Authors Note: I totally wish I was J.K. Rowling because she created Ronald Weasley. Ron is played by Rupert Grint. Rupert Grint is mine bitches. But Harry Potter books and characters are all J.K. Rowling's.

Luna's eyes snapped open suddenly and she sat up kicking the covers off her. Her pale legs glistened in the moonlight from sweating under her silky white sheets. Her chest heaved up and down in her panting. Her pale blue eyes scanned her room in urgency and fright. She sighed leaning back onto her bed with her palms; she was so relieved that he was there. She pulled a black rubber band off her wrist and put her hair into a messy side bun, her curls falling into her bright blue eyes. The same person she had nightmares about since she first started going to Hogwarts. The mysterious guy who would stand right next to her when she was sleeping and stare down at her with piercing violet eyes that would sometimes turn to a harsh black.

Goosebumps trailed up her arm just thinking about that boy. He was really more of a man. Or maybe he was a male her age, or perhaps slightly older. She pulled her knees up to her chin and bit her lip in concentration. From what she remembered he had pale-like skin that glowed in the moonlight, and in a way he was tan at the same time. His eyes were soft but a piercing blue-violet, it reminded her of dusk. He had wavy black locks that curved right on top of his eyebrows. She couldn't place her finger on a word that could some his description up, but she knew that he was beautiful in an unnatural way.

She had seen him in all of her dreams since the first day of Hogwarts. She sighed at the thought that she had seen him everyday for six years, and still had no idea who he was. She had always thought about him, and wondered if he was ever real. She wondered that if he was real, if she'd ever see him in person. Maybe perhaps, he'd have dreamed about her and wondered the exact same thing. Luna knew she wasn't as beautiful as him, and so to her it seemed impossible for him to be thinking about her this very moment. She wondered if she was infatuated with him because of some love potion.

She knew that wasn't true; Professor Snape had taught her that a love potion tasted like the sweetest thing you've ever had. The sweetest thing Luna had ever had was a caramelized almond. She smiled at the remembrance of that sweet treat her mother had made her before she died. Her long skinny fingers wrapped around a curl of silver hair with wisps of gold. Why could she have hair all the same color? It annoyed her to see silver and gold every morning in the mirror. She would have preferred to have just golden hair, like the princesses in the fairytales her mother would tell her when she was little. She just pulled the strand behind her ear and flopped back onto the bed.

She sighed, thinking of her mother; she only wished she could be with her now so she could tell her about the boy she saw in her dreams. Her mother was an intelligent wish, and when Luna was little she was sure her mother knew everything. She was wronged when he mother did not know she had too many unstable dragon nails into her cauldron. Luna winced at the thought of watching her mother fall on the floor and snap her neck as the olive green substance exploded in everywhere damaging the school bus yellow walls of her father's kitchen. Luna's eyes clamped shut in shear horror of what happened that foggy morning.

Luna quickly tried to shrug the thought off and moved her train of thought towards about school. She was going to start another year at Hogwarts, another year observing everything around her, another year just trying to blend in and act like she actually belonged. She smiled at the thought of her one true friend, Padma Patil. Padma had always been nice to her, since they were in their fourth year they had been the best of friends. Padma always stood up for her when it came to the people who'd make fun of her beliefs of the imaginary world Luna believed in.

Luna returned the favor by sticking up for her with it came to Cho Chang. Padma and Cho used to be best friends until Padma turned thirteen. Cho was only two year older than her which isn't much, but when it came to topics like sex their views were different. Padma had the dream of saving herself until her one true love came along. Cho, being the true slut she is, told her that sex is the best thing she's good at and won't stop because of some silly opinion.

Luna, of course thought that sex is not for her. She wasn't abstaining she just thought that it wasn't necessary. She didn't want children anyway, her dream was to see the world, or perhaps find that boy in her dreams. Luna had gotten in some nasty fights with Cho Chang; one fight both of the girls had crushed toes and red cheeks from stomping and slapping each other. Padma always appreciated Luna's help, neither of them had many friends at all. Padma's sister, Parvati, had unfortunately taken Cho's side, just for popularity. Ginny used to be good friends with Luna since she was little, but they grew apart in some ways. Ginny because more of a slut, but not quite as bad as Cho.

Padma and Luna also told each other everything; they had conversations about homework, Cho, gossip, trends, and sometimes boys. Padma had the hugest crush on Ron Weasley, even if he was a huge jerk and used most of the girls that threw themselves at him. Padma didn't want to know about Luna's opinion, because Parvati knew what it was going to be, "You'll get hurt Padma." They avoid the topic, but when it came to Luna and guys that was Padma's favorite subject. She would ask Luna questions on what she thought about some guy. It went from Seamus Finnegan to Miles Bletchy. Luna never gave those guys the time of the day, only because she had no idea they were interested in her. She wouldn't have done anything anyway because she was too curious about the boy of her dreams to notice.

Luna's eye lids got heavy and soon she was soundlessly asleep in her dark room. Then as soon as she drifts off picturing him next to her, the window by her built in couch slides open. Luna doesn't even wince at the unexpected crack of the friction between the wood. Then a figure in a black hooded cloak slips through and slides off the fuzzy periwinkle seat. Then the figure shifts into a figure of a young man as the wind blows through the window knocking off the hooded cloak. The moonlight shines around his face not showing the details of face. His hidden eyes drifted down to Luna.

Luna was on her stomach with her white sheets pulled up to her nose where her head was turned to the side facing him. Mew. Eee Mew. Luna's snores made the hooded man chucked softly. He extended one long finger to stroke her jaw. Luna stirred causing the boy to jerk his hand back as if he accidentally hurt her. One of her long legs kicked off the sheet off; she pushed her arm under her pillow and turned her head, still facing him. He stared at her long legs and at her pair of red shorts and muggle t-shirt that hugged her comfortable and nicely.

He twitched slightly when she saw a scar extending down her calf. Luna had gotten the scar over the summer when she was hiking in the woods with her father. Her father had left to go to the bathroom out of site and she stumbled over a log and hit a rock. Her father was able to heal her, but the pain didn't go away and neither did that scar. The hooded figure shook in anger trying hard to not make a noise. His face illuminated in fury and glowed brightly making the room brighter, his eyes staring at the scar with black eyes. The same pair of black eyes that make her blood run cold.

Winds of mountains…

Blaise Zabini ran a hand through his wild black hair. He woke up on his green leather couch in his study. He looked around the room for her. His eyes only glazed over the ton of shelves of books and the lone grand piano in the corner of the room. He always had the dream of Luna Lovegood laying next to him stroking is arm softly with the tips of her fingers or sometimes running a finger down his spine making him shiver. He had so many dreams of her that could have him shaking in the morning. Luna Lovegood wasn't much of a person he'd try to find, and he thought it was best that he'd never run into her. Blaise Zabini was a vampire, and once you see your mate for the first time you have issues not staying near her.

Once vampires claim their mate they are permanently that age for eternity. Blaise Zabini didn't want Luna Lovegood to suffer through him as her mate. He'd rather die than make her live everlasting life that could haunt her with regrets of choosing to be with him. He couldn't help being attracted to her. He had turned 17 three weeks ago and he craved her more and more. He felt like a string was pulling him towards her each time he saw her last year in the halls. She never seemed to notice him there for some reason. He sighed at the thought of this year; he'd have to avoid her as much of possible in fear of what he might do if he caught her. He closed his eyes trying to block the thoughts out of his mind, but his feelings toward her only grew stronger.

Shiver ran up his back as if he felt her tracing her finger down his spine. He stood up from the couch and tried to pace her off his mind, which he knew, would not work. He walked around his couch a few times and then checked his watch to find it was only two in the morning. He spun around and collapsed on his couch again, his eyes drifting to the exit out of his study. Black cloak… his black cloak was on the floor by the door way. He closed his eyes trying to remember how it got there.

Luna stretched across her white sheets on her stomach sleeping…Long legs….scar.

Then Blaise remembered it all, and his eyes snapped wide open. Then fury rose up his throat. The memory of the scar down her leg was about to make him over the edge and scream getting a painful punishment from his mother. He shook violently trying to keep himself under control. He closed his eyes and attempted to go back to sleep. Each time he closed his eyes he had the vision of his Luna's leg scarred. He ran a hand shakily through his hair and then exhales deeply. His eyes drooped close and his dreams took over.

Small hands cupped his face.

He felt some else's stomach and hips pressed against his.

Soft lips brushed against his cheeks.

"You're all mine…" A feminine voice muttered

"All mine…" The voice chanted again as lips brushed his nose.

His stopped turned inside out as he heard the voice again, "All mine…"

The small hands dropped from his face to his upper arms.

A finger ran across his biceps that made his face turn red.

The lips kissed his forehead causing him to shake.

Two kisses were planted on each eyelid.

His heart skipped a beat,

"You're all mine…."

His lips met the ones kissing him,

sending tremors to break the barrier of control.

Sunrise leaked into the room through Blaise's window above his bed. He sat up and took a deep breathe. He his dream felt so real. His lips tingled still from the 'dream' kiss. He shook his head, trying to focus. It was not real, Forget it, he thought. Then he realized he was in his room; the night before he could have sworn he was in his study. He shrugged; one of the house elves must have moved him here.

Blaise stood up and walked out of the Victorian navy blue walls of his room and down the grand staircase at the Zabini Manor. Each step was made out of ivory marble, and the railing was pure gold because Mrs. Zabini refused to have gold painted brass. At the bottom of the stair case was the main hall where over halls extended leading to more halls. Behind each cherry wooden door held a different room, expect at the end of the hall, which had the illusion of looking miles away was the entrance to the house.

The ceiling was three stories high will carvings of cherubs and vines. The walls were a graceful manila and between hall ways and doors were huge windows that had sunshine from the valley nearby pouring through. The floor was marble just like the grand stair case. As Blaise reached an intersection in the hall he turned to the left. The intersection had four long marble pillars leading to four different halls he walked quickly down the next hall and then was swallowed by a huge blue room with silver and blue china on top of coffee tables and on French framed shelves. Upon the walls were portraits of the past generations of the Zabini line of Italian vampires.

In the middle of the room was a long dining table where Mrs. Zabini sat at the head of the tall. She had long black curls with few strands of gray tied up on the top of her head. People who knew Veronica Zabini wouldn't dare pointing out the gray hairs upon her head, any person who has, has just been put through a social death. Her tan face had the same glow Blaise's did. She was just as beautiful with the exception of a couple of wrinkle her and there that comes with age. Her eyes were a brown, that when she looked anyone in the eye they automatically knew what was expected of them from her.

"Good Morning Mother." Blaise said taking his place at the opposite end of the long table.

"Blaise…" She hummed behind her folded issue of 'The Daily Prophet'.

"How is the world around us going?" Blaise asked as a maid set his cereal in front of him.

"Well a new store in Diagon Alley has Christmas gifts all over it!" Veronica said circling something on the paper with her quill.

Blaise smirked, "Anything else?"

"Doesn't Roberto have to take you to the train station soon?"

Blaise sighed, "Right…." Blaise stirred his spoon in his untouched cereal.

"Blaise, eat something. You need your strength. What if you find your mate and you aren't strong enough to lure her in?"

"Mother, haven't I told you? I know who she is."

"Since when have you known!?"

"I've known since my first year at Hogwarts."

"And you choose to tell me now?" Veronica's eyes lit up in anger. She slammed her paper down and balled her hands into small fists.

"I have told you mother, about one hundred times at least."

Her hands relaxed and flexed. "You're right…" She muttered her lips turning into a fine line on her face. "Well don't you have to go? ROBERTO!" Veronica Zabini clapped her hands angrily, "Put your robes on Blaise, I'll have Adriana send your things." Blaise scowled. "Honestly Blaise…Accio Robes" Then Blaise's robes appear floating down the hallway. With a quick flick of her wand Blaise's robes were on him and his pajamas floated down the hallway up the stair case into Blaise's room.

Blaise tugged on his Slytherin tie that was on too tightly on his neck. He loosened it causing Veronica to growl, "Fine Blaise just go, and remember to do something with that hair!" Blaise was quick to oblige by shaking his hair and walking away waving and smiling sarcastically. He saw Roberto in the next room by a huge fireplace where people came in and out of daily to have tea with Veronica Zabini. "Knuckle touch!" Blaise said as he held his fist out for Roberto to tap with his. Roberto stared at Blaise like he was retarded. "It's a muggle thing, just hit my fist with yours lightly." Blaise explained. Roberto just stared at him, "Okay then, see you later Roberto!" Blaise hopped into the fireplace and slung his cloak over his shoulder. As the green smoke ate him away Roberto chuckled, "If only…"

Author's Note: Okay so I made my Ron a user of girls. But watch him in this story people. Blaise is so drop dead gorgeous. I can't match him to a model or anything, only in my imagination could you know what he truly looks like. I pictured Luna to look like Brittany Snow in a way. It all depends on your own point of view.