Blaise Zabini lay sprawled across a black leather couch in the Slytherin Common Room. His violet eyes were focusing on the text of a book. The dark room was lit by a roaring fireplace that made the shadows of the dark room increase in size. At this time of night the room was considerably spookish. The irregular statues of those dying, and the portrait of those deceased long ago accented the feeling greatly. If you closed your eyes you focused on the sounds of the room not only could you hear the crackling of a fire, but the faint whispers of begging and hiss of a serpent. This room was one of Blaise's favorites, because the younger Slytherins were too afraid to stay here long.

The glow of the fire made Blaise look more of like a god. His black locks sprawled over the pillow and his white button down wrinkled against his torso. His eyes reflected the fire beautifully, that you could stare in them for hours. He winced as he arched his back to yawn. He could still feel the pain radiating through him from what had happen previously that day. He sat up and threw his legs carefully off the sofa. He ran a hand through his hair and stood up, laying the book on the edge of the couch at the same time. Blaise turned towards the exit of the Common Room; he decided to take a bath in the prefect's bathroom, now that it was late and it was unlikely for anyone to be there.

He dragged his feet through the exit thinking of Luna Lovegood all day. When he closed his eyes he could see the expression on her face when she realized he was badly hurt, her face was full of concern and care. He could still feel a burn on his skin from where she touched him, and just thinking about her made him feel nauseously aroused. He reached the grand stair case, which was no longer moving, because like the portraits in Hogwarts, they slept too. Each step he took, he tried to control himself from gasping in pain.

As he reached the right floor he felt more comfortable walking up the stairs, and tried to avoid the thought of the painful walk down. As he reached the tapestry of the large fish, Moses Mozzarella, he pushed it behind and his shoes mad a taping noise as it made contact wit the tiled floor. He took a deep breath and pulled his wand out. After he was certain that there was no one in the bathroom, he waved his wand and the many faucets of the bath turned on.

He gradually unbuttoned his white shirt and dropped it carelessly to the floor. His chest was toned with muscles from his moments as the beast and his time playing on the Quidditch field. On the back of his shirt there were holes and lots of blood. Trailing down his spine was a large scar that when ever Blaise walked the scare would begin the bleed again. After Blaise discarded the rest of his clothing he shivered in the cold, as the castles icy air surrounded his naked body. With each step he took blood from his hands and back dripped onto the floor. A small puddle off blood formed as he eased himself into the large pool.

He sighed and let himself relax in the refreshing feeling of the liquid in the bath.

The whisperings of Trees

Luna Lovegood stared intently at the text of her book. Licking her index finger she flipped the page and stared at the next page with the same amount of interest. Pausing for a moment she looked up and stared at nothing in particular. Hours ago, Professor Adax had just told her she had the talent of being connected with Blaise Zabini. He explained to her that it meant she was his mate. She remembered the his caring composure of letting her leave class early to take things in and he also gave her reading suggestions.

She stopped staring into space and looked around the room. The room was empty, not even Madam Pince was behind the counter. He looked down at her watch; it was nine fifty-two. She sighed. It made sense to her that this would happen to her. She had been dreaming about Blaise Zabini for years, but never knowing who he was until this year. Fate. It must have made sense to the gods to choose now as the time to get everything at once. Staring back at nothing, she realized that this would affect her life greatly. She was going to be with Blaise Zabini for eternity, and the bond between them was unbreakable. Based on her reading she had learned a lot, but until now she realized how life changing this was.

She ran her hand through her hair and twirled the ends with her fingertips. Everything she thought of was connected to the boy of her dreams. Everything. She focused her gaze on her hair, and then she felt a rush of air crawl up her throat causing her to choke. She closed her eyes as the tears began to burn her lids. Her body began to tremble until she released the sob. She let go of her hair and wiped her tears away with the back of her palm. They still continued to pour down her cheeks, and in frustration she slammed the book shut. In the cover, printed in bold letters, The Eternal Bond.

She stood up and slammed the chair under the table. She picked up her books and paused staring at the book lying on the table. She sighed deeply and looked back at her watch again. The time was close to about ten o clock, and that was when the library closed. Luna pivoted on her heel trying to focus on something else. She closed her eyes in concentration; there was something she had to do at ten o clock. Luna walked swiftly out of the Library towards the sleeping grand stair case. As she reached the third floor she heard footsteps walking toward her.

In the night when it was as dark as it was, it's seemed incredibly eerie to hear footsteps. The shiver up her spine gave her the instinct to step back and remain very still. A shadowy figure approached her inching closer in seconds. The figure walked into the light of the moon and Luna could see the outline of Devon Darth's face. She and him had decided to get along while Blaise was having his long meeting with Adax, and Rosalinda was refusing to acquaintance with Devon.

"Hey Dream girl." He greeted.

"Hey Devon."

"You do know that we are both on duty tonight, right?"

"Oh yes, that's what I was trying to remember!" Luna exclaimed sniffing, and trying hard so Devon would not notice she had been crying.

"Hey Lovegood, are you okay?"

SHIT… "Oh, I'm just fine." Luna muttered her voice cracking on the word fine.

"You look upset, are you sure?"

"Yes Darth! I am just fine!"

"How about you find something that helps you relax?"

Getting prepared to yell, Luna then hesitated, "Would that shut you up?"

"Uh, I guess, I mean watching the grounds for hours with you crying, does not appeal to me."

"Okay, I'll try to find something to relax myself. You know what? I think I am going to take a nice bath!"

"Well that's a really good plan."

Luna smiled and crossed her arms over her chest as she walked past him up another flight of stairs. She shuddered and imagined relaxing in a warm bath, or pool just to herself. She tried hard to smile and mean it, but it only led to a sore in her throat, that would eventually follow with her crying all over again. In her mind she could picture the Prefect's Bathroom waiting for her, its pool of water lifting the steam up the ceiling. The mental image of the mermaid in the window was instilled in her mind. She felt as if she closed her eyes she would hear the rushing of the water pouring into the bath.

As she approached a tapestry with a peculiar looking fish on it, she made a face at it only to see it making one back at her. She tried hard not to cry, as she pushed the tapestry aside she made a noise that sounded like a cough, choke, sob, and burst of hysterical laughter at the same time. Then at that moment she he heard a loud splash. Her eye twitched at the sudden noise, and she quickly walked into the room to see. Is somebody in here? After a few moments, she did not see anything peek out of the water. Slowly, she walked over to a bench placed around the pool and set done her books listlessly. She kicked the shoes off her feet and took off the many ten different colored bracelets that were on her arm. She then took her time taking off her own clothes.

She listlessly unbuttoned each button on her shirt after sliding her tie off. She pushed her black skirt off her hips and her clothes fell to a pile heap at her feet. She discarded her undergarments and walked over to the edge of the pool, she dipped a toe into the steamy water. She sighed and walked over to the shallowest part.

Then as she closed her eyes in inhaled she did not notice the puddle of blood at her feet. Then as she exhaled she looked down and gasped at the blood, slipping, and crashing head first into the shallow end of the pool. As she hit her head, every thing went black as she swallowed enough water to make a thirsty solider thirst no more for the rest of his life. Then a pair of arms wrapped around her small frame and pushed her out of the water and placed her in the cool tiles of the bathroom floor. Then she coughed up watch felt like gallons of water.

She sat up and stared at Blaise Zabini who was standing at the edge inside the pool. His paleish-tan looking skin was dripping wit the water from the pool. His curly black hair trailed droplets of water down his face and back. Luna's eyes guiltlessly traveled over his toned muscles. He wasn't overly muscular but his arms and abs were enough to get Luna on the verge of drooling. She realized she was naked, wet and naked, enough to turn on any horny teenage boy, it seemed worse because he was her mate. His eyes, like she expected drifted over her breasts, which weren't huge but enough to get a perverted reaction out of somebody. She quickly ignored it and remembered the small puddle of blood that was at her feet a few moments ago. Remembering his injury early that day, she got on her knees and grabbed his shoulder, he winced.

"Turn around." She ordered him. He, who was twitching at the look of her naked body in the glowing moonlight, shakily turned around, his back facing her. She gasped at the one long scar was etched down his spine. With the tip of her finger she ran it down his wound. He tensed and shuddered. Maintain you control, maintain control… She pulled her hand away and looked at the tip of her finger; his blood tingled against her skin. She blinked; she knew what she had to do.

Noticing his reaction, she muttered in his ear, "Relax." Her finger tips brushed his shoulder as she planted a soft kiss in between his shoulder blades. Blaise, not quite paying attention to the pain disappearing on his back, but thinking of the vixen that was making him shaky. She turned him around and sort of smiled at him.

"All better?" She asked him. Blaise, now feeling like he might throw up he was so nervous, felt his chest tighten and his head throb in pain. The beast inside him was coming out. His eyes closed shut and reopened to the color of a deep black, a black so dark that it was endless. His jaw tightened in pain and his hissed loudly.

Luna knew exactly was happening, and sat there terrified at him. Not knowing exactly was to do; she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips against his. Blaise, trying so hard not to lose control, wrapped his arms around her as well. Her lips were so soft and her kiss was so sweet, that reminded him of a butterfly. He felt his heart race Uh oh… One hand he placed at the small her back, pushing her closer to him.

She gasped as her skin flushed against his, but soon was lost in a kiss he returned. Luna moaned into his mouth as his kiss was slightly rougher and hungry, but she liked it. She had never been kissed quite like that before. Before she could break away for breathe he captured her soft full lips again. She could feel her stomach turning, as if she had butterflies fluttering. She moaned again, feeling like she was losing the little sanity she had left.

He loved her every reaction, and his goal was only to hear her moan more. Blaise nibbled on her bottom lip, wanting access but instead Luna pulled away, bringing her hand to her mouth. As she pressed her fingertips to her mouth, and pulled her hand back there was a little amount of blood remaining on the tips of her fingers. Blaise stared at her, He had bit her, not meaning to, but he had. Holy fucking shit, Zabini…

"Luna, I am so sorry…" Blaise said in shock. Luna smiled sort of and shook her head.

"No it's fine. You had no control over it…"

"I should have…" He muttered.

"Blaise, it's fine, I am going to have to get used to it sooner or later." She sighed looking at him. In his eyes were a look of worry and something she was not exactly sure. Compassion? Lust? She did not know, but her made her feel a little more comfortable.

"You really do not have to do this…" He said softly, grabbing her small hand into his larger one.

She looked at him and the end of her lips curved into a small smile, "I know…"

"It does not have to be now…" He said giving her hand a small squeeze.

"We could wait until it's absolutely necessary…" He continued looking into her deep blue eyes.

She nodded, "Whenever you are comfortable…"

Blaise raised his eyebrows, "I would be comfortable taking you right now, but I could not do that to you. That's just…too unfair."

Luna shook her head, "Blaise, life is not fair."

"Do you even want this Luna?"

"Yes, I guess so." She said feeling incredibly unsure and confused, and him holding her hand made her palm burn and send tingles up her spine.

He nodded and sighed, "I prefer we do this later, for your sake, and mine. Your kisses are insane , you know? Enough to drive a poor bloke like me mad."

She chuckled and sighed, "Well so much for a bath, huh?"

He laughed, "Its way past your bedtime missy, go get some rest."

She stood up and walked over to her clothes, "Shouldn't you being getting rest too?"

"I am afraid not dear. There is a new moon out tonight." He shouted stepping out of the water to get his own clothes on.

She frowned as buttoned the last button on her shirt, "Oh, yeah. I read about that…"

Then, Blaise walked up to her, already dressed and grabbed her tie, "Look Luna, maybe on Wednesday we can talk."

Luna nodded, "Okay."

He wrapped her tie around her neck and smiled. She shuddered as his finger tips brushed her neck. He chuckled slightly and finished looping her blue fabric. She furrowed her eyebrow and frowned.

"I do not find that funny."

"You might not, but I find it hilarious." Blaise said still chuckling slightly.

She bit her lip, "Oh really?" She then wrapped her arms around his neck and got on the tips of her toes. She leaned in on the side of his face and breathed into his ear, "What about now?" She then, with her teeth nibbled on his ear lobe, and it was driving Blaise nuts. He growled in pleasure and he wrapped her arms around her waist lifting her off the ground. Then, giggling, she kissed his jaw and pushed away from him and landed back on her feet.

"That… was unfair."

"Blaise, we went over this, life is not fair." She smiled and walked away, with sway in her hips and smile of satisfaction on her face.

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