by Lord Dragon Claw

Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. Lavos belongs to SquareEnix.

Chapter One: Red Star

Eons ago, a "Red Star" fell from the heavens and scorched the land, killing the various dominant species of the planet. It then burrowed into the core of the world, and slept there. Unlike its brethren, it decided against manipulating the intelligent beings of the planet. Among its brethren, it was an eighth-generation being. It slept for ages, acquiring the genetic data of the inhabitants of the surface of the world, the bloodlines and kekkei genkai in particular. Soon, it was ready to awaken. Once it did, it took it fifty years in order to finally be prepared to surface; but during that time, it didn't collect any data whatsoever.

It chose a location to surface at. Konoha. The Village Hidden in Leaves. However, its timing proved to be its downfall.

The Yondaime Hokage was worried. It seemed as though no one in the village knew of a way to stop the Kyubi's rampage. To make matters worse, the Kyubi had decided to attack the very day his son was born - also the same day his wife died in childbirth. Suddenly, the Yondaime remembered a special sealing jutsu, and though he couldn't kill the Kyubi or seal the fox demon inside himself with it, he could still use it to stop the nine-tailed Bijuu. And he needed an exceptionally young child for it - no one was younger than his son at the moment, so the Yondaime decided to use him. He knew that the Sandaime would figure out a way to protect his son, and that things should go smoothly.

Once he was finished making his decision, he rushed outside, his son in the crook of his arm, and summoned Gamabunta.

The Kyubi was quite enjoying himself. He could see the little pests running around, attempting to stop him. He relished in their despair. Oh? What's this? A giant toad? Ah yes, Gamabunta, the toad boss. And another of those "insects" was riding its head. Some new jutsu to attempt to destroy the greatest of the Bijuu? Bring it on!

As the Yondaime nearly completed the jutsu, the ground under the Kyubi began to crack. It jumped back to avoid whatever "jutsu" this happened to be. However, it wasn't a jutsu at all. A large creature with dark brown spines covering it ripped its way out of the ground, sending mountain-sized fragments of the planet's crust into the air. It opened its mouth/eye (which had a single point of white light in the center surrounded by a constantly shifting vortex of color), and took stock of the situation. Spotting the Kyubi, it sent thousands of beams of energy into the air, which then descended onto the demon fox. The nine-tailed fox attempted to dodge, but the attack was too swift. When the barrage finished, the greatest of the Bijuu was no more. The dust cloud obscured the beast, but a few had managed to get an eyeful of it, including Hatake Kakashi.

Then, the being turned its attention toward Konoha. Seeing this, the Yondaime quickly completed his jutsu and charged the beast from the depths of the planet. In its arrogance, the former Red Star merely watched the pathetic human make an attempt to defend the world. Suddenly, the beast was in excruciating pain. Its soul, body, and energies were being drawn into a seal that was written on the belly of an infant. There was nothing the beast was able to do. Perhaps it shouldn't have stopped paying attention to the goings-on of the past fifty years?

The beast had been sealed within the boy who would soon be known as Uzumaki Naruto.

Inside the boy, the beast slept. Most of the villagers and most of the ninja believed it was the Kyubi who was sealed in Naruto, but a few people knew better, and kept their mouths shut. It seemed as though Naruto's life was no different than if he had the now deceased Bijuu sealed within him.

But the first difference appeared in the Wave Country, when a young man named Haku had "killed" Naruto's best friend, Sasuke.

Naruto was pissed. He was so pissed that the seal on his stomach cracked, just a little. Naruto's hair became dark brown and his eyes turned red. He let out a scream and a burst of power, the combination of which had destroyed Haku's mirrors.

Kakashi and Zabuza halted their fight to observe the beam of power shooting off into the sky, parting the clouds. They heard the scream, and it seemed as though the planet itself trembled in fear.

"What is that?" asked the swordsman.

"A beast from Hell," answered Kakashi.



"May as well finish our fight though, so that the winner may flee."


Inside Naruto's mind, the beast was partially awakened. Realizing that it would forever be stuck inside the boy, it then used its vast genetic knowledge in order to begin to make the blonde shinobi the perfect vessel for its glorious power.

Naruto attacked Haku with a ferocity he didn't know he had. All of Haku's attacks were deflected by his very aura of power. He struck at Haku's mask and managed to break it. As he made for the killing strike he noticed who it was; his anger deflated, and the beast lapsed back into full slumber, but the process had already begun and would continue on its own. Naruto would be stronger, smarter, more durable, faster, and have more endurance than he would have had. Additionally, Naruto was given a greater healing factor.

And neither Zabuza nor Kakashi finished their battle before Gatou showed up.

Continuing on, the second time that the beast was partially awakened was in the Forest of Death, as Naruto and Sasuke faced off against Orochimaru. Working more quickly, the beast managed to accelerate Naruto's evolution, before Orochimaru used his Five-Point Sealer to force the beast back into slumber.

The third time is the charm, as many have said. The third time the beast was awakened, it was no different. This time, it was awakened fully by Naruto. Naruto was training with Jiraiya, and Jiraiya had managed to teach Naruto how to summon the toads. In order to force Naruto to do it right, all of Naruto's chakra had been drained and the poor boy had been thrown off of a cliff into a deep crevasse. So Naruto had entered his own mind in order to find the Kyubi and use its power. But he was in for a big surprise.

"AH! You're not the Kyubi!"

The creature's mouth/eye was open, but it did nothing. Or it seemed to do nothing.

"Hey, can't you talk?"

Suddenly, it responded. "I can now."


"I had to learn how to talk. It only took a few seconds, but now I can."

"Okay... where's the Kyubi? I need his help."

"That fox? He's been dead for years."

"Impossible! The Yondaime sealed the Kyubi within me the day I was born!"

"No he didn't. I killed the Kyubi as a warm-up. I was going to destroy the world when... that 'Yondaime' person sealed me within you."

"But everyone thinks that the fox was sealed!"

"Apparently, most people didn't witness me destroying that fox. Anyway, why do you need help?"

"You're offering to help me?"

"Why not?"

"Well... I'm falling off a cliff and I need to summon a toad, a large one, in order to save my skin!"

"I have a better idea."

Returning to the land of the conscious, Naruto looked down. He was still falling at terminal velocity.

Alright... Naruto, was it? Okay, you have access to immense magical and spiritual powers now that I am awake. We are going to make a Gate. I'll do the first one for you and choose the exit point and time for you. I want you to pay careful attention.

A hole in reality opened up below the young ninja; the hole was a blue and white vortex of energy. Naruto fell through it only to find himself now traveling horizontally above the crevasse, headed straight towards Jiraiya. The old man's eyes became dinner plates as he saw his student suddenly traveling toward him. Once Naruto realized how close he was to the white-haired man, he placed his fastest snap-kick into Jiraiya's jaw.

Speed of Naruto's kick PLUS terminal velocity EQUALS flying pervert. Jiraiya impacted hard into a tree.

You're right. That was a better idea.

Well, let's try to summon a toad now.


Just to see if you can really do it.

Fine. Naruto bit his thumb, and placed his palm on the ground. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

BOOM! Gamabunta appeared and was confused. Why had Jiraiya summoned him now? Oh wait, there was the pervert trying to get the swirls out of his eyes and with an impressive bump on his head. Gamabunta's tongue lashed out (Naruto counted eleven tongue piercings on it) and grabbed Jiraiya.


Suddenly, the giant toad boss felt something alight upon his head.

"He didn't summon you; I did. He threw me off of a cliff and I summoned you to beat the marrow out of him."


Tell him that you're the one who Yondaime used to seal away the being that slaughtered the Kyubi.

"Oh yeah? Remember that being that annihilated the demon fox? The Yondaime sealed it inside of me."


Naruto hopped down and yanked the giant scroll out of the toad's grip. He then unrolled it. Just after the Yondaime's name, Naruto's name was signed in his own blood.


"Let me put it this way: you're pissed, I'm pissed at Ero-sennin here, and he happens to be in your grip. Have fun!"

Gamabunta began to grin.

"Naruto! I swear, if I ever get my hands on you..."

"Assuming you still have hands."

Naruto left the perverted Sannin to his fate.

Now what?

Now we train. You have many spells to learn, and so little time in which to learn them. You have like what, three days until the finals?

Yeah...Nowhere near enough time. Crap.

Are you forgetting the Gate already? Not only can we use them to travel distance, but time as well. I suggest we go to that Wave Country again, and arrive about five minutes after you left.

I see your point. Let's go!

The blonde focused on his chi, his spiritual energy. Another hole in reality later, and Naruto was in the Wave Country again. Months of training later, and Naruto created another hole in reality to arrive about three minutes after he had initially left.

Naruto didn't look much stronger physically, but that was because he had suppressed the expansion of his muscles. His chakra, mana, and chi reserves and control had vastly improved. The biggest differences were much more noticeable. His hair was no longer a golden blonde, but a bronzed-blonde. His eyes, although still a piercing blue, were now full of power and ferocity. And the ways he held himself and moved about was more like that of a deadly predator than a harmless prankster, just waiting for the most profitable moment to strike.

Well, I should be strong enough by now.

Yes, you should be superior to everyone else in every way now. I'm also working on developing a new kekkei genkai for you.

I am so going to wipe the floor with Neji after I skin him alive!

Hey. Rein in your arrogance, Naruto. Arrogance is our only weakness now. The being I was descended from was far too arrogant and wasn't able to reap a full harvest.

Right, right.Hmm... What are you called, as a species?

Let's see... We've been called many things, but I think our favorite name came from that very being I mentioned before. The six humans and one robot who destroyed it called it Lavos. "La" meaning fire and "Vos" meaning big.

So I should just refer to you as Lavos from now on, eh?

That would be perfect.

Now what?

Act like the old you. The one before I awakened.

Naruto suddenly heard the agonizing scream of a pervert. Naruto smiled.

Nearly forgot about that.

Let's go watch.

And so he did.

Lavos had suggested discussing tactics with Shikamaru, and so they did. Naruto realized that despite his poor grades, Shikamaru was a master tactician, if a lazy one.

Naruto felt confident that he could tell Shikamaru about Lavos, and Lavos had no objections.

"Let me get this straight," began the lazy ninja. "The Kyubi that attacked the village has been dead since the night it attacked, and this 'Rabosu'..."

"Lavos," corrected Naruto.

"Whatever. It killed the demon fox and the Yondaime sacrificed himself to seal it within you, right?"

"That pretty much sums it up."

"And the beast speaks to you in your head?"

"Yeah. It no longer wants to blow up the planet. It just doesn't want to die is all."

Naruto and Shikamaru eventually decided to visit Rock Lee in the hospital, and found Gaara prepared to kill Lee in his sleep.

Shikamaru stopped Gaara with his Kagemane no Jutsu, and Naruto slugged Gaara in the head, causing Shikamaru to also stumble.

"Who do you think you are, killing people in their sleep?" demanded Naruto.

Gaara blinked. "I should kill people while they're awake?"

Naruto was ready to yell at the Sunanin again, when he realized what Gaara said. Naruto simply shut his mouth.

"Why do you want to kill him anyway?" asked Shikamaru.

"To verify my existence." The two Konohanins raised their eyebrows. Gaara continued. "If you keep interfering, I'll kill you too."

"With what?" asked Naruto, causing Shikamaru to think Naruto had lapsed into stupidity again. "With the power of Shukaku the Sand Priest? Don't make me laugh."

"... How did you know that the tanuki demon was inside me?"

"I can smell his fear," stated Naruto cryptically. "You yourself have no fears whatsoever, but Shukaku does. He fears the monster within me - the monster who killed the Kyubi no kitsune. He fears that my monster will annihilate him as easily as the Kyubi was slaughtered - with one attack."

"(Naruto?)" whispered Shikamaru. "(What are you doing?)" Naruto simply smirked at him in response.

"... I'm not scared," stated Gaara emotionlessly.

"Say," began Shikamaru. "What did you mean by 'verify' your 'existence'?"

"... I'll give you the short version. My father, the Lord Kazekage, sealed Shukaku within me to turn me into a powerful weapon. He succeeded, but my unstable state of mind caused those in power to see me as a liability. So they decided to try and assassinate me. They've been trying for the past six years. During those six years, I found a purpose for living: 'I exist to kill all humans other than myself.' So I must kill this fool in green to verify my existence, and if you don't let me do that right now, I'll kill both of you."

Shikamaru was a bit nervous. Naruto, on the other hand, simply walked up to Gaara and put his hand on the red-haired boy's shoulder.

"If Sasuke doesn't beat some sense into you, I will. And then I'll beat the stuffing out of Sasuke for losing to someone like you."

Gaara was unsure how to take that. Most people cowered in fear when they knew of his power and were in his presence. Why did this other boy with bronze-gold hair stand up to him? Why wasn't he afraid? Suddenly, he felt Shikamaru's hold on him wearing off.

"... Now. Help me feel alive!" Gaara's sand rose up into the air and was quickly gathering in order to kill the three other people in the room.

Then, Might Guy walked in. "ENOUGH! The finals are tomorrow, so you should wait until then unless you'd rather become an inpatient."

At the sight of the Jounin, Gaara's head began to hurt as he was still perplexed as to why Guy would save Lee. Gaara made for the door, swaying like a drunkard the whole way.

"Just you wait..." Gaara said as he reached the door. "I will kill you all!" And then he was gone.

"Thanks, Guy-sensei," exhaled Shikamaru.

"Yeah," said Naruto, sounding a bit disappointed. "If I fought him in here we might have hurt Lee."

"What makes you think you could have won, Naruto?" asked Guy.

"Because like him, I have a monster sealed within me, but..." Naruto blinked. "Why are you covering Shikamaru's ears? He already knows."

"Oh. Gomen. Well, please continue."

"As I was saying, I also have a monster sealed within me, but mine is not trying to take control. It is, in fact, trying to help me. Besides, my monster is many times stronger than his."

"True," said Guy, closing his eyes and rubbing his chin in thought. "The Kyubi is the strongest of the Bijuu, having nine tails, and Shukaku is the weakest, having only one."

Shikamaru and Naruto looked at each other. Shikamaru's face was contorted in such a way as to ask "should I tell him?" Naruto shook his head.

"Hello, Hinata!" called out the container for a Lavos.

"Eeep!" she replied, and tried to hide behind the training post. How did Naruto know she was stalk... er, following him?

"Is that some sort of Hyuga greeting? Come on out. I don't bite."

Hinata blushed as she came out from behind the post. "Um... please don't hurt Neji-niisan too badly..."

"Oh please. I know you want to see him kicked off of his high horse. I'll gladly do that for you. After all, he did almost kill you."

Hinata blushed even more deeply. "But... um..."

"Fine. I won't kill him or permanently injure him."

"Thank you..."

"Don't mention it. See ya around." As he began to leave he then called out. "You know, I used to be creeped-out by people like you..." Hinata looked ready to cry. "... but I realized I like creepy people. Be sure to cheer for me!"

Hinata blushed again, but rather than looking nervous, she looked happy. She wasn't sure whether she was glad or disappointed that Naruto wasn't looking at her face. Then she noticed the way Naruto was walking - as if he was a predator stalking an easy kill; or was it more like a master ninja walking very efficiently? How had he changed so much in the one-month interval in which she didn't see him much?

Opening match...

"Well, it seems as though Naruto's late," remarked Genma.

"He probably ran away," said Neji, confidently.

"Well, he'll automatically forfeit if he's not here in five minutes."

Where is he? thought both Sakura and Hinata at the same time.

Suddenly, their question was answered. A large blue and white vortex opened up and Naruto stuck his head out.

"Is this the place where the finals for the Chuunin Exam are being held?" he asked. The whole stadium was so silent that you could hear a pin drop. "I'll take that as a yes." He then hopped out of the portal.

Up in the stands, both the Hokage and the man who looked like the Kazekage shared a look.

"What jutsu is that?" asked the man with the kanji for "wind" on his hat.

"I haven't a clue," replied the Sandaime.

"Alright. Begin." declared Genma, the referee for the matches as Hayate had been found dead.

"Do you think of yourself as some sort of hero entering in at the last moment?" asked a peeved Neji.

Naruto laughed darkly. "I am no hero. Nor will beating the fluids out of your pancreas, liver, and appendix turn me into a hero."

Neji shook his head. "Perhaps you don't realize your fate. You were the dead-last, and always will be. A failure can be nothing other than a failure. You have already lost this match, just as Lee lost his regardless of how hard he had tried. Just like how Hinata lost hers. You are doomed to fail. No one can change who they are. And... you're not even listening to me, are you!?"

Naruto was completely unfazed by all of Neji's taunts, but his concentration hadn't even broken once. "Does it hurt?"


"I asked you if it hurts."

"If what hurts?"

"Having a katana stuck up your anus."

Neji was pissed. He activated his Byakugan. He dropped into a special stance that all the other Hyuga who were watching instantly recognized and charged Naruto. Naruto looked bored out of his mind and made no effort to dodge. Neji then struck Naruto twice. Then four times. Then eight. Sixteen. Thirty-two. Sixty-four. And the attack was finished. All of Naruto's tenketsu (chakra points) had been sealed, and he had simply stood and took it.

"There. Now you can no longer fight me, now that your favorite jutsu has been locked away."

"Hmm... you've temporarily removed my ability to use chakra? That's all?"

Neji looked shocked. How could he be capable of fighting now?

"I'm disappointed in you. The great Hyuga genius Neji is nothing more than a pathetic weakling."

"You're bluffing!"

"Am I?" Naruto lifted his hand into the air and electricity began to gather all over his body. Suddenly, it stopped crackling about him. Naruto relaxed his muscles, his arms falling to his sides. He then raised his right arm towards Neji and opened his palm at him. "Crying Heavens!"

Neji was struck by a bolt of lightning from the relatively clear sky.

"I assume you have no knowledge of this jutsu either?" asked the Kazekage.

"Correct," replied the Hokage.

A singed Neji rose from the ground. How was the failure able to use a jutsu? His chakra points had all been sealed!

"You're probably wondering how I was able to do that," began Naruto confidently. "Chakra is the combination of the physical and mental energies of one's own body, correct? I found a way to use the mental energy, called mana, by itself. Come to find out, my forebears all had the ability to use mana as well."

The Hokage was confused. His father was able to use this "mana"? I never knew that. Or maybe his mother was able to do it. More pressing question is: how did he find out?

"Fine. I couldn't take away your jutsus. I'll just have to dissect your insides!"

Neji charged Naruto again, but this time the blonde shinobi back-pedaled, and started running backwards up the wall. Neji didn't bother following him, figuring that Naruto wouldn't risk hitting himself with that "Crying Heavens" jutsu. Neji was totally blindsided when Naruto simply hit him with a "Dark Bomb", sending the Hyuga flying into the center of the arena.

"How about that one?" asked the curious leader of Suna.

"Nope," replied the old man.

Neji quickly regained his wits to see that Naruto had climbed higher up the wall.

"You know, sealing my chakra points was useless anyway," Naruto shouted at him. He concentrated, and Lavos's chakra filled his chakra coils, healing all the damage Neji had managed to do. Neji's mouth was agape as Naruto manifested his chakra as an aura. "I can regenerate any damage you do to me, and I have a bunch of attacks that you have no defense against. It seems as though you are the one who is destined to fail."

Naruto. I have finished the first stage of the kekkei genkai. It is an eye-based one, like the Sharingan and Byakugan. It is ready any time you are.


"By the way, would you like to see my kekkei genkai?"

"You... have a bloodline limit?" everyone who could hear what was going on was astonished that Naruto had a kekkei genkai.

"Yes. I'll show it to you." Naruto closed his eyes, to disguise the activation of his kekkei genkai. His chakra aura swirled around him as he placed his hands in the universal seal of concentration. Okay, Lavos. Activate it.

"Rabosugan!" called out Naruto, his eyes shooting open. The pupil of each eye was still there, but instead of whites or irises, there was a swirling, churning vortex of multicolored energy. Upon activation, Naruto had a massive headache, but he didn't show it outwardly. His pain was caused by seeing everything in a kilometer radius from his head, and memorizing everything.

Careful, Naruto. You need to allow yourself a minute to adjust. Just like the Byakugan, you have a 360 degree field of vision that can see through everything, and just like the Sharingan, you can see chakra flow and memorize every movement and detail in your field of vision. There is another eye-based bloodline that allows you to see even greater distances than the Byakugan, and I threw that one in there too. Your head hurts because of all the information your eyes are feeding it. I'll deal with the headache and I can help you concentrate on the match too.

Thanks, Lavos. I appreciate it.

Meanwhile, Neji's jaw had gone slack. So had the jaw of Neji's uncle, Hiashi, and the jaw of his daughters, Hinata and Hanabi.

"What kekkei genkai is this?" asked the Kazekage.

"Apparently it's a new one," replied the old man with the kanji for "fire" on his hat.

How troublesome, thought Shikamaru. He decided to name it "Lavos Eye"? He even used my mispronunciation of the name to name it.

Temari was surprised by the existence of yet another kekkei genkai. How many were there? Kankuro was having similar thoughts.

All over the stadium various ninja were discussing the existence of a new bloodline limit. The rest of the spectators realized that this fight was going to be an interesting one indeed.

"Now," said Naruto in an evil tone of voice. "Let the match truly begin!"

End Chapter One.

Next chapter: Mind games with the Hyuga and drop-kicking an invasion.

Author's Notes

Yes. A God-Naruto fic. Another idea that just wouldn't leave me alone. Again, LordShadner had something to do with the idea.

The intervals of time between the times that Lavos is partially awakened are exactly like cannon. I didn't see a point in rewriting them again.

MagusNecromancer and FlyGod return as prereaders.

Not too much humor in this one, but then again, not everything can be as funny as The Laughing Fox or the Goblins' Fist. This is the first chapter anyway. In upcoming chapters I'll add more humor.

Yes, Naruto is becoming calmer and thinks things more thoroughly. What did you expect him to do when he's got a friggin' Lavos sealed within him? Lavoses are patient beings. Arrogant, but patient. Hell, in Chrono Trigger, Lavos manipulates an entire civilization (Zeal) without uttering a single word in his sleep!

Interesting kekkei genkai, isn't it? Rabosu is how Lavos would be spelled with katakana, so I added "gan" or eye to the end of it.

I certainly like to use the spell "Dark Bomb", don't I?

Naruto's Spellbook:

Destruction Rains from the Heavens
Many beams of energy rise up from Lavos and land where he directs them. The beams can be detonated on command as well. Mana-based attack.

Gate (Timegate)
Using chi alone, a hole in the space/time continuum is created, allowing the caster to travel to any point in time on any point of a given planet.

Kuchiyose no jutsu
Summoning technique. Need I explain more? Uses chakra.

Crying Heavens
Mana-based. Charging up with electricity (optional), the caster can then send a large amount of pure mana into his opponent. The attack is impossible to block and almost impossible to dodge, giving it a secondary name, "Hidden Blow". Has no actual element even though it looks like lightning.

Dark Bomb
Mana-based. Hits target and surrounding area with an explosion of shadow-element energies. Powerful, practical, and relatively simple to cast.

Kekkei genkai. Details in the next chapter.