Quinceanera By Mylissa

Chapter One :
Going Home

"I'm pregnant Bowen" said Madison's voice as it echoed his head.
"Nick, are you alright?" asked Vanessa Russell as she walked over to him as she placed her hand upon his back

"Yes, I'm just thinking" said Nick as he looked out to the riverbanks as he sighed.
"Mom, I have a girlfriend back in Briarwood and I have to go back soon," said Nick as he now looked over to his mother.
"I see, What about Lucas and Katie"
"what do you mean?" he asked "I mean silly you can stay with them while you are there protecting the Earth and all" said Vanessa.

"I can't Mom, I promised my real parents I will stay with them now, that I have found them, I just can't let them go this way" said Nick.
"And i respect that , just becareful Nick please we don't want to lose you" said Vanessa.

"You won't lose me, I promise, Besides I have My biological parents to protect me now" he smiled as he they now hugged.
"I don't think Nick told her About Madison" said Alianbow.
"Oh, he did he has a reason to go back to be with her, but he did not tell her about the baby" said Udonna as she looked at her husband.
"Baby, What Baby?" asked Alianbow as he looked stunned to the news.
" Come On Grandpa, its time to say our goodbyes "Udonna , what are you speaking about ?" he asked.

Udonna smiled as she now looked to her husband.
"Madison is with chyld" she answered as she now saw his reaction.
"That reacton was the same one you made when I announced my pregnancy with Bowen" she grinned.
" Come on Alianbow. it's time to say good bye, we have been here to long already" said Udonna as she now turned and made her way to Nick and Vanessa.

"it was good meeting you , You have done a great job rasing our son." said Udonna as she now hugged Vanessa.
She smiled as she looked to Udonna. " I'm sorry Duncan left so early, they called him to the Naval Station," she added.

"Oh, no worries, I know when that duty calls, when its improtant" said Udonna as she hugged Vanessa once more.
"It was nice meeting you Mrs Russell" said Alianbow They now both walked to their motorcycles as they got ready to leave.

Vanessa and Nick walked to his motorcycle as they talked.
"Nick promise me something" said Vanessa "Yes Ma'am"
"When you get married and have a family promise me you won't ride this thing around your daughter or son" said vanessa.
Nick blushed. " I Promise" he smiled.

"Bye son,Im going to miss you" said Vanessa.
" Don't miss me to much, I'll come visit again with my wife and daughter" smiled Nick as he now moved onto his motorcycle as he now joined his parents as they now drove away. they drove for merely for two and a hlaf hours as they finally arrived in briarwood.
"Mmmm, it's good to be home" thought Udonna.

they finally arrived at Rootcore as they saw Daggeron and Clare. "Welcome home" they both said .
"It's good to be home" said Udonna as she now removed her helmet.
"Welomc Home Bowen, Madison is gonna be surprised to see you" said Clare.
"Is she here?" he asked.
"No, you just missed her , she was going to the Rock Porium" said Clare.

"Dinner is already made, are you hungry?" she added.
"A Little, but I want to see Madison first" said Bowen.
"Oh, alright, I'll have the food warmed up for now til you get back" said Clare.
"That be great, thanks Clare" said Bowen.
"What are cousin's for" smiled Clare.
"Excuse me Bowen, we have to talk" said Daggeron as he now interupted.
"Not now Daggeron , we will talk later, I'm on my way to see madison" said Bowen as he turned his motorcycle around.Daggeron sighed as he now watched Bowen drive away.

Daggeron sighed as he looked at Clare.
"Don't look at me, You have to catch him just to talk to him" said Clare Daggeron chuckled.