Fragment 33

He was lying on the floor on his back, and he raised his right hand, watching the ring catch the light. "I'm engaged."

"Congratulations." She almost managed to not sound hurt.

"But I..." He turned to her, and she must have seen his uncertainty.

"Do you love her?"

"I don't know. She's very important to me. But..." He looked away.

"...Never mind." He stood up. "I should go."


Deepest apologies for the delay on this batch of fragments. I've actually had 29 on my hard drive for over a month, but I hate the idea of only posting one fragment at a time. That flashback part was really difficult to write for some reason, although I somehow managed to breeze through four fragments today! Woohoo!

Apologies for any mistakes. It's currently 2 A.M. my time, and it's even later where most of the people I usually ask to proofread for me live, so I'm posting these unbeta'd.