Hell Cat

Summary: When her brother gives her a box of eight cats to keep her company in her new home, Kidori thinks it's great. Well, until they are wet that is…

Chapter 1- Introduction of Kidori

"Kidori-Chan, Kidori-Chan!"

She turned around, grocery bags in her arms, to see a boy running towards her. She laughed.

"Calm down, Tobi-San, I'm not going anywhere, so you don't need to bounce around." She said kindly. The male stopped and started waving his arms around in the air.

"Tobi made picture of Kidori for Kidori!" Tobi cried in his third-person view, like always. He looked around until he saw something, and grabbed her hand.

"Oh, no, Tobi-Sama! I can't run!" Kidori said, blushing from him holding her hand, which he released and moved the grocery bags to peep at her, getting only the left her eyes and a tinge of faint pink on her face.

"Tobi will help Kidori carry the groceries then!" Tobi said, taking one of the two large brown paper bags, out of her arms.

"Oh, no, Tobi-Sama, I couldn't possibly let you carry the-"

"If Kidori tried to take the groceries from Tobi, they'll fall. Tobi wants to help, so Tobi will carry a bag." He smiled under his mask. "If it bothers Kidori, then Tobi will say he's carrying it because he doesn't want Kidori to carry it."

Kidori sighed in defeat, shrugging slightly, her eyes closed.

"Alright, Tobi-Sama, you win." She said, before looking at his curiously. "Where was it that you wanted to show me?" She asked politely, as the Akatuski member lead her to a small, quaint, little pet shop he had spotted. Kidori frowned.

"Tobi knows Kidori moved into new house and wants a pet. Tobi wanted to look at pets with Kidori here." He said, pointing to the shop.

Birds sat in pretty cages in the front window, rabbits and bunnies under the cages that were supported and suspended in the air by small hooks that were screwed into the ceiling of the display window. She smiled at Tobi.

"If you really want to see the pets, then let's go look at them." She said sweetly, making the male jump up and down happily and with loads of energy.

"Tobi gets to look at pets with Kidori!" He cheered, before they walked in, Kidori looking around.

No one sat at the counter. That was a plus for Kidori. Of course, they were only browsing, Kidori having a pet in mind. They went down one isle and saw vibrant fish and snakes with mesmerizing designs on their scales. Tobi went over to the Puppies section, calling Kidori over.

"Look at all the cute puppies, Kidori!" Tobi said, petting the puppies that were held in a high, open pin in the middle of the room. He picked up a cream Labrador puppy, holding it in his arms like a child would, and turned around to her, showing her the puppy. "Doesn't Kidori want this cute puppy for a pet?" He questioned.

"Forgive me, Tobi-Sama, but I'm not a big fan of dogs." She said, frowning. Tobi put the puppy back in the pin and ran over to the cats that lay or slept in the display boxes. He turned to her, pointing to a small kitten.

"Does Kidori want a kitten instead? Would Kidori want to take home this kitten?" Tobi asked.

"Forgive me, Tobi-Sama. But I'm looking for a special cat. A possibly strange cat, maybe. Because everyone in the Akatuski had a special feature, (she means ability), then I'd like my cat to be special as well." She said, looking at all the cats. "There's not a single kitty-cat in here with two different colored eyes, they are all normal cats." She said, turning, looking over at Tobi from her shoulder. "Come on, Tobi-Sama, I need to make dinner." She called gently, walking towards the exit, Tobi at her heels as they exited the pet shop.

- Later-

"Damn it, Sister!" Kisame growled when Kidori and Tobi walked in. "Where in the HELL have you been?!" He demanded sternly, his arms crossed over his chest, watching her as she put the groceries on the counter and prepared to start dinner.

"Please, brother, watch your mouth." She requested kindly, getting all the needed kitchen ware to make dinner.

'Everyone must be so hungry!' She thought to herself, the color draining from her face. She wanted to bang her head against the cabinet for her mistake of not pushing herself to get back quicker, but that would do no good. 'I'd better think of something-'

The Akatuski watched her as she paused for a moment, laying her forehead on the bottom of the cabinet over the stove. She let out a sigh, before straightening up, and started making something. She paused and looked at all of them sadly.

"I'm so sorry!" She said, before continuing her cooking, adding curry and spices. Kisame wrinkled his nose as she put in some garlic salt.

"Kidori-"Kisame started.

"My apologizes for so rudely cutting you off, Oneii-Chan (big brother), but I swear you won't even taste it." She said, continuing her cooking. Kisame straightened himself a little more. Strangely, he and Kidori looked almost NOTHING a like, aside for the small similarity in their hair.

Kidori wasn't tall, but she wasn't short, probably about 5' 1" in height. Her long, blue violet hair went down to her hips. Her blue violet eyes had never been narrowed at anyone in the fourteen years she had used them. She always held a smile on her face, even in the worst scenario possible. Tolerant and out-going, but she had that appeal that lured so many guys and strong enemies alike, who would take her weak at first. But unlike Kisame, Kidori did not like fighting.

Her entire upper back, was tattooed with tribal designs to hold in a demon that had invaded her body, and as many tests and exorcisms that were preformed on her as a child, only angered the demon and made him very defensive.

When she consumed chakra, she would take a nap, or just plain fall asleep, which was fine with them. Because when she slept, her chakra automatically refilled itself, and she would just wake up, fully charged. Kidori used defensive maneuvers in battle, unless she was trapped between a rock and a hard place. When that happened, she would savagely strike back, being careful not to hit friends, and even more careful of their safety.

Deidara sniffed the air, licking his lips, before standing up and going to the kitchen. He hugged her from behind.

"Oi, good lookin', what's cookin', un?" He asked her. Kidori blushed and stopped her work with the stove.

Sasori, Zetsu, and Hidan, always became angered if she stopped cooking, even for a second.

"Deidara, stop bothering Kidori-San! Can't you wait until she's done?" Zetsu growled moodily. Deidara groaned as he slinked back to the next room.

"Remember, we can't disturb her." Sasori said.

"So that's another rule too, yeah?" Deidara asked, becoming annoyed by these rules that were constantly made for him only.

"No, Sasori is saying that we have to wait until she calls us for dinner, Damn it!" Hiden spat.

"Dinner boys!" Kidori said in a sweet, sing-song voice from the kitchen.

"Speak of the devil!" Zetsu said, dashing to the kitchen.

Since they were older than her and ate more than she did, Kidori always made loads of extra. She freely let them get as much as they wanted, until after the last bowl of it was being argued about, then she put the empty pot in the sink and clean it thoroughly. Kidori took her time, before unloading the other groceries she had gotten and put them in their places. Because you couldn't BELIEVE what a FIT they would all throw, if something wasn't in the right 'place'.

Kidori never complained about anything, better yet, she got along with everyone there, even Hidan. Zetsu wouldn't try to eat her either, seeing as how that would result in the loss of an excellent chef, so she was fine there. Hidan limited his cursing around her, and often dragged her to his room on Sundays and Wednesdays, to pray with him and assist in his strange rituals.

She played strip poker with them on Saturdays, and was damn good at it too, because the farthest she had lost in a single game, was down to her tube top and her mini-skirt she had been wearing for the day. She was a good-sport and always gave them back their clothes, covering her eyes so they could dress, until they announced another game, saying they wouldn't lose to her again. (It went up to two games for her, before she went to bed.).

Monday through Friday (except Wednesdays of course) were renamed as 'Hang-out Day'. They put their names in a hat and each day, Kidori would pick one, and whoever's name was scrawled on the paper, she would spend the entire day with, right until she went to bed. Sometimes she spent the night, but most of the time she'd poof back to her house in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Where nothing waited for her return, unlike at the Akatuski base.