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Darcy's POV


I crept into the dark bedroom as quietly as possible so as not to disturb Anna who was still asleep. Quietly and almost by instinct, for my mind was not in this room, I made my across until I reached the nightstand. There I found a candle and quickly lit it.

The light was barely enough to see by and shadows shifted and distorted with each flicker of the candle's flame.

I watched fascinated by the different shapes the shadows took for my Erik was like them. Dark and mysterious. My heart pounded harder at the thought of him and my body still burned from his tight embrace. My lips slowly formed a smile. I knew he felt more than just friendship for me, his jealous rage and later his verbal expressions confirmed that. And I had managed to convey that I felt likewise. But what bothered me was the fact that Erik did not yet seem as if he could handle a relationship. How could he? Erik thought I had betrayed him at the first chance I had and that pained me deeply because he had absolutely no trust, no faith, in me.

Once again I succumb to the doubt as to whether or not I was strong enough to stay with such a man. And it was with those thoughts that I fell asleep.

And then the nightmare began.


I stood, alone, in the middle of the large opera stage which was lit by dozens of candelabras. The empty seats stretched out before me like a sea of red velvet. In my hand I held a single red thorn less rose. I raised it to my nose and inhaled deeply. Erik! For some reason it's delightful smell filled my head with thoughts of Erik. And then his familiar voice called out to me . "Darcy!"

I glanced around but saw no one, so I answered back. "Yes, my love? Where are you? Please show yourself."

"I can not!" his voice sounded sorrowful, angry and perhaps defeated.

"Why can you not show yourself? I am not Christine! I know who you are! There is no need to hide from me, my love." I knew I sounded desperate. I was desperate. Erik was not making sense.

"It is not enough!"

I ran forward, for the voice seem to come from one of the seats. "what is not enough? Explain Erik! I do not comprehend your words!"

As if my magic, he materialized in a row between the seats. My heart pounded with relief. But then I noticed something was not right. His mouth was pulled down into an exaggerated frown and his eye sockets were hollow! He was looking at me but I did not see the familiar glow of his unusual eyes!

I stifled a gasp of horror.

"it is too late!" The mournful figure cried out. "It is not enough! Not enough!"

"What is not enough?" I screamed! "Tell me, please! Please!"

He placed his hand on his heart. "That feeling which you call love! It is not enough! It is over now. The music is dead. It shall never be heard again."

I stared at Erik, horrified! "No!"

The masked shadow nodded his head sadly. "Look!" He removed his hand and pulled back his cape to reveal his white shirt underneath. Blood! A blood stain was forming on his shirt, near his heart. I watched in shock as the red stain grew and spread. I opened my mouth to scream but no sound came out.

"I am dying!" He moaned, clasping against a seat. " It's finally over! My music of the night is over!"

Some sort of choking scream sounded somewhere. I then realized it was coming from me. I had to move! I had to be near him. Somehow I forced my feet to move. Tears now blurred my vision so I had to feel my way out.

By the time I reached Erik, he was lying on the floor, his breathing coming in gasps.

I gently lifted his head and removed his mask.. I gazed at his deformed face. A face that had once repulsed me, but that I know loved. "You are very wrong!" I sobbed. "I love you more than life itself! Please Erik! You must hear me!"

Slowly I bent my head down until my lips brushed softly against his. "Please don't leave me!" I whispered. "I need you!"

I felt his fingers brush against my cheek. "Darcy, I..I love you!" he choked out. And then he was still.

"No! No! No!" I cried , shaking him. "You can not do this to me! You can not!"


Gradually I felt myself being shaken and I fought against the unseen hand.

"Darcy! It's me! Wake up!" A sweet childish voices said. Anna?

I rubbed my eyes and wiped away the tears the lingered. The room was still dark.


"Yes, it's me. You've had a bad dream."

Yes, that was it. It was all just one horrible nightmare.

Anna pulled me close as if I were the child. "Are you okay, Darcy?"

I buried my face into the small shoulder. "I'm fine."

Or at least that's what I told Anna. But I wasn't fine. I needed to see Erik, to be sure he was alive and well and here him speak to me.

"Anna, I shall be back in a few minutes."

I got of the bed and put on my dressing gown. Outside my room there were a few candles lit so it wasn't hard to find my way to Erik's room. I could still see it clearly, especially the coffin with Erik lying mask less inside.

I stopped by his door, unsure if he would be awake or my presence wanted. But I had to see him. I knew I wouldn't be able to calm down until I saw him. With my mind made up, I tapped determinately on the door.

"Erik, it is I, Darcy. Please open." No answer. I pressed my ear against the door and listened. Silence.

My heart rate accelerated. "Erik! Are you in there?" More knocking. I tried the doorknob. It was locked.

My knocking now became more persistent, almost to the point of pounding.

"Erik! Erik! Open up please! Please!"

Suddenly the door moved beneath my hand and I felt something grip my arm and haul me in. A scream caught in my throat. I was then spun around and pushed against something hard. I found myself face to face with Erik. He was dressed in a plain white shirt which was partially open and black pants.

Erik was angry and standing entirely too close. He leaned forward, his mouth near my ear. His breath hot against my neck.

"Would you care to explain why have you been pounding on my door and screaming like a mad woman?"

With him this close, I could hardly think. "I, uh, I…" Was all I could manage to say.

Erik sighed impatiently. "Well? You better have a good reason."

I did have a good reason, if only I could get it out. I swallowed and tried again. "I…I came to check, uh, to be sure you were okay."

Until this point I had been looking at my hands, but now I looked up to see Erik staring at me as if I were some animal who had suddenly developed the ability to speak. I looked down again.

"I had a dream about you, or rather a nightmare.

Erik reached out and ever so slightly brushed his thumb against my cheek. "Continue."

Repeating that horrible nightmare to Erik left me shivering. Erik paled and his eyes blazed. He looked to be in acute pain, that made me fell worse instead of the relief I sought.

"Yes, well you can see that I am still alive and quite well." Erik said, his voice cold.

I stared at him in confusion. I had just reveal my deep concern so this was the last reaction I expected to get from him.

"Did you not understand my reason for coming?" I questioned.

Erik stood straighter. "I understood you perfectly. And I thank you, Mademoiselle, for your concern."

I could not believe he was behaving like this! I felt like a fool for coming here and that just fueled my anger.

"Oh! You insufferable man! You-you are not worthy my feelings or anyone's feelings for that matter! You deserve whatever fate deals you, and that includes rotting alone in this dark hole you call home!"

Erik just stared at me for a moment, then threw his head back and laughed.

I was caught of guard. "Wha-what are you laughing at?"

He gave a wickedly dashing smile, which would have left me breathless had I not been angry. "You, my dear."

My hands itched to slap his face. "I don't find anything about me humorous!"

"Ah, but I do!" He replied easily.

"You!" was all I managed to choke out in my rage. I took a deep breath and tried again. "You are the vilest of men!" With that I turned and head for the door, only to be caught by my wrist and hauled back. Erik pulled me close against him, our faces inches apart.

I felt myself drawn into the golden debts of his beautiful eyes, and I couldn't remember why I was angry.

"You are the most courageous and amazing woman I know." He whispered., his expression serious. " And you belong to me! You are mine and I am yours!"

Those words caused a tide of emotions to sweep across and overwhelm me, puling me in deeper and deeper. I couldn't think straight, I could hardly stand for that matter. Thankfully Erik's arms supported me.

He searched my face for a moment before speaking. "Well, do you agree with me or not?"

"Yes I do!" I cried happily. "I agree with you completely!"

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