Coming Home

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Chapter One:

Booth wandered into the Jeffersonian. He was extremely happy to have his forensic anthropologist back from vacation. He had to work with Zach on a case, and it wasn't that he didn't like the kid, it just wasn't his Bones.

"Bones, we have a case." Booth said making his was up the platform.

It had been a long week for the group at the Medico-legal lab at the Jeffersonian Institute. The crew had just wrapped up a long case involving a man who was a professional clown. The man had ran away when he was a teenager to join a circus group only to find out several years later that the group he had joined had embezzled money from the parent company. They had killed him to silence him for what amounted to about two thousand bucks each.

God, he hated clowns. Looking around for his partner he found her dressed with the rest of the squints in clown props. His partner was wearing a bright red nose.

"Which squint wants me to shot them first?" He asked sarcastically. Brennan had a smile on her face. The first one he saw in a while.

"I heard about the case." She said smirking.

"I don't hate clowns, they are just creepy . . . and will you take that rubber thing off your nose?!" He stated exasperatedly.

He studied his partner. Vacations were supposed to unwind people from their stresses, but Brennan didn't take those kinds of vacations. She gave him a smile and he decided that he was going to let it go. Wherever she went, she obviously didn't need him and his help like she had down in New Orleans. He reached up and squeezed the rubber nose, removing it gently from her face. There was his Bones.

"I can't take you out anywhere. Come on, unless you want your remains to be compromised."

That got his Bones moving. She went to her office and got her kit ready. "What do I need to know about the case?"

"It's a child. They found the remains at the place where Parker plays soccer." He replied. "I was there last week coaching the team."

"You know that you are a very good dad. How are you adjusting to having Parker full time now?" Brennan inquired. Rebecca's new husband had taken a job in Iraq as a security consultant. Booth thought that it was ironic that she had made him choose between his job and his son, but then chose her husband over her son.

"Parker seems to be okay. It is a lot easier with having Rosa around to help. Parker wants me to invite you to dinner tonight. Apparently when you watched him last week for me when I had to go to the staff meeting he loved your mac and cheese and would like it again."

"Booth if you want me to cook for you and your son all you have to do is ask."

"Will you?"

"Sure." She replied.

They pulled up to the soccer fields a little while later. Booth noted the change in scenery; instead of little kids running around in yellow jerseys and cleats there were flashing red and blue lights and police officers mingling with other agents. Children were always hard for him. Bones reached over and gave his bicep a reassuring squeeze.

He pulled out his badge and held up the yellow tape for his partner. "What do you have for me Bones?"

She leaned over the remains. Her heart stopped for a brief second. "Child, aged three to seven, probably female. Cause of death is unknown until we get the remains to the lab."

"Why do you think female?"

"Wearing a bracelet." She held up the wrist. A small dolphin charm caught the sun's rays and reflected light everywhere. Brennan looked at Booth as she climbed out of the pit. She took a couple of deep breaths.

"You okay Bones?" He whispered.

"Yeah. She is just so tiny." Her face paled. "Have the remains bagged and sent to the lab. Hodgins will be able to give you a timeline. Give Parker a rain check for me okay? I don't think I will be able to cook dinner tonight."

"It's alright Bones." He noted the change in his partner. Child cases affected them both and it was normally Booth that was more emotional outwardly, but this time . . . .

"Maybe tomorrow?" She queried. Her voice broke into his thoughts. She hated letting the little boy down. When Booth had taken custody of Parker, the pair had spent more time together and had grown quite found of each other.

He nodded his head. They watched the police forensic team bag the remains as Booth led her over to a park bench to sit down. He rubbed lazy circles on her back and handed her some water. "Bones you really don't look so well."

"Gee, thanks partner." She said taking a long sip out of the water bottle. "It must be the change in weather. I went on vacation in Montreal to see my friend Kathy. We both studied together at Northwestern. It's just a big weather change between here and Montreal. It must have just caught up to me."

"I told you Bones you need to take car of yourself."

"I know. Can you just drop me back at my place? I'm just going to sleep this off." She asked still looking a little green.

"Sure, I'll pick you up tomorrow. I have to drop Parker off at the Jeffersonian tomorrow anyway. He is interviewing Hodgins for a project he has going on at school."

"Hodgins was telling me about that today. Parker has to interview people of different jobs and follow them around. Sounds like a pretty big project for a kindergartener."

"Try being the parent. I have to get him too and from places. These projects take just as much out of the kid as it does the parents. Tomorrow it's Hodgins. The next day it is me he has to shadow and after that he was hoping he could shadow you. Today I have to pick him up from his friend's house. Rosa set up a play date with another nanny from the area."

Brennan got a far away look in her face. Booth mentally slapped himself. He knew that she still was a little sensitive about family talk and he normally kept it to a minimum. Brennan smiled at him still looking pale. "Parker is a good child, and you a good father. You are lucky to have each other."

"Thanks Bones."

He pulled up to her condo complex and dropped her off. He watched the doorman let her in and drove away. A couple of miles down the road he heard the sound of a cell phone. Looking over in the passenger seat he noticed her cell phone ringing. Knowing that she would be looking for it he drove back to bring it to her.

The doorman smiled when he saw Agent Booth pull back in. "Hey Jerry." He greeted.

"Hey Agent Booth."

He jogged up the two flights to her apartment. He raised a hand to knock on the door when he heard a sob coming from inside. "Oh Bones."

He took out the key that she gave him for emergencies and let himself in. He found her huddled on the floor. He strolled over and wrapped his strong arms around her. "Whatever it is Temperance, it will be okay." He whispered.

The sobs grew worse and he held her in his arms and rocked her. He kept rocking her until the sobs subsided and her breathing evened out. Knowing that Parker would be safe for the night with Rosa, he carried her to her bed and laid gently down. He dropped a quick kiss on his partner forehead and was going to leave before he thought better of it. He went to the hall closet and grabbed the few things he knew he would need for the night. He gave Parker a call and thanked Rosa for watching him.

He settled down for the night. A couple of hours later he looked up and saw Bones, no it had to be Temperance. The woman standing by the window looking so lost wasn't his partner Bones, it was the woman Temperance. He stood up and made his way over to her.

"I don't think I can tell you yet." She whispered.

He nodded knowing she would tell him in time. They were going to have a long case in front of them. She leaned into his chest and he gave her a guy hug. He didn't know how he was going to fix this one for her.

TBC . . .

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