Written by Dean's Little Secret and co-written by perfectharmony22

Warning: Rape and abuse

Summary: While on a hunt Sam runs into something that changes his life forever. And not for the better. In the dark of night Sam's only chance for survival rests with Deans will.

Touched by Darkness

Chapter one: Crazy

It had been a usual day for the Winchester brothers, just driving along the many roads through many cities and many towns. The Winchester brothers were quiet; it was not to long ago that the Devils Gates had been opened and ever since that day they had been hunting down powerful demons. Over a hundred demons had escaped and they were causing chaos amongst the people, in the last three months over twenty people were reported dead from unknown causes and over fifty had disappeared. The Winchester boys had made a big mistake in letting the gates get open but now they were going to fix it.

Which is why they were at Wichita, a report said that a young girl had told the police that she had woken up covered in her own blood. The girl had been beaten but the police didn't believe someone could not know how they ended up covered in bruises. But the Winchester boys knew better and since the Devils Gates were open they had seen some very strange attacks and it was worth checking out.

"Ok" Sam said from his spot on the bed "so a young girl claimed she woke up covered in bruises but the police thought she had just been beaten and was playing a game on them."

"Cops are so stupid" Dean said rolling his eyes.

"Dean its pretty unusual to wake up with bruises covering every inch of your skin" Sam shot back.

"Yeah and its sure as hell unusual not to notice that someone's beating the shit outta yeah."

"That's just it" Sam said tapping his fingers on the computer keyboard "I've found nothing even similar to this."

"Maybe its not a demon" Dean replied "Maybe it's a pissed off spirit that likes beating up girls."

"It still doesn't explain why she stayed asleep" Sam mused, "I mean something like that would wake you up, even if you were a deep sleeper. No one could sleep through something like that. She was hurt pretty bad."

"Then maybe the cops were right" Dean said with a shrug "maybe she made it all up. Perhaps some non-supernatural being did it to her and-"

"-And what Dean?" Sam cut across "she didn't even know people that would do that to her and it wouldn't explain why she couldn't remember the attack."

"Maybe she went to the wrong place at the wrong time" Dean added, "Someone could have drugged her drink then so forth."

"She woke up in her bed and she hadn't been anywhere that night." Sam said firmly "we're dealing with something supernatural here Dean and whatever it is, it wants to hurt people and we need to find it and kill it! Before more people get hurt or worse."

"OK" Dean scrubbed his hands over his face "Lets go visit her and see what she can tell us."


Sam and Dean walked up to the front door of Lola Step's house; she was the one who had reported the strange attack and the Winchester brothers were hoping she could help them out. They rang the doorbell then waited patiently until the door swung open, a young girl with long blonde hair opened the door. She had a busted lip a bruised eye and few more cuts and bruises to her face. But the attack was a month ago and the Winchester boys immediately became very interested in this case.

"C… can I help you?" she stuttered.

"Yeah I'm Jake and this is Mike" Dean introduced himself with a fake name, as always "We're doing a report on the strange attacks that happed to you a month and a half ago."

"You mean the one where the cops just laughed at me and told me to get out," she said bitterly.

"Uh… yeah" Dean scratched behind his ear.

"I s'pose you're going to laugh at me too?" she demanded in the same bitter tone.

"No" Sam added quickly "We believe you."

"You do?" she asked suspiciously.

"Yeah we do" Dean said with a smile "see it happened to… our cousin and we thought you could help us ID this guy or whatever it is."

"A monster is what it is" she stepped aside and allowed them to enter. She then led them into a small lounge room, it was occupied with three deep purple couches and a coffee table stood in the centre. They all took a seat on the couches and stayed quite until Sam spoke up.

"So it happened a month ago, right?" he asked, curious to know why she was still had bruises, bruises that look fresh.

"It started a month ago" she said bitterly "I went and told the cops but they laughed at me, so I came home and I told my friends what happened but they didn't believe me either but then it happened again and again" she paused to wipe a tear away from her eye "every morning since October the 1st I wake up like this, do you know how scary it is to know that someone or something does this to you while you sleep!"

"So you don't know who's doing this to you?" Sam asked softly.

She shook her head and muttered no "But I'm not lying about this!" she added quickly "No matter what the police say I'm not lying, I swear every bruise on my skin is from the sick bastard that does to me every good damn night."

"Well don't worry Lola" Dean spoke up "We're going to find out who's doing this to you."

"But your just reporters?"

"And we like to get to the bottom of things" Dean said with a grin "so may we take a look around?"

"Ah sure" she said sounding a bit unassured.

"Don't worry we won't be long" Dean said "And when we're done we'll have some answers for you."


"Well this is crappy" Dean grumbled as they drove back to the motel.

"The house showed no sign of supernatural behaviour no sulphur and the EMF picked up nothing." Sam said with a sigh "Maybe we should call Bobby and ask him if he knows anything."

"Great you do that" Dean said with a grin "I'm going to a pub to get a beer and a hot chick."

"Dean we have work to do" Sam snapped "You can't-"

"-Can't what Sam" Dean asked pulling into the motel parking lot "Have fun? Well I'm sorry Sammy but I'm going out tonight to have some fun and considering I have a year to live I might as well have some fun memories to take with me!"

Sam frowned at Dean and a look of hurt was written in his eye "Fine then" he hissed as he climbed out of the car "If you'd rather spend the last year of your life with some blonde bimbo then go ahead. I don't need you anyway, I'll do this case on my own" Sam slammed the door shut and stormed off.

"Sam come back" Dean shouted, he closed his eyes and heaved a sigh. "I'm sorry Sammy" Dean then drove off; it was a good idea to let Sam cool down, he wouldn't stay out all night but he would stay away long enough to let Sam calm down. But even if Sam's anger died down, Dean knew he'd still see that hurt look in Sam's eyes, and that was killing him. Why did he have to open his stupid mouth, it wouldn't have hurt him to do some research, and it counted as spending some time with Sam. But he had made his bed now he had to sleep in it, and what a mess it was in.


Sam slammed the door shut with such a force that it shook the whole motel room. He took a deep breath to try and calm himself him down, he shut his eyes and lent against the door. Finally he felt himself calm down but the feeling hurt was still inside of him, would Dean really rather spend his dying year screwing girls every chance he got.

"Well he obviously doesn't want to spend it with me" Sam muttered bitterly as he pulled the phone from his pocket, he punched in Bobby's number then waited for him to answer. Finally Bobby answered and Sam quickly filled him in, he told Bobby what he and Dean's knew case was and that he wanted to know if he knew what they were hunting.

"Well Sam I can't say I know what you boys are dealing but I'll look into it but it might just be nothing."

"Trust me Bobby this isn't nothing, something supernatural is behind this."

"I'll see what I can do."

"Ok thanks Bobby" Sam hung up the phone and dropped it onto his bed; Sam closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He knew that it was something supernatural but he had no idea what it was. Sam picked up his phone and put it back in his pocket, he grabbed the keys and headed to the door.

He stepped out into the car park and walked off towards the street. It was only a short walk to Lola's house and he didn't mind that he had to walk; it was nice to get some fresh air. In a matter of minutes he was knocking on her font door, her knocked twice then waited but there was no answer.

"Lola" he called out "It's uhh… Mike, the reporter, are you here? I want to ask you a few more questions." Sam said remembering his false name.

But still there was no answer, Sam peered through the side window but there was no sign of movement. He left the front door and headed around the back, he saw that the back door was wide open. He bolted inside and looked around the tiny laundry, finding nothing he moved into the kitchen. He looked into the lounge but found no one.

He made his way down the hall and turned to face a door that was half open, he pushed it the rest of the way and was shocked by what he saw. Lola lay sprawled out on the bed with blood covering her face. There was no skin visible at all, Sam walked into the room and stared down at the dead girl. Suddenly her eyes open and she stared up at Sam with shock.

Sam quickly bent down to her height and placed a hand attentively on hers "Don't worry Lola I'm gonna get you help."

"Don't let him near you," she said breathless "Don't let him near you" her head lolled to the side and her eyes rolled back into her head.

Sam stood and stared down at the girl with confusion, what did she mean 'don't let him near you?' whatever it was couldn't be good. Sam turned and walked from the room. He heaved a sigh then he heard a loud noise come from the lounge room, he ran down the hall and entered the lounge room but found nothing.

He turned around and nearly bumped into a man dressed in a ragged old hoddie and dirty denim jeans. His eyes and noise were hidden beneath the hood but Sam could see his thin lips, which were in the form of an evil smirk. Sam stepped back but the man stayed standing where he was, finally he turned and walked out of the house.

Sam quickly followed but by the time he made it outside he was gone, Sam took a deep breath then headed back to the motel. Many question were revolving around his head, like who the hell was that guy and where did he go? Sam swore that he was going to get to the bottom of this.


Dean stared down at his half empty beer mug, he couldn't get Sam's hurt look out of his head. Maybe he should be spending more time with Sam, hell he had a year to live he should be spending every moment with the kid. Because at the end of it all, Sam would be the only one who would remember Dean for whom he was. Every girl would remember him as a one-night stand but that was it. They'd never know that he was the son of one the best hunters and they'd never know that he had little brother that he'd loved more then anything in world. In a way Sam was Dean's world, he was his little brother and he was always there when Dean needed him the most.

"Hey hun" came a girls voice.

Dean turned to face a blonde with brown eyes, his type of girl. But right now he didn't feel like having a girl around him, he felt like just going back to the motel and apologising to Sam. But something told him Sam hadn't quit cooled off yet, so instead he thought he'd do some research, maybe find out what they were dealing with.

"Do you know a girl called Lola Step?"

"Yeah I do" she replied with a surprised look "She's a bit crazy these days though."

"Oh and whys that?"

"Well get this" she sits herself down on a chair "She says that she woke up covered in bruises and well she did but she told me she doesn't know how she got them" she took a sip from her drink "But she was a mess she would have to have known how she got them."

"Of course" Dean said taking a swig from his beer "so was that the only time she told you that she woke up beaten?"

"No" the girl said "she told me twice after that and the second time she reckoned that she had been… you know" she lent in and whispered into Dean's ear she pulled back and laughed "I told you she was crazy."

"Yeah" Dean said with a fake grin "Real crazy" he then stood "Well I have to go but I'm sure I'll see you again" he then disappeared from the bar, he opened the car door and climbed in. twenty minutes he returned to the motel, he raced to the door and swang it open, the room was empty.

"Sam" Dean shouted "Sam!"