The golden sun was starting to vanish from the sky and shadows danced over the land. The warm breeze blew gently through the tress and through the window to Bobby Singer's house. A loud thump echoed from the house and the front door swang open and a smallish black and white dog ran out. He skidded on the dirt and spun around to face Dean, who was not happy.

The playful pup had been teething and was chewing through everything and everything was manly Dean's stuff; Dean's shoes, Dean's sock, Dean's boxers and an AC/DC tape. But as much as Tristan annoyed Dean he still loved the pup, he was great for Sam especially when he was feeling down. So as annoying as he got, Dean would never carry out his threats. He had threaten to drown him in boiling water, flush his head down the toilet and run him over with the car but every time he saw Sam smile at the pup all those thoughts went away.

Tristan barked at Dean then backed away slowly, his tail between his legs and his ears bent backwards. Dean let out an angry sigh and turned and walked back inside, Sam would kill him if he came home and found Tristan dead or with a broken leg, which Dean felt like doing at the moment. Tristan had just run off with Dean's Metallica t-shirt but luckily for Tristan it was unharmed.

Dean had scared the pup so much he had dropped the shirt and bolted for it. His first attempt was to find Sam but he wasn't in the house so he bolted for the door. Lucky for Tristan that Dean was in a generous mood otherwise he would be, well who knows what Dean would have done to the poor pup.

Dean took the shirt off his shoulder and placed it on the couch. He walked into the kitchen and pulled the jug of water out from the fridge and poured himself a glass. He swallowed half the glass in one mouthful then he moved over to the cupboard and started to search for something to eat. He heard the screen door shut and it signaled that either Sam or Bobby were back.

He looked up from the cupboard and saw Sam walking in with Tristan at his heal. Dean had only seen Sam at breakfast and had assumed he was at the river but usually Tristan went with him but he obviously wanted to stay and chew more of Dean's things. Either way he wanted Tristan to stay outside, and Sam had brought him back in. Dean was not impressed.

"Sam, keep that mutt outside!"

Sam jumped with surprise and turned to face his angry brother and Dean immediately realised he had scared Sam by his sudden outburst. It had now been a few months since the attack but Sam was still jumpy. He hated sudden loud noises, crowded spaces and people walking up behind him, also he still had nightmares but they were less frequent now.

"Sorry Sammy" he quickly apologised "didn't mean to scare you."

Sam sighed then walked into the kitchen with Tristan following, he hated being so afraid but he had to admit he had improved. There was this one time where Dean had begged Sam to get out of the house so not wanting to disappoint his brother he agreed to it, what a mistake that turned out to be. The diner was crowed and Sam felt trapped, not to mention it seemed as if everyone was staring at him and he felt like they knew what had been done to him. Then in the end he freaked out and bolted for it, leaving Dean to freak out himself.

So after that little episode Sam refused to leave the house unless he went to the river, but slowly he started coming out despite his fear. It was small places at first, not so crowed. Sam would freak out if there were more then around three people in a room at first but now he was improving and he felt better in himself.

"You hungry?" Dean's voice broke through Sam's thoughts.

"Ah yeah" he said with s shrug and walked into the kitchen and took a seat "what is there?"

"Well I reckon baked Tristan would taste great with some apple sauce."

"What did he do now?" Sam asked giving the pup a glance.

"What hasn't he done?" Dean asked shutting the cupboard "he chews through everything Sam. He is worse then termites."

"Dean, he's a puppy, what do you expect?" Sam picked the pup up and snuggled into his fury coat.

"Yeah well he eats everything and I'm sick of it!"

"Well give him a toy to chew on" Sam added "or a stick."

"He can get his own stick" Dean said moving to the open the fridge "Now put the mutt down and take him outside."

Sam sighed and put the pup down but didn't let him out.


"Dean he's not doing anything wrong" Sam protested.

"Yeah not yet" Dean said looking out from the fridge "But he will and when he does he is dead meat."

Sam rolled his eyes but still refused to put Tristan out.

Dean let out a sigh and chose not to push the matter "So what do you want to eat?"

"Your shoes look good."

Dean spun around to see his good black shoes lying on the floor with holes and tears all through them. "Sam put him outside now!" he whirled back around and he had fire in his eyes. "I'm sick of this!"

"Well buy him a toy" Sam added "then he wont have to chew on things."

"I have to replace the things he's chewed I don't have money for a stupid toy!"

Tristan barked and hid behind Sam's legs "Fine I'll buy him one" Sam then walked Tristan to the door and put him out then returned to the kitchen, where Dean had begun to pull things from the fridge "can you come with me?"

"Where?" Dean asked looking up.

"To the pet store to buy him something."

Dean set the butter down on the bench and looked up at Sam, he hated how afraid Sam was and he wished he could just make it all better but he couldn't. This was something that would take time, and even though usually Dean wasn't a patient person, when it came to Sam he could wait forever.

"Ok I'll take you to the store and after you, me and the mutt can go to the park, hows that sound?"

"Yeah sounds good" Sam said with a soft smile.

"Great" Dean said chopping a tomato in half "It's settled then."


The cool afternoon breeze danced through the tress and drifted over the large area where young children and their families were playing and having picnics. This time of the day was perfect for a stroll in the park or just to come and sit and enjoy the fresh air. Also it was quiet and peaceful and it was the prefect place to take dogs, such as Tristan.

Sam had brought Tristan a toy Frisbee and was now throwing it through the sky and the playful pup was chasing after it. He turned to face Dean who was sitting on one of the picnic tables, eating a McDonalds's burger. He took a big bite and said something to Sam but he had no idea what it was.

"English Dean" Sam teased as he sat down next to him.

"Well… I was thinking," Dean, scratched behind his ear, which he did a lot when he was nervous "like do you think you are ready to move on Sam."

"Well move on where?"

"I don't know, maybe we could find a new hunt or something?" Dean said putting his burger down, and looking up at Sam.

Sam let out a sigh and looked down at his hands "Yeah… I guess, I mean if you want to."

"Sam no" Dean said firmly "This isn't about me, it's about you" he turned so he could face Sam and placed a hand on his shoulder "I need you to be sharp and if you're not ready we could get hurt, you could get hurt." Dean paused "Sammy I don't want to pressure you but I do need you alert and most of importantly I don't need you getting freaked out by loud noises and sudden movements."

Sam looked up at Dean with a small smile "Maybe I should start off on something small before I get back into it."

"How about we pick something easier" Dean said taking another bite from his burger "You can do the research and I'll kill it, sound good?"

Sam went to reply but Tristan came running back and dropped the Frisbee by his feet, he picked it up and patted the dog then looked back to Dean "Yeah sounds good."

Dean gave a firm nod then took another bite off his burger "Great, just what I wanted to hear" Dean said with a grin "so we leave tomorrow?"

Sam looked at Dean "You already have a hunt don't you?"

"Well Bobby mentioned something," he explained "Said that some guys down in Oregon were going into comas."

"Is there a pattern?" Sam asked as he watched Tristan return and lay down by his feet.

"Yeah" Dean started "All guys in there mid 20's, they have been going into comas, they stay like that for a while and they get weaker and weaker until the pass away."

"Well it sound like its worth looking at" Sam said while looking down at Tristan who was looking up at him with his tongue hanging out of his mouth "Yeah ok, we'll go" Sam said looking up with a smile.

"Excellent" Dean jumped up and threw his rubbish in the bin then turned to face Sam with a warm smile "I'm proud of you kiddo."

Sam gave Dean a shy smile "Thanks."

Dean patted him playfully on the back and started to walk back to the Impala with Sam and Tristan following behind.

The End

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