Mystakes & Prophecies By Melissa

Part Four

Now kiss up and make up you will both be sharing a room and Harry you will face your responsiblity," said Dumbledore.
Harry and Ginny looked at each other as they now kissed and made up.
"Good, no more fighting because your son can feel your anger" said Dumbledore.
Harry and Ginny were shocked , "son" they spoke in a unision voice.
"Yes a son" he repeated.

"Now to sleep both of you" he demanded as they now walked with professor McGonagall.
there they entered the South Tower as she walked up the stairs as she now opened the door and lit the candles.
there revealed a huge bed and a small crib and their belongings already unpacked.
"Good night you little liars" Grinned Professor McGonagall as she now closed the door.
"I'll take the sofa and you take the bed" said Ginny.
Harry Scoffed ."Whatever".

Late that evening Harry tossed and turned as he now heard sniffles coming from Ginny. he rose to his feet as he now walked up to her as he looked at her. lifting her head up seeing Harry she was now helped up from the sofa as he placed his hand upon her cheek and wiped her tears.
"You will not be alone in this Ginny, I love you I truely do. What made you think I didn't want nothing to do with you and our son" asked Harry.
" You asked me to get rid of him , I can't , I just can't" cried Ginny.

" Think about it Harry, you had your thoughts of wanting to abort him, yes what we did was a mystake I know you are thinking of that now,Now you are thinking that I ruined your life more than Cho Did, " said Ginny as she now laid back down .

"Ginny sleeping with you wasn't a Mystake, I would want to sleep with you again showing you how much I love you again , but I understand just be happy we aren't Married or we be wanting a divorce and fighing for the baby" said Harry as he now walked back to the bed and just sat there alone with tears now trickling down from his eyes.
Ginny sighed as she now rose from the sofa as she walked to him, there she noticed how the moonlight shone the bedroom as she reached over to him."Harry" she whsipwered.
There he now lifted his head up to her looking at her beauty. there she reached to her strap as she now removed her nightgown as she stood there infront of harry naked.

There he now stood as he reached to her as he now kissed her, there she placed her hands upon his shoulders as she now massaged him."let me love you" he whispered as he now turned and placed her upon the bed.
"Ginny say please' he whispered.
"Harry Please, I love you Harry I truely do" she whispered. there he now moved himself above her as she now watched him.
Harry moved on her as he kissed her and caressed her. she moaned as she now parted her legs he removed his night clothes as they now laid in bed naked. Harry managed to pull the cover up to their naked bodies as he now moved inside her.
Ginny arched her body feeling him now inside her as she moaned.
"Please don't make me wait I need you Harry" she whispered.
Now moving inside her as he now bucked his body as he stayed inside her for a minute or two,
There he now slowly moved out of her as he now leaned onto her chest as he now traveled his kisses to her petite abdominal. "And I love you baby Potter" he smiled,
Harry laid his head on her stomach as he now cried Ginny heard Harry as she now laid her hand upon his head as he now leaned onto her as he placed his arms around her waist.
"Harry are you alright" she asked.
Harry now looked at Ginny as he now sat up as he now covered his body Ginny sat up and joined him as the moonlight lighted the two lovers as they both sat in bed as they now looked to each other.
" I have something for you" said harry as he now reached into the drawer and pulled out something and held it tightly.
he now turned as Ginny looked at him.
"Will you marry me?" he asked as he now placed his mother's engagment ring on her finger.
Ginny saw the ring as she noticed the ring had a lightening bolt with a sapphire red Ruby.
"Harry this is beautiful" said Ginny,

"Yes Harry" she answered .