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The bell rang and I sighed she was still asleep on my lap. I shook her gently and she woke up but she didn't look very happy.

" What the hell Itachi!" she said.

"Bell." I said. She just growled and got up.

" That gunshot tired you out huh." I said.

" No ya think?" she said. " Oh and Itachi you know that all the intimate stiff I'm doing is for the mission when were alone or with Sasuke and Sakura it goes back to normal Uchiha okay."

" Hn." I said. We walked out got our books and went to class. It was so boring. I watched her continuously flirt with random guys, make out with them and turn around find another guy and do it all again. I sighed, but I always knew she was like this but when we were younger I knew how to control in other words let my kisses persuade her instead of her boy thirsty inner. This went on the whole day till school ended.


We were walking towards our second period when she started talking all of a sudden.

" You know that when I like kiss you and stuff like that it's just for the cover right so you have absolutely no right to be jealous." She said.

" What made you think I was really jealous?" I asked. This girl was amazing did she really think that I had actually loved her even when we were younger. My father wanted to see if I could get close to girls without actually being attached. I passed that test easy. She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. She just took a deep breath and went back to hyper mode. She smiled and ran off now that we were in a familiar area. I shook my head lightly. Sakura would never change. Everything went cool for the rest of the day. I took her home and she asked me if I wanted to fight.


I have no clue why but when he said that I felt something snap, that something was my heart. I could totally read what he was thinking this was the first time he's done that for as long as I can remember. Uchiha's are never supposed to break promises and when he broke my heart he broke all of those promises he made.

"You can't always listen to what you here until you know for yourself I guess."

" Too bad we had to find out the hard way"


I decided to clear my head with a good clean fight. That should make me feel better.

" Sasuke want to fight?" I asked. He smirked at me and leaded me to their sparing room.


When we got home I went to sleep. Waking up in the middle of the night to check everything out and train a bit. I walked around the gardens and heard a noise behind me.

" What are you doing out here?" I asked.

" Shouldn't I be asking that?" he said. I shook my head.

" I'm securing the area go back to sleep. I can do this alone."

" Wait and let the girl take all the credit. Sorry can't let you do that V.," he said.

"You Uchiha's and your damn pride! You want to get shot huh? Well then go ahead. I just go inside be a good little girl. Itachi you know what will happen if I don't check. If you want it that way though go ahead I'll go inside just tell me." I snapped. I spun around on my heel and starred at him. He pointed to the door. I glared at him and stomped inside to my room.


We started out with simple kicks and punches, and then we started picking up pace. We kept on going until we got tired. I delivered a punch and kick combo that he caught and he used that to his advantage. He let go of my arm and swiftly grabbed my other leg tripping me then put my arms above my head pinning me to the matt.

" Your weak." He said. Every day we would spar and he would win this went of for weeks. Slowly but surely I started cracking. It had been 3 weeks and I still hadn't gotten stronger. I decided to do some independent training. We got home from school and I said I would be back. I guess they assumed I would be hanging with Ino. It was hailing out side it was flooding. Thunder and lighting dominated the sky but I went out to train any way. I turning off the camera and the tracked I started training off in a local forest. I continued beating up the tree until I had bruises all over my body. I had taken my knives also, so I started slashing the tree with it. The hail beating on my body started tearing my skin open. I kept fighting till everything went black.


Something was wrong. It was twelve o'clock and I haven't seen Sakura since 3 this after noon. Itachi and Kara said she was out with Ino. So I decided to call Ino at this hour but she said that she hasn't seen her since school either. I called everybody. Every guy girl and when I got desperate I called the NSA they said they had bugged her and they still couldn't find her. I sighed and started running to the last place she might be. After all those times I called her weak she probably was training. I ran into the forest near by it was a perfect place to train. The only thing about this forest was that this was plain suicide training in this. I kept running until I saw some weapons sticking out of a very beat up tree. I walked closer and on the ground was Sakura bleeding and unconscious. I growled was she fukin crazy? I decided to take her back to the house and I brought her to the treatment room. I treated her wounds and took her to her room and laid her in the king bed and rolled into it myself. (A/N they share a room all guest rooms are locked. Same with Kara and Itachi.) I was pretty pissed off with her but I pulled her close making sure my back was against the wall so if someone was trying to shoot they wouldn't because they didn't have a clean shot of me. I sighed and closed my eyes and fell asleep my arms around her waist tight. I wonder why I even cared. I asked my self. Then I let sleep claim me.


Come to think about it every time I would ask my sister if she wanted to hang out she would say no and disappear into a room. She has been doing that since three weeks straight and I have no clue why. Usually she would accept the offer. But lately she would disappear into a room and lock the door. When she didn't come home last night I just thought she was making it up to Ino and the girls and I was right I think. So many questions are running threw my mind so I got up and snuck out Itachi still in bead. I locked the door from out side went to the garage grabbed my car and sped off into the night. I kept driving until I came to a beach. The moon was glistening on the water the waves weren't very high it was beautiful. I had my bathing suit under my clothes so I stripped down to the bikini. Call me crazy but hey it was ninety degrees out side. I ran into the water and started swimming around. I went under the water but then I felt something grab me.


I woke up at like ten and I needed to relax. Any time this would happen I would put on my trunks and go to the local beach. I tried hard not to wake up Kara but then I noticed something. Instead of Kara being where she was supposed to be a pillow was in her place I growled and tried to open the door. It was locked from outside. So I tried my alternative I busted open the window. I went threw the front door and to the driveway to get my car. I jumped in and was there in a snap. I walked over to the water taking off my shirt and went in. It felt good. That's when I noticed a head bobbing in the water.

"Damn this feels so good." The head said. I would know that voice anywhere. It was Kara. I shook my head then I dove under water quietly, and grabbed her legs. I came up just in time to hear her scream and wrapped my arms around her waist. What can't a guy feel like messing with a girls mind?

"Who are you?" she said. I smirked and bent my head close to her ear. (A/N Itachi is a head taller that her)

" The one and only babe." I said. She growled and turned around in the water and slapped me. I rubbed my cheek gingerly.

" What was that for?" I said.

" For disturbing my peace! Who gave you a right to do that!?" she snapped. "How did you know where I was anyway Itachi?" she said. I shrugged.

" When ever I need to relax I come here. I guess great minds think alike." I said.

" Itachi Uchiha in your own weird way are you complimenting me?" she asked.

" Maybe." I decided to have a little fun and slapped her with the water.

"AHHHHH." She screamed. I smirk and she kept on trying to get me back but failing. Then she went under water.


Sakura's cuts and things were all gone. Her excuse was I got trapped in the storm so she told the truth kind of. My phone started ringing so I answered it. To my surprise it was Tenten.

" Hey Sasuke do you Alana, Nessa, and Itachi want to come for a midnight swim at the local beach? Ino, Shikamaru, Sai, Temari, Neji, I of course, Hinata, and Naruto are coming also. " She said.

"Hn. Nessa and Itachi left. I heard their cars but they left their phones here I already tried. Alana and me will come though." I said.

" Okay. Don't forget your bathing suit. Leave um right now! By." She said. I sighed and woke Sakura up.

" Hey were going to the beach get your bathing suit on." I said. She nodded and did what was told.

" Um, Sasuke where's your bathroom all the other ones are locked I usually use my sisters but that's locked." She said. I smirked at the girl.

" Secret." I said.

"Alright fine I'll change in here. Goodbye."

" I'm not leaving."

" Out Sasuke."




" Fine you pervert." She changed into her bathing suit quickly and threw a cover up on. I told her to close her eyes but she didn't instead she buried her face in the pillow not wanting to see anything. I tapped her shoulder and we walked out.


I went under water and searched for his leg. I felt the leg and was about to pull on it to trip him but then a hand pulled me up on my arm. I pulled up and my face met a splash of water.


We arrived at the beach quickly and found everyone there but they were hiding in the bushes and staring at something. That something was Itachi and my sister. I giggled he had just splashed her face with the water and boy was she mad. She got him back and started to swim away but all of a sudden he wrapped his arms around her waist.

" We should go home now." He said.

" No! Who made you my father! I came here on my own not my fault you followed me here." She snapped. He sighed while she went over to her boom box and started cranking some music.

" Why the hell is that so loud your gonna wake people up V!"

" Chillax there are no beach side homes over here and no one can hear this but us Itachi. Stop being so paranoid you really needs to get laid." We walked out of our cover from behind the bushes all the girls in their bathing suits.

"We can hear the music." Tenten said.

" Oh Itachi listen to Nessa she is so right you need to relax." Temari said smirking. We all laughed at his pissed off face.

"Alright last one to the water has to control the music for fifteen minutes." I screamed. We all started running and the last one was well no one.

" Um, looks like everyone got here at the same time so screw it!" my sister said. They all laughed and nodded their heads. That's when we started plotting. We huddled and formed our plan.

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