By Melissa

You are too return tomorrow evening, He doesn't know that Carlie is born yet, Lord Zoryanthos will have a suite ready for you and the baby but for now come and eat Dinner with us ," said Alianbow.
Madison now joined everyone as she now placed the baby monitor as she now took a seat and joined the family.

Chapter 12 :
The Visitation

within the 12 hours of sleep Madison was woken up by Lady Udonna, she helped Madison get ready as she slipped into a White and red outfit that was fit for a Genie. her slender legs shown thru the material as her top fit perfectly with her body shape,revealing her back bare naked.

Baby Carlie was dressed in a white trimmed gold dress with a image of a Phoenix as Clare now entered.
"You are ready, come Daggeron awaits" smiled Udonna.

Taken a deep breath Madison looked to Carlie as she reached for her as she slept , slowly laying her into her bassinet and covered her up Udonna placed a charming spell upon her grand daughter.

"Uthania Eclipsea Luna " She spoke silently as she now looked at Madison.

" You will be greeted By the king and will be led to Bowen's Chambers. there you will wait for his return from his session." Udonna explained as she now opened the door as she led her to the stairs as they walked downstairs and greeted Daggeron.

"M'lady" Daggeron greeted.

"Daggeron , welcome back. the Princesses are ready to leave, if you are"

Daggeron smiled as he now moved aside as smiled.

" your Chariot awaits"

"WITH ME" greeted Daggeron's companion and sidekick as he now waved .

Madison chuckled as she now made her way over to the Train as she was helped into it as she looked back to Udonna as she waved bye.

"Daggeron take good care of them "

I will I promise " Daggeron smiled as he now made his way to the train as he now entered.

Udonna now laughed as she watched the train disappear.

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