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Chapter One: Meeting With the Mob

::Leo's POV::

The streets of New York can be a vicious and cruel place to have to reside, not only for the adults who had been cast out upon them for whatever reason there may be—drugs, alcohol, disabilities, or hundreds of other reasons—but also for the children who have no family to care for them and fall into the wrong crowds. My brothers and I have known and helped our own fair share of such kids, but yet I still can't help patrolling these well known areas in hopes of finding one particular child. It's hard to believe little Naomi would already be seven years old.

Naomi Masterson, I can't help but sigh helplessly whenever I hear one of the family members quietly mention her name when Gwen is out of the room. Though neither she nor Mike had the chance to meet their stolen daughter, they both felt slightly better at giving her a name in the hopes that some day we would find her and bring her home. I must admit though, I'm not sure how well Naomi would handle it if she were suddenly forced to live underground when all her life—that we think—has been spent above ground. Truth be told, and I'm not the only one to think this, we don't even know if she survived that horrible ordeal all those years ago or not.

In the seven years that have passed however, our once small clan has certainly expanded quite a bit. Nearly a year after Gwen returned home Raphael actually married Angela which was rather a surprise for everyone—especially since five months later we were greeted with our first nephew Cassidy. We all prefer to call him Casey though and I must say for a six year old, he certainly is an awful lot like his honorary uncle. Of course, then again, his younger brother Chris who just turned four can be just as stubborn and hard headed as his father—certainly makes me glad he's Raph's to deal with and not mine.

Amazingly enough, a little over five year ago—and after a mild though sometimes nerve racking nine months—Michelangelo and Gwen actually had a set of twins. They're rather cute…as long as they're sleeping. I do feel bad for Gwen, don't get me wrong; and after everything she'd gone through with Naomi, she had every reason to be paranoid. Natural instincts to hope for the best but expect the worst. Chip and Tabitha—or Tabby—are quite the pair. And little Dale who is hardly a year old is a character just as Mike was as a kid.

The last of our expanding clan came when Donatello and Julie got married. I suppose their marriage was as least surprising as Mike and Gwen's. In the short time we'd gotten to know Julie, it was obvious to see how much the two cared for each other and how lost our brother was when she and Doogie would go back topside. Three years ago Delaney entered the picture and I can honestly say I've never seen Donnie look so proud.

Even though our family has grown through the years, and my brothers all have families of their own to keep them busy, those of us associated with the disappearance of Naomi have not forgotten the fear and worry of it all. Nor have we forgotten our vow to find her no matter how long it takes. Which is why, every night, I comb the streets and alleys for any clues leading to the whereabouts of Usagi Higgins and his notorious henchmen.

I don't mind being the only one of our family still 'single'. A ninja has no room for romance in his life and if I'm to one day take the place of our Sensei, then I certainly am in no hurry to go out looking for someone to share my bed with. Besides, though I love my nieces and nephews and would not hesitate in the least to kill anyone who tried to hurt them, I am in an even less of a hurry to have children of my own.

Jumping from the perch I had found atop the Second City Bank, I made my way further down 5th Ave heading towards Central Park. It was a warm, clear night, though from the streets a person wouldn't know the difference, and I found it was on nights such as this that the trouble makers were out en masse. Tonight was no different. As I continued my patrolling, I was alerted to what at the time sounded like gang activity. There are many things I have little or no tolerance for; gang activity is one of them.

Turning down a side alley, I followed the noise until I came upon a group of very well dressed men. Stopping short, I was slightly unprepared to see four or five grown men who were all dressed as proper businessmen gathered around another. No matter, they were up to no good, and four against one weren't such bad odds, I'd certainly had worse. Unsheathing my katanas I narrowed my eyes and stepped into the shadows near by.

"Whaddya wanna do to 'im, Tony? Huh? Can we kill 'im yet? Huh? Huh? Can we? Da boss said ta kill 'im…can I?" The shortest man asked to the tallest. I narrowed my eyes to get a better look at them and felt my blood run cold as the tallest looked down at his companion.

"Mickey! Shut your can, will ya? Joseph and Mary ya tawk more den my muddah." Tony "The Runt" Capony grumbled. If my memory served me right, then these four were none other than the Albert Calavicci gang. They were the only undercover mob gang still in operation in this part of the city; and tonight was my lucky night to finally meet up with them. I had heard out of all the remaining gang members only two had names fitting of their personalities and I saw for myself that this was certainly the case.

Mickey "Mouse" Monroe was only at best, four foot eleven and certainly sounded and acted like a mouse. From what I was observing of him, his eyes, ears, and nose were constantly twitching as he fidgeted from one foot to the other and back again. Drawing my own conclusions I figured he was probably the most excitable and easiest to scare out of the group, and his high pitched voice was enough to make me cringe.

Tony "The Runt" Capony on the other hand was a giant of a man; I knew then he was going to be a little harder to scare off. Towering a good six foot seven, he looked like a Frankenstein's Monster reject with his flat head and oversized shoulders. His fist alone was more than likely the size of my head. I couldn't help but smirk though when I saw the leg brace around his right leg. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

To the right of Tony was another man with a constant scowl on his face. I hadn't heard him say much and judging from the profound scare on his throat lead me to believe him to be Joseph "Joey the Rat" Giovanni. The story behind him is, supposedly when he was a younger man he'd been attacked by a wild dog and had his vocal chords torn from his throat. Now having seen the scars, I'm more likely to believe such stories. If I were to take any of them out, he would probably have to be second to go…following closely behind Mickey.

On the left side of Mickey stood a man I'd only seen possibly two or three times. I was unsure of his name at the time; though I was sure there'd be no time for introductions once I made my move. He stood about the same height as the man in the middle of the circle which was probably around five foot eight or so. His black hair was slicked back and he merely stood there watching with his arms crossed over his chest.

"If you're going to kill me, then get it done and over with." The man in the middle stated, looking none too impressed with his attackers. I had to give him credit; a lesser man would be shaking in his Armani suite and trying to hand the gang members his wallet. I, however, was growing tired of all the chit-chat and wanted nothing more than to send them packing and get back out on patrol. It was as I saw Joey reach into his coat pocket for his gun that I decided to make my presence known.

"I'd advise dropping your weapons and backing off if I were you four." As they turned to face me, I spun around quickly and kicked the gun from Joey's hand. No sense in giving him any opportunity to shoot me. For a moment, they all looked just as surprised as Joey did that I had the nerve to first order them around and then to personally disarm a member. Not even the authorities were that crazy.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mickey pull a chain from his pocket. One thing about it, these gangsters had seen one too many movies and were for some reason stuck in the 1920's and 30's. Inwardly rolling my eyes, I struck out with a katana just as the chain came at me. Whipping it around and out of the shorter man's hands, I watched with mild amusement as fear crept into his beady little eyes. Two down, two to go.

I quickly turned my attention back to the remaining two. The one whose name I still didn't know was keeping a safe distance from me, which showed me he wasn't as dumb as his friends. Tony on the other hand, came at me like a bulldozer. Caught slightly off guard, I barely had time to dodge his wrecking ball fists as they came hurtling towards my head. Quickly spinning out of the way, I lowered myself into a half crouch and spun my leg out in a slide kick. I felt my foot connect with the plastic brace just below the knee. Tony let out a cry that thundered off the alley walls as his legs buckled and he fell to the hard asphalt.

Righting myself once more, I narrowed my eyes at the others and once again drew my katanas from their sheath. A light from above glimmered on the blades and I saw the look of panic in the three remaining men's eyes as they glanced from me to their fallen comrade and back again. Without a word, Mickey quickly ran to help Tony back to his feet while Joey and the unknown man scooted past me and hurried from the alley. Smirking to myself as I watched them leave, I put my katanas back into their sheaths and looked at the single remaining person.

The man still standing bore a slight resemblance to the one gangster with no name which made me wonder if perhaps there was some relation between them. One thing to strike my interest though, was the fact that this person didn't run at the sight of me, or start yelling for me to take what I want and get away from him. Something told me this man had seen far more frightening things than me—which in all honestly almost scared me…almost.

"You shouldn't have bothered yourself by helping me."

I raised an eye ridge and took a step closer. "Yeah well, I've made it a habit to bother myself and help people."

It was clear this man trusted me about as much as I trusted him, which wasn't very much. One of the things I've learned in my training though, is how to judge when a person means you harm, and when they're just being protective of themselves. It was clear this person meant me no harm, but would still try to cut me down if I were to advance on them. I watched him closely for a moment before a small smile broke on his face. I do admit it confused me just a bit.

"Well then, thanks are in order. My name is Edward Young. And you are…" Squaring my shoulders absentmindedly, I extended my hand to take his in a friendly shake.


"Leonardo, it's a pleasure to meet you. And I must say, I am thankful you happened by. Another few moments and Joey would have shot me dead where I stand."

Perhaps I am just a curious as Mikey, or maybe it's just my natural instinct to know why a person is being hunted by the mob, either way, I felt myself compelled to question him about it.

"Do you mind explaining what that was all about?" I questioned. I saw the indecision in his eyes and knew there was probably more to what had happened than he wanted to share. Thinking for a moment though, He finally nodded and waved for me to follow him.

"I'll explain it on my way home. You don't mind playing bodyguard for a few minutes while I explain do you?"

I shrugged and slowly followed him down the alley. I don't normally play bodyguard when I know I have more patrolling to do, but I had the feeling if I wanted answers then the only way I was going to get them was by following him.

"I only live about four blocks from here, shouldn't take us too long. As I said, my name is Edward Young…formally known as Eddie the Gun Young. Those men you chased off were some of my former…associates you might say. We all ran in the same gang. Now your question was why they were after me, correct?"

I nodded silently as I waited for the rest of the story.

"A little over five years ago now, I decided I wanted out of the mob scene. I'd married a very beautiful young lady a few years prior and we were about to have our first child. I knew if I were a gangster that I wouldn't live long enough to see our child grow up. So, I told the Wind that I wanted out. Heh…I should have learned a long time ago, you can leave the mob, but the mob will never leave you. Two broke limbs and a concussion later I was released from their iron fists. Since then I've gone straight. I finished my business degree and am a very prominent banker. Those men you chased off tonight however seem to think that because I used to be one of them that they could bribe me into helping them rob my bank. Since I refused, their boss said to have me killed. The rest, well, I'm sure you saw what was about to happen."

Edward seemed content in telling me his story, and I must say, as we continued walking and talking, I was quite interested in what he had to say. He told me about his wife Ying-Su, who was everything in the world to him and was one of the main reasons for him to turn his life around. Ok, so I admit, I did think it a rather nice idea that a person with a bad history could find someone they loved so much that they turned their life completely around so that they could be with them. He also told me of his three children: Elizabeth who was five was also the light of his life. From the way he talked, it sounded as if she were his shadow around the house. His other two children, Henry and George were twins and had just turned one the day before. Having a set of twins for my niece and nephew, I did not envy Edward in the least.

As we neared his uptown building, I felt the need to make sure that Edward continued to have protection so that he wouldn't have to miss seeing his children grow up. It isn't usually like me to extend a helping hand like that to some one who could potentially harm my family or me, but for some reason, I couldn't help it. It was as if a greater force was telling me it was the right thing to do. And so I offered my help and protection to Edward should he ever need it.

Besides, what's the worst that could possibly happen?