Harry Potter Mystakes & Prophecies By Mylissa

Part One :
Harry and Ron now walked thru the corridors of Hogwarts as everyone now looked at him as he now looked to his Friend.
"Am I the one being stared at right now?" asked Harry.
" I guess so" said Ron as they walked to the Gryffindor common Rooms.
"Calibus Formus" said Ron The entrance now opened as they saw Hermione and Ginny as they walked to towards them.
"Hey" said Ron and Harry.
"hey" said Hermione .
With no words Ginny moved to her feet and ran to the stairs as she ran to the girls dormitory and slammed the door.
"Whats wrong with Ginny?" asked Ron.

"Harry What really happened between you and Cho in the requirement room?" asked Hermione.
who brought that up, that's the past" said Harry.
Hermione gave Harry a look to kill.
"Uhm, well we kissed why?" asked Harry.
Hermione sighed. " Are you sure that's what happened between you and her and nothing else ?" she asked.
"Yes, why, what's going on?" he asked.

Hermione stood as she now paced back and forth.
"Ginny overheard Cho telling her friends that you slept with her and she was no longer a virgin," explained Hermione.
"WHAT!" screamed Harry.
with that moment Hermione now saw Harry running to the stairs as he now walked to the door of the girls dormitory as he now opened it and walked inside as he closed it. "Ginny, we have to talk" said Harry " Well I don't want to talk to you " said Ginny.
Harry made his way over to Ginny as he now grabbed her by her arm.
"OW Harry let me go you are hurting me" said Ginny.
"Well you have to believe me when I say I never slept with Cho, it's a lie" said Harry.

"How do I know you are telling the truth?" she asked.
"Because I am, I am telling the truth , yes we kissed but it meant nothing to me, but sleeping with Cho , just thinking about it would of been the biggest mystake ever," said Harry as he now let her go.
"Why would it be a mystake when you were crushing all over her" cried Ginny.

Harry sighed as he now watched her cry.
"Ginny , look I love you and only you please don't ruin what we have, If you want I'll prove to you that I am ...I'm a virgin, besides if i wanted to give it up it be with you" said Harry .

Ginny looked up as she now looked at Harry. "You would do that?" she asked.
Harry walked over to Ginny as he now held her from behind." Well, not here when your brother and Hermione are awake" grinned Harry.
"Uh, yea they are aren't they can't we cast a spell on them" smiled Ginny.
"Ginny you witch" smiled Harry.

"Harry" whispered Ginny.
"Hm" answered Harry.
"I am sorry for not listening to your side of the story, " said Ginny.
Harry turned Ginny to face him.
"I have meant of what I said Ginerva Weasley, I will prove to you that I am a virgin if you want me too"
"I'll let you know when I am ready Harry" she smiled as she now hugged him tightly.
there he how laid his chin upon her head.
"What will it take for her to stop her lying about us" said Harry.

" Gives me a thought, meet me tonight in the requirement room" she said as she now noticed the door opened seeing Hermione.
"Is everything alright?" asked Hermione.
"Never could of been better" smiled Ginny