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Ch. Sum: This is what happens when Naruto and Sakura spend the night together. Hehehehehe!


Dragging Naruto's bruised body through the gates of Konoha in the middle of the night was always fun. Yes, all the fun of being jabbed in the eyes repeatedly with each point of a shuriken. If you thought he made Sakura angry while he was conscious, oh boy did she have a few choice words for him tonight, conscious or otherwise. Preferably unconscious, so he wouldn't interrupt her.

Residents of the village hardly batted an eyelash at the trails of blood that slithered through the roads, for it was in the norm. It was even less shocking to find that trail stop at Naruto's door; it did almost daily. This night he just had to pick a fight with one of the senior jounin. One thing lead to another, and next thing you knew they were in an all out battle just outside of the gates. So much for tightening up the security around here, Konoha. You'd think they'd learn since the incident with... Sasuke, but no. Nothing doing. And now, she was stuck babysitting her ass of a teammate. It was either that, or Tsunade would give Ino extra hours of training as a healer nin, and damn if Sakura was ever going to lose to her again!

Naruto was a real mess. In fact, his clothes were so blotted with filth that simply reaching into his pocket and grabbing his key (did he even have keys?) made her cringe. No way, no how. Instead, she lifted his still form onto her back and dashed up the wall toward his window and fast as she could, wishing none of it would stain her clothing, though knowing it would. He owed her a new shirt!

Sakura hopped up onto the windowsill of his perpetually wide open window (the boy had no shame, really) and wasted no time dumping his limp body onto his bed. She gave him a good thump on the head for good measure on the way into the horrid apartment complex. Really, was it possible that an actual human being lived here? Not that Naruto was human or anything, too much of a waste of space. Oh boy was he gonna get it when he woke up!

She stomped toward the first thing that resembled a light switch in only the dim box of light the moon provided, and flipped it. Once the light was on, she was graced with the sight of the most unkempt apartment that had ever been her misfortune to step foot into. Did Naruto not know how to clean, or something?

"Owww, why does my head hurt?" she heard Naruto groan. She stood beside mountain of empty ramen cups and roach carcases all the way across the room from him. She supposed this was supposed to be the kitchen area, but it looked more like his own personal landfill. No matter, it had a faucet. Sakura wasn't going to dig through the filth in an attempt to find a cloth that wasn't glued to the floor with mold, so she pulled one of her own out of her pack, shoved all the ramen cups away from the faucet, and wet the cloth.

She then heard another groan come from Naruto's direction, and the cloth went flying toward him. A wet smack in the center of his face was all it took to shut him up, and it knocked him back down to his pillow to boot! Good aim.

"I don't want to hear one word out of your mouth," she grumbled, grabbing a fist full of his shirt once she reached the bed. She yanked the wet cloth from his eyes just so he could get a better idea as to how upset she was. "You hear me? NOT. ONE. PEEP."

He cringed, deciding it was best to keep quiet while Sakura was liable to tear him in half with her bare hands. That girl was bloody scary when she was mad, and he needed to live long enough to become Hokage.

When she got to work on wiping all the crusted-over blood off his face, he just couldn't say a word. Not that Sakura cared, mind you. Silence in the presence of Uzumaki Naruto was one of those sacred things that just didn't last. At the moment, this one glorious moment, she needed the silence. The last thing she wanted was to be driven to thrash the guy even further to his death, whose doorstep he'd been stomping on not an hour ago. He sure knew how to pick all the wrong fights, and would never learn. Stupid Naruto.

Geez, and he had blood and dirt all over his clothes, too. It wasn't an unusual sight, but damn if he couldn't take it easy just a little bit every now and then. Feeling less like she wanted to pounce now, Sakura set the red-spotted cloth aside and leaned forward, catching a whiff of the grime collected on his clothing. He smelled of dirt and filth, and a little of his own sweat as well. Gross. What did she tell him about bathing daily? He must be doing everything possible to piss her off tonight.

"This needs to come off," she said, wasting no time in tugging the little zipper on his jacket, and wouldn't you know it. Leave it to Naruto's clothing to be just as stubborn as he! The damn zipper wouldn't budge. She knew she'd fry it with her chakra if she lost her cool, so she gave it about six more careful tugs before her patience went Snap!

Frustrated, she'd gone as far as to swing her leg over both of Naruto's, placing herself at a better angle to pull the thing loose. After the initial shock, he had "Whoa, cool!" written all over his face, eyes in slits, a smug grin, anything that'd get him slugged were she paying any attention to him. Whereas she? She was hardly conscious to the world outside the zipper anymore. What, did he have this thing glued to him? She wouldn't put it past him, she really wouldn't.

As Sakura's rage grew, Naruto's mind sank deeper into the gutter. Hey, whose wouldn't with a pretty girl squirming around on his lap, hehe. This must have been some kind of amazing dream come true, or something. He knew he was feeling lucky tonight for a reason. Maybe he didn't get to kick any ass, but hey. Kicking ass, getting ass, it was all the same to him.

Sakura couldn't take it anymore eventually, deciding this fugly excuse for an article of clothing couldn't be salvaged anyway, so she tore it clean off his body in a fit of rage. It took his wonderful stupor all of two seconds to fall into irate bemusement.

"HEY!" said Naruto, watching Sakura toss his favorite jacket aside as if it were some filthy vermin. This outrage lasted all of another two seconds when he realized Sakura was still on his lap, and her ass still felt good right where it was. Oh, and how fine her tiny little breasts looked from this short distance. Nah, on second thought, he'd sacrifice every bit of clothing he owned just for this. Hell, that was the point, wasn't it? He was a lucky boy tonight indeed!

It didn't take Sakura long to snap out of it and notice the way Naruto was ogling her, probably planning ways to feel her up like the disgusting pervert he'd morphed into. And how did she get on his lap, anyway? Oooh, she'd just about had it with this evening!

Sakura grabbed his wrist before fingertips even dared to graze the small of her back, then tossed him onto the floor with a swift flick of the wrist.

"Bathe. NOW."

And to the bathroom he ran, not about to argue with Sakura when her face looked red enough to burst into flames.

While Naruto bathed, Sakura thought she'd do him a little favor and clean up around here a bit. Yeah, so it was past midnight and everyone in their right mind was all snuggled up all nice and cozy in bed. She had three trash bins going, and a load of laundry in the wash. Imagine her surprise when she found a washing machine in this little complex. It's a darn shame that Naruto didn't seem to use it much.

To her delight, she was able to find a spare set of sheets and blankets buried somewhere in the bowls of Naruto's storage. The ones on his bed smelled like dust and stale monkey piss. Boys were such pigs. Literally. She could probably give Naruto a nice mud pit to live in and he'd be the happiest guy alive. Why in the hell did she put up with him?

Ah, she was so glad to have cleared the floor of junk, so now came the mopping. No doubt those ambiguous pulls of filth on the floor would feel disgusting against her bare feet, so she'd just have to make them disappear. She'd wanted to take her shoes off all day, and damn if she was going to lose to Naruto's grotesque way of living. The mop was a good way to exercise her chakra, too, being able to use that to pull all the really gooey stuff out of the cracks. Can't beat the basics, lame as their old D-rank missions used to be.

That went and had to trigger a memory of Sasuke, didn't it? Sakura's chest used to squeeze, as if it were trying to crush her heart into more and more pieces every night she thought of him. That was over two years ago. Now? Heh. Now she'd just like to do what she'd always done with Naruto. She'd love to tan his hide for being such a stupid piece of shit, and then she'd look after him like the stupid little brother she never had. She still loved the bastard, but it wasn't the same. The heart he'd stomped to the ground barely managed to pull itself back together, and she refused to leave herself open to getting her heart crushed again. If leaving her behind was what her love meant to him, then she'd just have to find some other boyfriend. He could barely handle himself, let alone anyone else.

Well, the apartment was clean enough, she decided. Of course, it wasn't nearly as clean as her own room, but she wasn't in the mood to do much of anything. She was tired, and tired, and bone tired, and she was thinking of Sasuke. It really couldn't get any worse than that.

Oh well, at least she had some clean sheets to flop down upon. The glorious silence she now basked in was gone as soon as it started when she heard a startled gasp come from Naruto's direction.

"Ne, Sakura-chan! What happened to all my stuff? It's... "

"Clean in here?" she finished, propping herself up on her elbows. She knew this position pretty much screamed "these are my boobs, stare at them" but she was way too tired to care at the moment. It helped that he no longer smelled like crap. Bah, she'd kick his ass in the morning if she needed to.

"Why did you... did you mop my floor?"

"Yes. Thank me."

"Uh... "


"I didn't know you wore bras."

That struck an icy shard of silence through Sakura. Somehow her top managed to slide just the slightest bit to the left, revealing a thin, pink strap that hugged her shoulder. She shoved the top back up and zipped her shirt up higher so she'd feel less exposed. Never mind the part about kicking his ass tomorrow. If he said one more word, just ONE MORE, she'd... do... something. Something, because Naruto wasn't allowed to get away with anything.

She especially kept a close eye on him when he flopped down beside her. There were quite a few points in him she could jab with chakra to leave him in agonizing pain throughout the night. He'd better not tempt her more, even if he was a glutton for pain.

"I'd leave, but Tsunade-shishou wants me here, so you'd better behave yourself!" snapped Sakura. Now that the floor was dry, she finally braved removing her shoes, which must have been the best thing she'd felt all day. "By the way, find me some clothes to wear. Now I want a shower."

Naruto could hardly believe all that was happening this evening. First, Sakura-chan carried him home, then she cleaned his apartment, and now she was naked in his shower. He truly was a glutton for punishment, a simple idiot really, and he liked where all this was going! He didn't care about why it was happening, but simply acknowledged that it was happening, and it was awesome.

She was so cute when she walked out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her hair, and her hands playing with the draw string of the smallest pair of pants he owned. He liked the way she looked in his clothes. He especially liked it that she probably wasn't wearing any underwear, but he'd keep that thought to himself. After all, he wasn't a stupid pervert like Ero-senin, but a super pervert who was about to get a pretty girl to lay down next to him in bed.

"Get off, I'm sleeping there," she said.

Well, that pushed one of Naruto's sad buttons. Not that he should have expected it to be that easy. If there's one thing he learned in all his years of ninja-ing around, it's that a man had to work for what he wanted, and he wanted Sakura-chan to sleep right next to him.

"There's room for two. My bed's real big and comfy, believe it."

"I don't trust you."

Sakura sat down beside him, and shoved him off the bed. Well, that approach obviously didn't work, and the sad puppy eyes Naruto was giving her from the floor didn't have much effect, either. He really had to think, which Uzumaki Naruto was as capable of doing as Rock Lee was capable of performing Ninjutsu.

"Come on! Let me on!" Naruto couldn't believe he had to start begging for permission to sleep on his own bed. Still, if it were Sakura, she could have him begging for permission to breathe if she so pleased. She'd done it several times, actually.

Sakura huffed and stuck her nose in the air.

"I'll buy you ramen tomorrow," he offered.

"Nope," she declined.

"I'll... clean your room?"

"Doesn't need it."

"I'll get naked."

"That's what I'm afraid of."

"I'll... rub your feet?"


Sakura had to admit, Naruto now drove a hard bargain there. With her feet, hell, her whole body feeling so horribly out of whack after a long day's work, she damn well deserved a good massage! Normally she'd flop down in her own bed after a typical day in the clinic and attempt to sleep the sores away, only to find that they were still there in the morning.

Oh, what the heck. If he tried anything too funny, Sakura could always beat him within an inch of his life, worse than any senior jounin ever could. Tsunade just said to babysit. She didn't say anything about being nice.

"Shoulders, too?" said Sakura.

Naruto's face lit up in the eager way that left one wondering how they could even say no to him in the first place. Well, Sakura had plenty of reasons, but those reasons stopped mattering once she got her damn foot massage.

Naruto wouldn't know subtly if it jabbed him in the face.

Sakura knew he wasn't going to keep his hands off her. She just knew it.

It was now approaching 4AM, meaning sunrise was barely around the corner. She couldn't sleep well with another body in the bed. That's just how she was. When she and Ino were kids, Sakura had a hard time getting to sleep with her on the bed. To think, that was just Ino! How in the world did Naruto talk her into this again?

Well, it was a pretty chilly night, so the extra warmth was a plus, at least. Still, she hated the moisture collecting behind her ear with each breath he took. She hated how one of his hands snaked around her waist and held her in place, and also how that hand came dangerously close to grazing her breasts. She hated how exposed she felt, wearing only his clothes. After all, she wasn't about to wear her dirty underwear to bed. Most of all, she hated how she now no longer had the heart or the energy to invest in getting him to take his hand off her.

Was it such a bad thing to feel fine right where she was, really? She thought alarm bells ought to have been going off in her head, but she couldn't even bring herself to be bothered by this contact, let alone alarmed. After all, it was just Naruto. He may have been a perv, but, well, there were silly pervs like him and Jiraiya-sama, and there drunken pigs and rapists. She'd much rather take Naruto.

The words take Naruto sent the most horrific tingle throughout her body, starting with the area of which she felt most exposed. It didn't take a genius to figure out what that meant. Instead of pulling herself farther away from him, though, she pushed herself every so lightly into his body just to see if that'd make the feeling go away.

Nope, made it worse. She really hated how her common sense just died when it came to guys. She also didn't consider the fact that Naruto was wide awake, too, and she could feel how aroused he was. Oh great. He would now have the impression that she wanted him to do her.

"Ne, Sakura-chan."

Oh, for the love of...

Well, if anything happened, the least she could do was face it, and that's just what she did. She turned herself around in Naruto's one-armed embrace and stared him down.

"We should really get to sleep, you know," said Sakura, failing to resist the urge to reach out and cup his cheek. He was a blond, so it wasn't surprising to feel little prickles of hair on his cheek that she couldn't see. Oh, did she mention he was horny? Her little Naruto was all grown up all right, and ready and willing to rob her of her virginity if she so permitted. Should she permit? Should she not permit? She was feeling it, and not at the same time. It was about then the alarm bells finally started going off in her head. Once again Naruto had caught her in an odd stupor caused merely by fatigue. Fatigue!

The bells won.

She sprung up so swiftly that it flung Naruto off the bed.

"What were we just about to do?" said Sakura, more to herself than to Naruto.

He answered anyway, after untangling himself from a mess of sheets that went overboard with him. "I was going to ask if I could kiss you."

That really shouldn't have taken her by surprise, but it did. After all, his crush on her was no secret to anyone, especially her, which was why she was on her guard here. Again, it was just Naruto, and she supposed him asking for a kiss, as opposed to him asking for, heh, you know, was pretty all right. She didn't want to encourage him, though. Something just wouldn't be right about it.

"No," she said. "You can't."

Not tonight, anyway. After all, he'd done nothing but act a damn fool today, and she'd done nothing but favors for him all night. If he wanted a kiss some other time, he was going to have to earn it.

to be continued...

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