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The guests let out a collective gasp as Green's accusatory finger pointed to the shocked Miss Scarlet

The guests let out a collective gasp as Green's accusatory finger pointed to the shocked Miss Scarlet. But she recovered, hiding any possible trace of guilt expertly with a look of amusement. "Oh please, not this again. You already accused me and you were wrong."

"Not this time," he grinned, holding up a bank statement triumphantly.

Fear flickered briefly behind Scarlet's cold eyes. "Why do I care about that?"

"Because it's your bank statement, or at least the bank account that was blackmailing Boddy."

"You can't prove that," she snapped defensively.

"I think you'll find that I can," he grinned, now facing the group as a whole. "While you were busy arguing over your alibis, I decided to do something more…profitable," he grinned, chuckling silently at his own monetary pun. And people said he wasn't funny… "I actually looked at the murder scene, trying to see if I could at least get a chain of events established before his murder, but through that I've got better information…the identity of the killer as Miss Scarlet."

"And because of what, a bank statement? That's incriminating to any one of us!"

"Context clues Miss Scarlet…context clues…" He sauntered over to the desk, standing near the deceased Boddy. "Let me lay the event that lead to poor Mr. Boddy's death out for you. But please, bear with me, some details are a bit sketchy since I can only postulate, but by the end I'm sure you'll agree with me that Miss Scarlet is the culprit."

"Well I'm sure I won't," Miss Scarlet pouted, defending her innocence to the last.

Green ignored her, continuing on with his recap of events. "Somehow or another, Boddy received grievous news by way of this bank statement," he began, flourishing the paper. "His dear Miss Scarlet had taken advantage of his monetary status and milked him for extra cash. He had the proof in his hands, proof of the link between Miss Scarlet's bank account and the bank account of the blackmailer."

"You can't know that!" Scarlet protested.

He held the paper up, pointing to the torn corner. "This was stapled to something, and I highly doubt it was a second page. There aren't enough transactions on here to even make up an entire page. The only reason this would be stapled is if there was another account with it, a way to keep both together for comparative purposes."

"Scarlet's right though, you have no way of knowing that it was hers," Mrs. Peacock spoke up, not in Scarlet's defense but trying to appear as the voice of reason.

"There, see!"

"Well of course I don't know it's hers, but based on my postulations I'm going to assume it's hers while I continue painting my story. Now, where was I…ah yes, the bank statements. So Boddy, having discovered that his beloved Scarlet was pulling the wool over his eyes, calls the police or the banker or maybe even the lawyer…cutting Scarlet from the will…"

"And how do you know he was on the phone old chap?" Mustard queried.

He walked over to the desk, gesturing to the phone. "You would all agree with me when I remind you that Boddy was one of the most meticulous men on the planet, correct?" They all nodded, Mrs. White adamantly so. "So you would all also agree that he wouldn't place the headset onto the phone in such a crooked arrangement unless he was forced to slam it down quickly or it was slammed down for him by someone who had other matters in mind…like keeping her name in that will."

The guests murmured their agreement while Scarlet looked furious at not only the continued accusation but the fact that he seemed to be winning everyone over. She couldn't let that happen. She was innocent after all. Innocent! "May I remind you all that this is simply guesswork. It could have been any one of our bank accounts and it could have been any one of us that put that phone down."

"She is right you know," Mrs. Peacock sighed. "It really could have been any one of us."

"Ah, but I haven't gotten to the good evidence yet," Green smirked, still confident as ever that he was right. "You see, the call must have never gone through since we are all still on the will, which means that Scarlet must have hung up on the lawyer before Boddy could get his official request out. My thought is that Boddy, being ever the noble and righteous man that he is…was…wanted to talk to Scarlet first before going straight to removing her from the inheritance. He'd want to know why, see; he'd want to know the reasons behind her backstabbing actions. Of course it would have fallen through and he would have been forced to call the lawyer. Then there would have been the confrontation which ended in the struggle that eventually ended Boddy's life by means of the revolver."

"I'm sorry but…I still didn't hear any of this 'good evidence' yet to say it was still me, unless of course you've somehow learned to fingerprint the gun handle," Scarlet pointed out, leaning back casually in the seat. "He's just filling in my name because it's convenient for him because he wants this to end, or he's just feeding us this to protect himself!"

More murmurs floated through the room as Scarlet smiled at her handiwork, convinced that the spotlight was temporarily off of her. But Mr. Green didn't look nervous, simply waiting for the commotion to end before pointing to a foreign spot on the rug. "It wasn't to my knowledge that Persian rugs were made with defects."

The group of them stood up curiously, gravitating towards the spot on the rug as they stared at it, noticing the supposed defect. "What do you think this means Green?" the professor asked, noticing that it was important…he just couldn't quite place why, or what it meant for that matter.

"Did anyone think to sniff it?" he responded, and when he only received questioning glances he sighed. "It's ialcohol/i," he explained. "The murderer spilled her drink, most likely in the struggle."

"Well that's not much help," Mustard sighed in defeat. "We all have had something vaguely alcoholic tonight."

"Except me," Mrs. Peacock smiled proudly, feeling the great sigh of relief that came from having proven her innocence, as well as a rush of gratitude for choosing to drink tea that night.

"Well wonderful for you," Mrs. White remarked sarcastically. "There are still five of us left that idid/i have it."

"Yes, but we all had something different. This alcohol…it's not fruity, which puts you in the clear Mrs. White since you only had a daiquiri, and it's not strong, which eliminates the Colonel's whiskey, the professor's beer, and my whiskey, and since Mrs. Peacock had tea, that only leaves one person…" he smirked towards Scarlet.

She took a step back from the rest as all eyes fell onto her, their expressions accusatory. "Oh please, you're actually going to convict me because his inose/i thinks that the alcohol wasn't strong?"

Colonel Mustard bent down to smell the stain as well, catching the same whiff that the businessman had caught. "No…he's right lass; this isn't strong alcohol or fruity. It fits your champagne perfectly."

"This is insane! I didn't kill him! You can't honestly think you're right!"

"Oh I'm right. I know I am. It was Miss Scarlet, in the Study, with the Revolver."

Scarlet threw her glass down onto the floor as her regal persona faded to that of a young, infuriated teenager in a nice dress. "Darn you Danny! You weren't supposed to figure it out!" Sam scowled. "Did you cheat and use your ghost powers to look at my card?" she asked, referring to the cards they had been given in preparation for the game detailing their persona, their background, their motives, and, in her case, her guilt.

"What? You honestly think I would do that?"

"It's all the CSI he watches Sam," Jazz sighed. "He just picks up on this kind of stuff."

"And I'm sure all the superhero stuff doesn't hurt," Tucker groaned, tossing his empty glass aside.

"Woohoo! I win!"

"Yeah yeah, rub it in," Valerie griped.

"It's because you didn't have to pretend to be a boy," Dani griped, taking off the fake, academic glasses. "I would have figured it out if I didn't have to focus on pretending to be a boy… Why couldn't I be Miss Scarlet?"

"We've been over this before Dani, you're not old enough," Sam smirked, lounging back on the couch she had claimed as hers from the beginning of the night.

"So…you got to kill Vlad. Lucky," Valerie griped. "I wanted to have that honor."

"Yeah…me too," Danny sighed wistfully.

"Hey, take it up with your mother. She's the one that assigned them."

"Obviously she didn't want either of you two doing it because then it might give you ideas," Jazz piped up with a smile.

"Ideas? What ideas?" Danny asked. "The whole killing Vlad idea?"

"We've had that idea for awhile," Valerie chuckled.


"So…we all done then?" Tucker asked.

"Well I guess so if you figured it out," Sam sighed.

"Excellent. Who's up for some Trick-or-Treating? We may still be able to reach the really good houses!" he grinned excitedly, fishing his PDA from underneath his suit coat.

"Ooh, I want to!" Dani piped up.

"Any other takers?"

The others looked at each other with a shrug. "Sure, why not," Danny sighed. "I'm not about to deny free candy, and we are already in costume."

"You guys go without me," Jazz told them, standing up. "Trick-or-Treating's not really my thing anymore."

"Aw, come on Jazz!" Danny whined. "Please come with us? We're all in costume and it'll look way cooler if we're not missing Mrs. Peacock."

She sighed, looking at the group she had spent the night partying with. "What the heck, I'll go with you," she agreed.

Smiles broke out on the rest of their faces while Dani and Tucker cheered. "Alright everyone, to the first house!" Tucker announced, leading the way out of the house and down the street where the six members of Clue started exercising their insatiable greed by collecting candy instead of inheritances.

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