Warning: If you are an overly die hard fan of JH and cannot bare the thought of JE, and cannot stand to think of Hyde as a bad person, then you might not want to read this. Contains violence, rape, drugs, and language.

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Problems Without Solutions

Chapter One: Before

Hyde walked down a dark alley seeking out Leo. He was low on his stash and was just craving a good high. Lately, he hadn't been getting the buzz he used to and he was hoping Leo had something a little better.

He turned a corner and saw two people standing very close together making an exchange. Hyde had looked around everywhere and couldn't find Leo. Well, he's gotta have something. Hyde approached one man after the other had left. He looked nothing like your average drug dealer. Clean, shaven, suit and tie. He looked like a businessman. But then again, this was business.

The two exchanged quick glances.

"Is there something I can help you with?" the man said.

"Yeah, there is," Hyde responded coolly.

The man looked Hyde up and down. "I don't usually associate with people I don't know."

Hyde held a few folded twenty dollars bills between his index and middle finger and held his hand close to his body right in front of his belt buckle. "You know Jackson?"

The man was still skeptical, but never turned down good money. "Andrew happens to be a close friend of mine."

The two men got closer together as the man reached into the inside of his coat pocket. "Weed. The best shit you got."

"Well if you want the best shit, you're sure as hell ain't gonna get it from the weak shit."

"What do you suggest," Hyde was a little curious at this response.

The man pulled out a small plastic baggie filled with white powder. "Coke."

Hyde had only tried coke once in his life. It did more then enough for him, but he wasn't willing to go far. Now, as his life seemed to be falling apart anyway, he went with it. Fuck it. This has gotta do the trick. The exchange was made and the two men went on their way.


Donna had been sitting on her bed listening to Jackie yell at her for the past twenty minutes. For the first five she had tried to say something, but after that, she was just mesmerized at Jackie's seemingly lack of need for oxygen.

She knew she deserved to be yelled at though. After she had invited Sam to their girl's night. She didn't do it to hurt Jackie, but she didn't have a choice. Apparently, Sam had heard her talking to Hyde about it and she sort of invited herself. It's not like she could say no. Yes I could have, I just didn't.

Donna tuned out of her guilty thoughts and back to Jackie when she started crying. Donna held her best friend and apologized over and over again, tears forming in her eyes as well.

"I'm so sorry, Jackie. I should have just told her to leave. I guess I just thought you were over Hyde for some reason, so I thought it would be okay. I don't know why I thought that."

"I am over Steven, just not enough for as all to be hanging out with that skank."

"She is such a slut."

Jackie smiled at Donna. If anything could make her feel better, it would be her and her best friend talking about what a whore Sam is. "She's a whore."

"A dirty, disgusting whore."

"A bitch."

"A total bitch. The queen slut of bitchiness in the land of whores." Jackie laughed at that one. Donna was about to continue, but Randy knocked on the door.

"Hey," his mind wandered at seeing the two girls on the bed. "Where you two about to make out, 'cause if so, please, don't let my presence stop you."

The two girls rolled their eyes.

"No you pig," Donna said. "God, your like Fez."

"No, I don't hide in the closet like Fez."

"Actually, Fez hasn't been doing that lately."

Randy walked over to Donna's closet and opened the door. He reached inside and pulled out their foreign friend. He smiled sheepishly and gave a little wave. "Hello, ladies."

Donna shook her head in amusement and distaste. "Never mind, then."

Fez ran out of the room and Randy turned his attention to Donna. "So, are we goin' out or what?"

"Yeah." She was walking to the door with Randy when Jackie ran up behind Randy, pushed him out the door and closed it before Donna could join him. She turned her attention to her best friend.

"Hold up," Jackie's tone was demanding and a little startled. "You're going out with Randy? What about Eric?"

"What about him?"

"Oh nothing…just that he's your boyfriend!"

"No he's not."

Jackie's eyes nearly popped out of her head. "What?"

"We broke up like, two weeks ago."

"Why?" Jackie lead Donna to the bed at sat down next to her giving her full attention.

"Well, he just wrote me a letter that said we should break up."

"Wait. He broke up with you!"

"At first I was really upset, but then I realized it just wasn't working. It ended up as mutual. And it's not just because he's in Africa. We were growing apart before then."

"I didn't notice anything. Why didn't you tell me?"

"I don't know. It's not like it was on purpose. That's just what happens sometimes. But anyway, it's for the best." Jackie looked a little unsure of Donna's serenity with the situation. "I promise you, it's fine. I'm fine. I like Randy."

Jackie was a little startled by Donna moving on so fast, but she seemed so sincere, she decided not to question it.


Back at her apartment, Jackie was thinking about Donna and Eric's break up. She and Donna had talked more about it since she got back from her date with Randy and if Jackie was honest with herself, Donna actually seemed perfectly fine. She found herself for some reason feeling a little concerned about Eric, though. Even though they weren't the best of friends, Eric had helped Jackie when she was having a rough time. Why the hell not? I haven't spoken to him in forever anyway.

Jackie picked up the found Eric's number on a magnet on the refrigerator from when Fez had called him a few times and dialed the number.


Hyde didn't know how long he had been jogging, but he was starting to get tired. The effects of the cocaine were wearing off and his earlier restless body was becoming very tired so he decided to head back home. Slowing down to a walk, he made a mental note to quit the small stuff in the category of drugs. That was the best high I've ever had, that I can remember anyway. Heh.

Once he got back to the Forman's he found Sam on the couch. He had been having sexual cravings for quite some time due to the drug, but never found any attraction to Sam. He didn't even really like her. But as he saw her sitting there she had never seemed more beautiful. She seemed different. She looked different, almost like a different person he could not resist. Hyde pounced on her and Sam was overjoyed at her husband's sudden show of affection.


Jackie drummed her fingers on the coffee table waiting for Eric to answer the phone. He finally picked up.


"Hey Eric."



"Uh, hey. What's up?"

"I was just wondering how you were doing."

"Really? Well that's…nice of you. You're doing something nice. Wait, you're doing something nice?"

"Haha. Very funny. It's just, Donna told me about how you two broke up. I guess I just wanted to see if you were okay, and to confirm that it actually is true. I'm still having a little trouble believing it. You two are like the golden couple."

"Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's true. I broke up with her."

"Oh, okay… bastard!"


"Why would you do that, huh? First you break her heart by going to Africa, then you break up with her while you're in Africa. What's up with that?"

"Well, yeah, but-."

"NO! No buts. She is heartbroken."


"Yes…well, no."


"No, not really. She's not heartbroken at all. Actually, she's pretty okay with it. Sort of to the point where it's annoying."

"So then why are you yelling at me?"

"I don't know. I haven't done it in so long, it just seems like it's over due."

Eric got a good laugh out of that and the rest of the conversation went smoothly. Jackie discovered that Eric was okay with the breakup, too. Everything was actually okay. But the conversation didn't end with that topic. It went on to other things. A lot of other things. Jackie finally looked at the time.

"Oh my god, it's so late."

"No it's not."

"Well, here it is."

"Oh, right. Different time zones."

"I should probably get going."

"Yeah. I guess I should, too."

"You know, I've never actually had a pleasant conversation with you. This was good."

"Yeah. It really was," Eric enjoyed talking to Jackie more than he ever thought possible. "Maybe we can talk again some other time."


"Alright. Talk to you later."

"Yeah, definitely."



After they hung up, they both thought the exact same thing. Well that was weird. I actually enjoyed that.

Jackie tried to think back to all of the conversations that she ever had with Eric. None of them had ever been exactly enjoyable. Spirit lifting, yes. The time he convinced me that I could in fact be on television. Helpful, yes. That time he helped me when I was having trouble deciding between Steven and Michael and he told me to focus on my needs rather than theirs. Comforting, yes. I could talk to him that time I thought I might be pregnant. But enjoyable, not really. Well, things change, I guess.

It was just the next day when Jackie was reading an article in a magazine that was not Cosmopolitan that she began wondering for reasons beyond her comprehension what Eric would think about it. She knew he would be interested. The article had to do with teaching children with learning disabilities.

What Jackie could not figure out was why she was interested in the article. Of course she knew it might have something to do with her having a learning disability, not that she would ever admit it to anyone. Along with a minor diagnosis of dyscalculia, meaning she has difficulty processing and organizing numbers, she also has a handicap when it comes to hearing and processing information and relaying it back in speech. People thought she was dumb because she could never give answers on demand. What they didn't know was that while she could understand what they were saying, it took her longer to say it back.

She picked up her phone and dialed the number he now answered to.

"Hello," Eric said into the phone after picking it up on the third ring.

"Hey, Eric," Jackie said almost shyly.



"Is everything okay?" While the talk their talk the other day had been pleasant, she hadn't expected her to ever call him again. He couldn't help but think about being happy that he was wrong. But then he got to thinking it might not be a social call and something could be wrong.

"Yeah, I was just reading something that I knew you would find interesting. Do you have a minute?"

"I don't have another class for thirty minutes. What's the article about?" So he was wrong. Good.

"Teaching kids with learning disabilities."

Eric's first impulse was to ask Jackie why she was reading an article like this in the first place, or why she was reading a magazine that would have an article like this in the first place. But he fought those impulses and found himself intrigued with the topic.

"Really, two of my students have learning disabilities." And he wasn't just saying it to make her feel better. There were two young boys in his class with plenty of potential; they just had trouble reaching it.

Jackie proceeded to summarize the article to the man who was on the other side of the world. The conversation that followed went without turbulence and Eric hung up the phone with a better knowledge of how to teach those two boys and Jackie, while she did not confess her secret, hung up not feeling as alone knowing others had the same problems with learning that she did.

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