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It's not the color black itself that intrigues her. Or at least that's what she tells herself as she watches him move through the room. It's his smile. That slightly dangerous look in his eye. The way he walks. The confident air he projects. And not the fact that he is dressed head to toe in a black almost inky enough to match his goggled covered eyes.

"Not this again," she says dryly.

Kyra felt a hand on her shoulder and glanced back ready to tell off the offending party only to have her words stick in her throat. It's Riddick. He is touching her. She swallows and gives him a weak smile. He slowly turns her toward him and, even though this sort of thing usually makes her blood boil, she lets him.

"I've been watching you," he says in a voice deeper and richer then she expected.

"Have you then?" she says as if she isn't well aware of the fact.

He gives her a look that tells her he knows how carefully she's marked his attentions and lets his hand trail down her arm. "Let's not play games, Jack."

Kyra bristles. She can't help it. "Jack?" she asks, eyebrows rising. He chuckles and pulls her hand to his lips. His kiss is lingering and makes things tighten deep inside her. When he finishes she is hard pressed not to throw herself into his arms. She glances around to buy herself time then says, "Over doing it a bit?" in a tone she hopes is curt. "Richard?"

He smiles at her and steps closer. He lowers his head to her and just when she thinks he is going to kiss her he angles his head to whisper in her ear. "My name is Riddick, Jack. Remember why it is."

Before she can reply he is gone.


It's perfectly normal. She was a healthy young woman and he was an attractive, gorgeous-looking man. A very attractive man. She thought about his kiss and wondered how his lips on her body would feel.

You've been obsessed with him from the moment you saw him, Kyra. That's not like you. Doesn't that seem odd to you?

Kyra considered what her friend said. It was strange. She wasn't the type to fall for a man at first sight. She took her time, let things work themselves out. She didn't spend hours getting ready for a date, let alone a chance encounter. You've never known a man like him, though? Haven't you always compared all of your suitors to him? You don't know him. Can you even tell me anything about him?


Kyra leaned against a wall a study of indifference as she watched him draw near.

"Tired of me already?" Riddick asked mockingly.

Kyra looked him up and down and then studied her nails. "Could be," she said as nonchalantly as she could.

He laughed. "You amuse me, Jack." She gives him a look. The look that normally stops men in their tracks. He just shakes his head. "This will be fun."

"Oh really?" Kyra pushed off the wall and steps away from him. She walked past him without a word, confident now. She inwardly counted to three and smiled to herself when his hand griped her shoulder. She glanced back at him. "Yes?"

"I'm not done with you," he said with a hint of a growl in his voice. She stood very still debating her reply. In the end her silence was enough. He squeezed her shoulder once then lets her go. "You will be back, Jack. And when you are I will be waiting."

Kyra smiles blandly at him. "How sweet of you," she says as she walks away.


His arms were strong. So strong that holding her seemed to be no effort at all. She moaned and tried to get closer, but those arms kept her away. She closed her eyes, willing herself to regain control, but he let his grasp slip and she fell into an abyss too deep to measure. She cried out, hands clenched around her shiv and somewhere in the darkness she found herself.

The distance between them was so small it was hardly worth noting. But she did. She opened her eyes and begged him to close the gap. He smiled that knowing smile, he growled in her ear, "Who is waiting now?" before he gave her what she wanted and made her forget to breathe.

He leaned in and brushed his lips across hers, and it was almost worth what she went through. As she whimpered against his touch, his arms dropped her back to the ground, and all the contact that was once there was gone. She assumed a crouch as she heard him pace the pitch black room.

She felt, rather than watched, him move through the room, slowly circling her, waiting for her to make a false move, but she didn't. Instead, she got out of her crouch and walked toward the door, intent on taking a shower to clean her of all the traces of the night's endeavors.

She was stopped by a familiar hand on her shoulder.

"You think you would be free of me so easily?" Riddick asked, his eyes burning with anger.

She shrugged. "There's always hope," she replied, happy in the knowledge that he is finally hers.

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