Hi my name is Sesshomaru I'm 12 1/2 years old and today my fathers friend Kuno came to visit with his daughters Diva and Amy. I never met Amy before. I met Diva though and I hope Amy isn't like her mean, evil sister. Well got to go and meet them.

Well Amy isn't at all like her sister. We met in the grand ballroom "Kuno," my father said "lord of the eastern lands I welcome you and your daughters to my castle." Kuno then said to father "thank you for your hospitality my daughters and I appreciate it". Diva and Amy bowed "yes thank you sir." Diva said. Just then Amy tripped and fell flat on her face! Amy stood up and (no one has done what she is doing now) said "sorry got to work on my bowing sir" she then looked strait at my dad and (I almost fainted when she did this) smiled at my father. My kana you should have seen Diva! She was awestruck and all my father did was smile right back at her! Well Amy sure has guts I'll give her that much. Then at dinner Diva and mother were talking about silk and cloths. Yuck! My father and Kuno were talking about war and stuff. I had just listened to the conversation when Amy poked me "do you have a dojo here?" she questioned me "yes we do. Me and my brother train in it." We then got into the discussion of swords and armor when just then dinner was over. "will continue this discussion later ok Amy ?" she nodded and left with her father to there rooms. Man I can't wait for tomorrow!

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