Hell Cat

Chapter 11- Not-So-Friendly Welcoming Committee

Kidori pulled out her keys, flipping through them, until she found the key to her front door. She just put it into the key hole, when she heard a crash from inside her home. She quickened the urgency, of opening her front door, throwing it open after she had unlocked it. She gasped.

"Neii-Chan!" She yelled.

Kisame was choking Orochimaru, viciously shaking him. "Why the hell are you here you pedophile?!"

Orochimaru was trying to breathe, but failing miserably. Kidori ran over and grabbed Kisame's arm, trying to get him to release the Sannin.

"Stop it, he can't breathe!" She cried, before Orochimaru was thrown to the ground with a flick of her brother's wrist. He coughed and hacked, getting his lungs to become friendly, with what it had been cut off from. Oxygen. Kidori whipped around to face him, making him flinch, as he saw an unfamiliar and intimidating fire, in her eyes.

"What is wrong with you?!" She demanded, before going to the Sannin's side, tending to him, before glaring at Kisame. "You almost suffocated him to death, you JERK!"

"I asked him to-" Kidori looked back at Orochimaru, who began to hold his stomach. "-it hurts- so bad-"

"K-Kidori-San!" A female voice said, making her look up, to see a red-haired, brown-eyed girl in a tight kimono, crouching across from her. "Everyone- they're all in pain-"


"Sister-" Kisame said, making her look at him. "-Someone broke into your house-the kitchen door was open when me and Itachi came. Apparently, everyone was attacked by the same person- except Tayuya here-"

"It was a girl- she looked like a gangster." Tayuya said. "I was down stairs, and I guess I came up, right after she was done. She ran out the door." Tayuya pulled out a needle, handing it to Kidori. "The guys say, that she stabbed each one of them with one of these. There was some type of fluid in it- but I guess it got into their blood stream-"

Kidori looked up at her brother. "Where's Ita-Sama?" Kisame nodded to the basement door.

"Fending off those monsters that attacked us-"

Kidori dashed down the cellar stairs, to see a large pack of beasts, that were cornered in the kitchen area, by Itachi and a pair of clones.


The clones vanished, as one of the beasts, lunged forward, and brought down a snarled hand, ripping Itachi's sleeve, cutting almost bone-deep, into his left shoulder. The elder Uchiha grunted in pain, before Kidori ran down the stairs, Tayuya at her heels.

Kidori make several hand seals, before sucking in a breath, and blowing it out at the creatures. A icy blizzard was released, and huge shards of ice, crashed into the ground, pinning the beasts within a thick prison of jagged ice, that jetted out of the ground with the first circle of shards. The creatures hissed and growled.

A dark blue creature, looking like a cross between a saber-tooth tiger, and a werewolf, stepped forward towards the bars of the prison. It had long for arms that there probably, about 5 feet long for each fore arm. Other wise, is was a saber-toothed tiger with black, empty eyes.

ITayuya stood back, and Itachi watched, as the creature stopped in front of the ice. It ex hales from its nose, as it slowly raised it's right arm, and reached to hold the ice. There was the sound of something sizzling, before the beast gave a thunderous roar, snatching its hand back. The others looked at it in shock, as the beast stumbled back, holding its wrist tightly. It's palm was severally burned, making the monster hiss in pain, as it stupidly tried to blow on it, only making it worse.

It looked at Kidori, letting out a roar, stepping back, before charging at the ice. It slammed its shoulder into it, causing a crack the size of an ant, to appear. The creature growled in displeasure, and the temperature dropped severely, as Kidori turned off the air conditioning.

"Good job, Kidori." Itachi said, as he walked into the living room, Tayuya helping him. Kidori stood there, interested. The dark blue beast was probably in charge. It kept it's eyes on her, before shaking it's body, as a wet dog would get water off its fur.

The beast's fur puffed up, and it looked at her, before the others followed suit. It turned it's back to her, putting it's hands in the center of the circle, before it started to dig. The others followed. They dug a shallow pit, were the creatures curled up into large, fluffy, spheres. They gathered to fit in the pit, but other wise, they were quite and well-behaved.

She went back up stairs.

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