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Stargate: SVU

Chapter One

Olivia Benson awoke to find herself in a nightmare.

The last thing she remembered was being in her apartment. Olivia had just come home from a hard shift at the one six, where she and Elliot had spent the better part of the day interrogating a suspect who they thought looked good for a series of rapes in Central Park. But the bastard wouldn't crack. Captain Cragen had ordered both Olivia and Elliot to go home for the night and get some rest. "We'll start fresh in the morning," he had told them. "Our perp isn't going anywhere."

Elliot drove Olivia to her apartment, where she felt restless and edgy. The Chinese food she'd ordered was left uneaten on the living room table as she paced around the room. The night skies outside her windows were alive with thunder and lightning; it was as if nature matched Olivia's tense mood.

'Relax, Liv,' she thought, as she took a seat on the sofa. After nibbling on a cold egg roll, Olivia gave up on the meal and tried to watch some TV. But there had been something wrong with the reception--it was all distorted and full of static.

'Almost a hundred bucks a month I spend for cable, and this is what I get,' Olivia thought with disgust as she shut the TV off. What made the situation worse was the fact that she still couldn't shake the edgy sensation within her; as if deep down, she knew something bad was about to happen, but she didn't know what.

"Don't be ridiculous," Olivia muttered to herself, "you're home, safe and sound, what could possibly go wro--?"

Olivia's musings had been interrupted by an abrupt flash of lighting, as bright as the sun…which was then followed by a sudden, all-consuming darkness.

That was the last thing Olivia Benson recalled, as she slowly woke up to find herself in a narrow, coffin-like space that was standing vertically upright. Olivia saw that she still wore the jeans and t-shirt she had on in her apartment. Yet she was unarmed; Olivia had taken off her gun and other cop gear the moment she got home.

"What the hell is this?" Olivia said, as she pressed her hands against the sides. They felt very solid. "Some kind of a sick joke?"

There was a sheet of glass in front of her, and Olivia could see some sort of strange hallway outside her constricting prison. Olivia could faintly make out what appeared to be another person--a woman--lying prone in a similar coffin-like space on the opposite wall from her.

"Where the hell am I?" Olivia cried, growing panicked. "If this is a dream, I want to wake up right now!"

She began pounding her fists against the glass in front of her, hoping it would break--yet instead of breaking, the glass remained intact, and Olivia now faced the horrifying realization that her hands now hurt.

And the reason that was so horrifying was because if she felt pain, then that meant that this was no dream.

"SOMEBODY GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" Olivia screamed, as she resumed pounding on the glass once more. She stopped when a red light began to flash, and she heard the sound of mechanical gears beginning to move deep within the walls on three sides around her.

The glass partition suddenly slid upwards, and Olivia let out a yelp as the wall behind her shoved her out of her slot in the wall. She landed with a grunt on the floor. As relieved as she was to be finally free of that confined prison, Olivia now faced a new problem: where the hell was she?

She sat up and glanced up and down a vast corridor that was a metallic gold in color. There were intricate designs and patterns on the floors, walls, and ceiling. Oddly, this décor reminded Olivia of a documentary about ancient Egypt she had seen sometime ago. The walls on either side contained hundreds of people within the same glass coffins that Olivia herself had been in.

Olivia got to her feet and went up to one of the glass coffins. There was a blond-haired woman inside, looking as if she were asleep. No matter how hard Olivia tapped on the glass, the woman behind it would not wake up.

'What's going on here?' Olivia frantically wondered. 'What is this place?'

She heard an unearthly roar come from down the corridor, and when Olivia glanced at what caused it, her eyes grew wide with terror.

A muscular man--at least she thought it was a man--came marching down the corridor, clad in the armor of a warrior. His head was that of a serpent, with glowing red eyes that glared at her like twin burning coals from hell. The man, if Olivia could call it that, yelled something at her in a guttural language that she could not comprehend: "Hol! Benna! Ya wan ya duru!"

Yet when the otherworldly man reached for an object on his belt, Olivia understood all too well what he was doing--going for a weapon. And so Olivia Benson, a detective with the elite Special Victim's Unit of the New York Police Department, did the only thing she could do when faced with a life or death situation: she reverted to her police training.

Olivia charged at the serpent-headed man, grabbing his hand before it could reach for the weapon, and then Olivia kicked him as hard as she could right in the crotch.

Olivia wasn't sure if this thing even had a set of family jewels to damage--until her opponent let out a pained groan as he slid to the ground. Olivia reached for the weapon he had been going for, and saw it was an s-shaped object in the form of a serpent.

'It's a gun of some type,' Olivia realized, as she delicately fingered the trigger.

"Kree tal shal mak!" the serpent-headed man yelled, as he rose up and came towards her.

Olivia pointed the odd gun at him and pulled the trigger, hoping for the best. She was stunned to see a bolt of energy shoot out of the gun and engulf the man, causing him to freeze in his tracks momentarily. Then, as the energy dissipated, the man collapsed to the floor. His serpent eyes were no longer glowing, but Olivia didn't want to take any more chances.

So she started running.

As she ran down the lengthy corridor, Olivia was stunned at how many people were behind glass in the walls. Apparently, whatever had happened to her, she wasn't the only one. It looked like a large percentage--if not all--of New Yorkers had been abducted by these…whatever the hell they were. Aliens? Was she a victim of an alien abduction? Olivia shook her head, still unable to accept this crazy situation.

Olivia halted when she almost ran past what looked like some sort of control room. There were a small army of technicians moving to and from various futuristic control panels that all emitted a weird glowing energy. They wore the same type of gold-plated armor that the serpent-headed guy had, yet their heads were bare, and Olivia saw that they looked human. There was a central object in the room that looked like a giant iceberg encased within a protective tank. The iceberg changed colors, reminding Olivia of the mood ring that she used to have when she was a kid.

'Can't exactly ask those guys for help,' Olivia thought, as she continued running down the hall. 'They're probably the ones behind this whole thing. I've got to get out of this place!'

Olivia was so caught up in the absurdity of her circumstances that she never saw the second serpent-headed man until it was too late. He came out from around a corner and stuck something at her feet, which caused Olivia to trip and fall roughly on the floor. The strange gun fell from her hand and slid out of her reach, and as she regained her bearings, Olivia's eyes grew wide with fear when she saw the second serpent-headed man point a large staff-like weapon at her. The pod on the end of the staff split open four ways with an ominous flash, and Olivia cringed in fear at what she figured would be the very last thing she would see in life.

Then the serpent-headed man was flung back against the wall as his chest abruptly exploded. As he fell to the floor, dead, Olivia glanced over and saw a muscular, bald-headed black man dressed in dark green army clothing holding a staff similar to what the serpent-headed man had. He had some kind of strange, gold tattoo on his forehead. Beside him stood a shorter Caucasian man with sandy hair and glasses. He also wore dark green army fatigues and was armed with a small machine gun.

Staring at Olivia, the man with the glasses keyed a radio on his shoulder and said, "We found her, Jack." He came over to Olivia and said, "You're coming with us, ok?"

"Yeah, right," Olivia muttered, as she got to her feet and made a break for it. She got several feet when Olivia was engulfed in a brilliant flash of light. Her entire body grew numb and limp as she slumped down against the wall.

The man with the glasses gave her a sheepish smile as he came up to Olivia. "Sorry about that…but don't worry, you're going to be all right."

"What's going on, Daniel?" a male voice on the radio demanded to know.

"Yeah, uh, we got her, Jack," the man with the glasses replied into this radio. "Um, Teal'c had to shoot her with the zat gun to keep her from running away--but, well…the main thing is we got her now."

'If I wake up, I really hope it's in my bedroom,' Olivia thought, as she helplessly faded away into the darkness.

When Olivia did wake up, she was both grateful and surprised. She was grateful to be alive, and she was surprised to find herself lying on a patch of grassy ground in the deep woods.

She sat up, feeling somewhat woozy, and saw her abductors were huddled together a few feet away from her. The bald black man with the weird golden tattoo on his forehead glanced her way and muttered, "O'Neill, Dr. Jackson, she is awake."

The man with the glasses stood up, along with a third man who was also clad in the same army-type outfit. He had graying hair and looked to be in his forties. A pair of sunglasses covered his eyes. "Hello," he said to Olivia. "My name is Jack--"

"Bye, Jack," Olivia said, as she got to her feet and ran like hell away from them.

"What is she, an Olympic sprinter?!" Jack said from behind her, sounding annoyed. "Sam! Sam, come in! Yeah, she's on the loose again. She's headed your way!"

Olivia ignored the man's ranting and continued running through the dense forest. It appeared as if she had been abducted by some kind of a militia group--maybe for ransom; maybe for revenge--and taken to the deep woods. At first Olivia thought she might have been brought to upstate New York, but she really couldn't be sure where she was. She had to get away from her abductors, first, and then--once she was safe--Olivia could get her bearings and try to get some help.

Strange as it was for her to admit, Olivia was actually relieved to discover that she had been kidnapped by normal people--this meant that the entire bizarre encounter she had with those serpent-headed men was probably just a dream that her mind cooked up while she had been unconscious. Olivia realized that she was still in a great deal of danger--unarmed as she was, and lost in a forest--but at least this situation was real and tangible; it was something that Olivia, a trained police officer with the NYPD, could deal with.

The pathway through the woods that she ran on led to a clearing up ahead. 'Good,' Olivia thought with a smile. 'An open space should help me to get my bearings.'

Yet once she cleared the foliage and emerged on a rocky ledge, Olivia's smile vanished when she came face to face with the sight that greeted her.

At first she thought the three large objects that floated in the clear blue sky above were clouds. But a more critical look revealed that they were three large spheres, each partically shaded, looking for all the world like three moons.

Now science was never Olivia's strong point, and she was the first to admit that, yet she knew well enough that Earth only had one moon. So it took a moment for Olivia's brain to register what her eyes were showing it: three moons, one larger than the other two, all hovering serenely above her head in the clear blue sky. She could even see the craters on the surface of the largest moon.

"Hey," a female voice said softly.

Olivia turned to see a woman standing behind her. She had short blond hair, and wore the same type of dark green army outfit that the men had on. Her blue eyes had a kind, understanding expression within them, as if she empathized with Olivia's plight.

Instantly feeling as if she could trust this woman, Olivia gestured at the trio of moons in the sky and whispered, "Do you see that, too?"

"Yes, I do," the blond woman replied.

"So it's real?"

"Yes, it is, Olivia," the blond woman said with a nod. "Those are real moons up there."

"But earth only has one moon," Olivia said. "So how--"

"You're not on earth, Olivia," the blond woman gently told her. "You're on another planet. Simply put, you've been abducted, taken from earth and brought here."

"You know my name," Olivia said, taking a wary step back from the woman.

The blond woman held out a hand; a simple indication that she wanted Olivia to remain where she was. "That's because I'm the one who woke you up," she said. "From your chamber, remember? My name is Samantha Carter, and I'm with the United States Air Force."

"I've been abducted by the Air Force?" Olivia said, puzzled. Then, after a pause, she muttered, "Wait until Munch hears about this!"

"No, we're not the ones who abducted you," Sam replied, with a slight chuckle. "We're here to help you. I'm with a team of explorers--well, exploring is one part of our main mission. The other part is that we sometimes come to the rescue of people in need, which is what we're trying to do now."

Olivia was startled as the men whom she had run from now all emerged from the foliage in a frenzy. They stopped short when Sam suddenly stepped protectively in front of Olivia and waved them off. "It's all right," she said. "I've got her, sir."

The man who introduced himself as Jack removed his sunglasses. "Is she all right, Carter?"

"She's a little confused," Sam said, "which is more than understandable, given what's happened to her. Olivia, these are the other members of my team. This is Colonel Jack O'Neill, the team leader."

"Hey," O'Neill said, with a slight nod.

"That's Dr. Daniel Jackson," Sam said, continuing the introductions.

"Hi," Daniel said, looking uneasy.

Sam gestured at the tall black man. "And the big guy there is Teal'c."

Teal'c formally bowed his head in greeting, the slight smile he had on his face did wonders to ease Olivia's nerves.

"We're part of what's known as the Stargate program," Sam told Olivia.

"Whoa, wait a minute," Daniel said, "we're telling her everything? I thought we weren't going to do that."

"Well, the situation has obviously changed," O'Neill said, as he strode over to the women. He nodded at Sam and added, "She's awake now. So tell her everything, Carter. She deserves to know. We'll deal with the fallout later."

"That's assuming we're all still alive later to deal with it," Daniel muttered dismally.

"You know, that's what I love about you, Daniel," O'Neill sarcastically said, "you're always so upbeat."

"You said you were with a Stargate program?" Olivia asked Sam. "What, are you guys astronauts?"

"In a sense," Sam said. "But the stargates allow us to travel through space without space ships. They're twin portals, or gates, in-between which a worm hole forms, and when we step into the event horizon of the worm hole, we're transported across many light years in a matter of seconds."

"Hey, Carter, try and keep the techno-babble to a minimum, ok?" O'Neill called.

"I've heard of worm holes," Olivia told him. "I saw this science show once, it was hosted by that scientist, the guy in the wheelchair…."

"Ah, Stephen Hawking!" Sam said with a smile.

"Yeah, him!" Olivia replied with a nod. "He explained it very well. I mean, the whole concept's still a little hard for me to grasp, but I've heard of it before. Plus, I saw this movie with Jodie Foster, who traveled through space the same way."

"Contact," Sam said, naming the film. "That's based on a novel by the late Carl Sagan, the astronomer. You know, Sagan researched wormholes with another scientist, Kip Thorne, who was the one who actually came up with the theory of--"

O'Neill came back over, shaking his head. "I didn't mean for Carter to stop with the techno-babble because of you, Olivia, but for me. I hate that stuff! And once she gets going with it, she never stops!"

Sam abruptly stared up at the sky with a peeved look on her face.

"Besides, there's something I wanted to get straight with you," O'Neill said to Olivia. "Daniel and Teal'c told me that they witnessed you take down a Jaffa warrior all by yourself? Is that true?"

"You mean those snake-headed guys? Yeah, I managed to take one of them out," Olivia confirmed.

O'Neill, Sam, Teal'c and Daniel all shared an impressed look.

"Are you military?" O'Neill asked.

"NYPD," Olivia replied. "I'm a detective with the Special Victim's Unit."

"You're a New Yorker," O'Neill knowingly said. "That poor Jaffa never had a chance."

"What's a Jaffa?" Olivia asked. "Is that an alien?"

"O'Neill," Teal'c abruptly said, as he pointed up at the sky.

When Olivia glanced up where he indicated, she saw a strange looking plane in the sky.

"Glider," O'Neill said with contempt. "They're looking for us. Take cover!"

"C'mon," Sam said, giving Olivia a gentle tug on the arm.

She followed Sama and the others into the bushes, where they huddled down amid the dense foliage. Olivia was rattled at how low the plane flew; it was so close she could even recognize the pilot as being another of those weird snake-headed guys.

'All of this is so crazy,' Olivia thought, putting her head in her hands. 'I feel like Dorothy in a demented version of the Wizard Of Oz.'

"Olivia, you ok?" Sam asked with concern in her voice.

"Yeah, all this is just a little hard to take," Olivia replied. "One minute, I'm interrogating a rapist at the precinct, the next I'm on an alien planet, being hunted by guys wearing snake helmets. Do you know why they kidnapped me and the others?"

Sam shook her head in the negative. "Not yet. We just arrived here on a routine research mission when we discovered the installation they had you in."

"The SGC still doesn't know how deep in it we are," O'Neill said grimly. "Olivia, do you remember anything about being abducted?"

They listened with rapt attention as Olivia told them about the flashing lights she saw in her apartment just before she blacked out.

"I can't believe the Goa'uld are doing this," Daniel said. "This is a major violation of their agreement with the Asgard."

"When has that ever stopped them from using sneak tactics on us before?" O'Neill said.

"It may not be the Goa'uld as a whole who is responsible for this," Teal'c suggested.

"You're thinking it's a rogue system lord who's behind this?" Sam asked.

Teal'c nodded. "It could well be."

"Yeah, well, whoever the hell's doing this, we've got to get back to SGC and warn them about it," O'Neill said.

Getting back to earth sounded like a great idea to Olivia. "So when are we leaving?" she hopefully asked.

O'Neill let out an exhale of breath. "There's a little problem with that idea, Olivia. Now that the installation's been alerted to our presence, we've been cut off from the stargate."

"It is now surrounded by Jaffa warriors," Teal'c explained to Olivia. "We can not access it."

"So how are we getting back?" Olivia asked, alarmed.

"That's a very good question," O'Neill grimly said. "Anybody's got any ideas?"

"We could check and see if the installation's got a teltac ship," Daniel said.

"The base does have a landing pad, but--" Sam started to say, until she glanced hard at something in the woods to their left. "We've got movement at seven o'clock, sir," Sam whispered, as she quickly readied her machine gun. "Just behind the tree line."

"Here they come!" O'Neill shouted, as a squad of Jaffa warriors emerged, weapons firing, from behind the trees.

"Stay behind me," Teal'c told Olivia, as he charged up his staff weapon.

Olivia felt like a fifth wheel as she stood there, unarmed, in the middle of the firefight that erupted all around her. Still, she felt safe with Teal'c; standing behind him was like standing behind a mountain, and he was an expert shot with that staff weapon. He dropped every Jaffa warrior who popped up at them.

When Olivia saw two more Jaffa warriors emerge from the dense foliage, heading towards them, she was about to call to Teal'c, until she noticed that he was busy fending off an attack in the opposite direction. Olivia saw that Teal'c had what they called a zat gun attached to his belt. She grabbed it and fired on the approaching Jaffa warriors, hitting them both with the energy beam weapon.

Olivia, who was used to shooting a nine millimeter Glock on the Job, felt very strange using this weird ray gun. When she glanced back at Teal'c, she noticed that not only didn't he mind that Olivia used his gun, but that Teal'c even gazed at her with obvious admiration.

Olivia held out the zat for him. "Here you go…"

But Teal'c shook his head and made a gesture for her to keep it. "You are a formidable warrior, Olivia Benson. And as such, you deserve your own weapon."

"Hey, thanks," Olivia said with a smile.

O'Neill made a gesture for all of them to get moving, and they did, marching through the forest single file. Olivia ran with Sam in front of her and with Teal'c bringing up the rear.

"Jack, where are we going?" Daniel asked in a hushed tone.

"Back to the base," O'Neill replied in a whisper.

"Out of the frying pan…." Daniel muttered.

When they emerged from a clearing, O'Neill made another gesture for them all to crouch low to the ground. Olivia heard an ominous rumbling noise off in the distance. They all crept up to the edge of a ridge, where they saw the source of the rumbling. Just when Olivia thought she couldn't be any further stunned than she was already by the sights she had seen today, she found herself shocked once more by this new terrifying marvel before her.

A giant pyramid-shaped vessel lowered itself onto a landing platform several miles away from them. Yet the ship was so huge, so vast, that it was easy to make out the Egyptian-like hieroglyphs on its sides.

"This day just keeps getting better, doesn't it?" O'Neill said curtly.

Olivia was not only stunned, she was overwhelmed at the awesome might and power behind the people who had the ability to construct a behemoth like that.

'How the hell will the five of us be able to deal with that thing?' she bleakly wondered. 'How will I ever get back home now?'

To Be Continued...