attention he's amused by me actually. I guess the only person who has dissed him and turned down a date with him is Sakura! I smiled and stole glance at Sasuke then started doodling on my paper. Well actually writing a song and took the whole period.

Hikari POV

(A/N this is during when Sakura is in the class) I walked in and found an open seat conveniently next to Itachi. I put my stuff down then all of a sudden my phone started ringing and the ringer had my favorite song 'Kiss Kiss'. I opened it up and it was sakura saying she saw him. I saw my target to but I didn't bother mentioning it though I knew better. He was standing with a couple of people a gang called akutsuki apparently. Then a couple of girls came up to me.

" Hi I'm Tenten. Oh and this is Temari" A girl with two buns and dark brown hair said while pointing to Temari. She had her dirty blonde hair in4 pigtails.

" Oh hi my name's Jessica." I said giving a small smile.

Shawty lemme hallar at you you so hothothot

Think id be hollerin if not not not

King of da town you can take a look around I quickly opened it and read her message. "Will she stop texting me."

" hey why don't we introduce her to the akutsuki!" Tenten said

" That's a great idea Temari said jumping up and sown. I guess they were tight with them. "Being friends with them will be a real help." I thought. We Walked over to a group of guys and they said " Guys this is Jessica! Jessie this is Itachi Hidan, Sasori, Kisame, And Deidara."

" Hi its nice to meet you" I was cut off again by my phone.

Shawty let me hallar at you you so hothothohot

Think id be hollarin if you notnotnotnot It took me a while before I found but I did and read the text message thank good she told me not to text back, I sighed in relief. Itachi smirked

" nice ring tone." He said.

" Yeah , Yeah." I said with sarcasm.

" Hey Jessie who was that?" Tenten said.

" That was my stupid little sister bugging me for everything in the whole friggin world, her names Larissa but I like to call her brat." I replied with an annoyed look on my face.

" What class and grade is she in." Deidara said.

"She's a sophomore and homeroom I think." I said trying to remember.

" That's the same class ass your outouto Itachi!" he said. All of a sudden the teacher walked in and Itachi was obviously curious about me so he took a seat next to me.


When I was walking out of class I was stopped by two girls one with blonde hair an blue eyes an the other one with purple hair and pearl eyes.

" Hi my names Ino and this is Hinata." The blonde haired girl said. " We know who you are remember you introduced yourself to the class." Ino said.

" Oh hi so um, if you don't mind me asking why are you talking to me?" I said pure confusion in my voice. They both laughed.

" W-we just want to be y-your friend y-you seem lonely. Hinata said with a kind smile. Ino grabbed my schedual and looked at it.

" Oh well see you later I have a different class but you two have it together. Talk to you later! Ino chirped she ran off and disappeared around the corner and Hinata and I headed to class.

Lunch Sakura POV

We sat down with our lunch at the table Ino was at and it just so happened Sasuke and his crew was there. In almost a second I found my sister." Um, I got to go get my sister I'll be back." I said to the girls.(A/N there are two lunch tables right next to each other. On one the akutsuki are there and the other side Sasuke and his crew and girls so get it okay) I ran to her and spoke quickly " Hey sis there is a table over there I met some girls to."

" Um, Rissa I was going to sit over there anyway cuz well you know!" she said. I heard the two girls in the back giggle. "oh this is Tenten and this is Temari." She said while pointing. I said a quick hi then went back to the table and there were there shortly but sitting on the other side.

All of a sudden Ino burst out

"Tenten, Temari when was the last time we saw each other!" she said.

"Ino-chan last time I saw you was hm I think yesterday!" Tenten and Temari said. I introduced 'Jessica' to Ino and Hinata. From the looks of it Ino and Tenten had a trick up there sleeve's. " Hey Jessie everybody getting together at Itachi's house after school for drinks wanna come, well akutsuki is coming anyway?" Tenten said, soft enough so only they could hear but my ears helped.

" Sure beats staying in my suite doing nothing all day." She said in the same tone. Tenten nodded at Ino and then Ino spoke up,

' Hey me and Hinata and Sasuke and his crew are going to his house after school for drinks and stuff you in?"

" Yeah I don't want to be stuck in my suite the whole fukin day." I said quietly. She smiled then the bell rang to go to my class. I stayed back a bit wanting to see what Sasuke was saying apparently he sent the guys ahead of him.

" Are you stalking me or something?" he asked all of a sudden. Damn I couldn't let him even catch on!

" Well what in the hell gave you this idea?" I said clearly confused at least I hope I sounded confused because I really was.

" Well you just happen to make friends with two girls that are in tight with us, you turned down my offer but still hang around me, your just too interesting for a normal person, and we have all of the same classes." He said.

" Wow! A whole paragraph from an Uchiha, but anyways I guess it's just fate I mean they came up to me, I don't control the schedule and your pretty interesting yourself mister Uchiha.


"Perfect!" he said. Then out of no where he grabbed my hand and started running to class as soon as we got inside he explained to me why he was running so fast. Apparently this teacher was beyond evil so much there wasn't WORD FOR IT!