Chapter Sixteen:

Booth walked into the Jeffersonian. He stepped onto the platform looking for Brennan. He had gotten a call saying that the results of the DNA testing where in and they could not get a hold of Brennan. "Hey Angela, have you seen Bones?" He approached to where the artist was sketching.

"She hadn't come to work today, she was taking a personal day." Angela supplied. "Her phone is turned off."

"I know." Booth replied. "I tried calling her a million times."

"It's the anniversary of the day that they buried the child she thought was Elizabeth." Angela informed him. "She always takes off this time of year."

Booth's phone rang. It was Caroline calling again. "Thanks Ange." He flipped open the phone telling Caroline he was on his way.

Booth pulled up to the cemetery where they had buried the remains of the little baby that Brennan though so long ago was her daughter. He turned to the little girl in Parker's old car seat. "Hey Sweet Pea." He shook the little girl's leg.

"Seeley where are we?" Elizabeth looked straight at him with her mother's big blue eyes.

"We are finding your Mom." Booth explained to the small girl. He didn't want to be the one to tell her that her young life as she knew it was over and she was going to start a new life. He got out of the SUV and glanced around the cemetery for his partner. He saw her sitting on a bench. He opened the back door and helped Elizabeth out of the car. She held her arms up and he picked her up.

"Seeley what if my new mom doesn't like me?" Elizabeth hung around his neck.

"You know what Baby, I have a feeling that your new Mom will love you to pieces." He answered her.

He stopped several yards from Brennan. He heard the sobs coming from her and wanted nothing more to comfort her right then and there.

"I don't like it when Tempe is sad." Elizabeth informed him.

"Neither do I." Booth answered the small child. "Why don't we cheer her up?"

He walked over to his partner and sat down on the bench next to her. She was so lost in her grief she barely register his presence next to her. "Hey there." He whispered.

"Tempe don't be sad." Elizabeth spoke up. Brennan looked up and saw her little girl sitting in Booth's lap.

Brennan looked in amazement at the little girl who was sitting on her partner's lap. "Booth, Elizabeth who long have you been here?"

"A couple of minutes." He answered her honestly. Elizabeth had shifted from Booth's lap to Brennan's lap. "Caroline called. The test results are in. She's yours." Booth said smiling. It was rare that he got to reunite families, and with her being his partner, best friend, and love of his life, it made it so much more sweeter.

Brennan wrapped her arms around her daughter. "Does she know?"

"No." Booth said. "I thought the honor should be yours to tell her."

Brennan stroked her daughter's hair. "I'm not sad anymore Elizabeth, in fact I'm very happy."

"Why?" Elizabeth asked, her eyes meeting Brennan's.

"Because you are going to come live with me and I am going to try to be your mommy." Brennan explained to her.

"Do you want me?" Elizabeth asked.

"Very much baby, very much so." Brennan laughed, holding her daughter. Brennan looked up and her eye's met her partner's. Both had unshed tears in their eyes. She reached her arms out to him and he joined the little family with their hug.

Booth watched as Brennan tucked Elizabeth in. The queen size bed that she had in her guest room had engulfed the small child. She leaned in and kissed Elizabeth on the forehead, sweeping her dark locks out of her eyes.

Brennan clicked on the nightlight in the room and made her way to her partner who was standing in the doorway. "Did I do that right?" She asked him nervously.

"Bones everything you do is correct, why would it be any different with parenting?" He asked.

"I watched you at the birthday party with them. It was so natural with you. When Elizabeth was first born, Ethan had to teach me everything. I learned how to tuck her to bed by watching you."

Booth led her to the sofa and gently guided her down to sit. "Relax. You aren't doing this alone. I will be here with you."

She leaned into him. "Thanks Booth." She smiled at him. She looked around her apartment. So many things were breakable. "This place isn't exactly childproof is it." She stated.

"Nope." Booth affirmed.

"It's not going to be big enough is it." Brennan looked around.

"It's plenty big." He replied.

"Well, I'm going to need an office and Parker is going to need his own room . . ." She trailed off. "Booth, I want you and Parker to come move in with us."

Out of all the things that Seeley Booth would have though would come out of his partner's unpredictable mouth, it wouldn't have been that. "Are you serious, I mean we just started dating Bones."

"I know, but it all just seems right, and logically we do a lot of late nights. I can't be spending the night over there all the time and Elizabeth and Parker adore each other. I can't do this alone Booth." She rattled off.

"You don't. I just want to make sure that you are doing this for all the right reasons."

"I am. Booth, you and Parker are my family just as much as Elizabeth is. It makes sense to have us all underneath the same roof."

He studied her, he wanted nothing more than to say yes, "Only if I can help pay for our new place. And it has to be our place . . . new start, new house. Oh, and no freaky art from your travels overseas, alright?"

"You got yourself a deal Agent Booth." She stuck out her hand. "Now we are like Molder and Scully."

"You still don't know what that means do you?" He questioned her.

"Nope not a clue." She answered. He caught her lips in his mouth to seal their new deal.

The knock on the door woke Booth and Brennan up from their nap on the couch. Little footsteps thundered through the hallway, with screeches of "I'll get it!"

Booth stood up quickly, scooping up Elizabeth quickly. "It's okay Squirt, we'll get it together. Don't answer the door without your mother or me."

"Okay." Elizabeth answered.

Booth looked through the peephole and saw Rosa with Parker. He let them in. "Thank you Rosa."

"No problem Mr. Booth." She smiled and addressed Elizabeth. "You must be Elizabeth. I'm Rosa . . . I'll be looking after you when your Mom had to work late."

Elizabeth smiled at her. Brennan smiled thanking Rosa for bringing Parker to them. Booth and Brennan gave Rosa the rest of the week off and they sat and told the children of the changes that were going to happen with their family.

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