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I recently been rereading my bleach manga in my spare time, and the idea of a Naruto and Bleach story has been refusing to leave my head. So I did the natural thing and started writing it. I know there are a lot of other Naruto/Bleach stories out there, some probably better then mine, but I just felt the need to put this up. Also I'll be using english term soul reaper, so I just figured I'd point that out. Let's see anything else I need to point out?... Oh yeah, it's after the time skip and Sasuke's back, also there will be minor NaruSaku, but that's not the focus of the story so like I said Its minor. Also to avoid some hassle of removing a captain to make room for another I've created a 14th division. Well I think I said everything I need to, so on with the story!

Naruto ran through the damaged streets of Konoha, a large scroll hanging on his back. He was breathing heavily, and the wounds that had been inflicted on him weren't helping. Suddenly a group of fifteen ninja jumped out at him, five Kiri nin, five Iwa, and five Oto. 'Crap, I don't have the time, or the chakra for this!' he thought.

It had been a few hours ago when Kabuto-No, he was Orochimaru now, had lead Oto, as well as their new allies Kiri and Iwa, in an invasion of Konoha. They had already sent word to Suna for help, but at this rate he doubted they would make it in time.

He was about to perform the seal for the kage bunshin, when three of the ninja charged at him. Suddenly about twenty kunai went flying from behind Naruto and embeded themselves into two of them. "Hakke kushou!" a familiar voice called out from behind him, and the third ninja went flying back. Naruto turned around to see Neji and Tenten standing behind him.

"You all right Naruto?" Tenten asked.

"Yeah, but I gotta get this scroll to grandma Tsunade!" he said

Neji got into a stance preparing for another attack. "Go. We'll be able to handle things here." he said

Tenten removed the scroll she was carrying from her back. "Yeah, if Lady Tsunade needs that scroll, I'll be happy to clear a path for you!" she said.

"Thanks you guys!" Naruto said as the two of them attacked, and he ran passed. 'Just hang in there grandma, I'll get this scroll to you in time!' he thought thinking back to the his fight an hour ago.

-One hour ago-

"Suiton: Suiryuudan no jutsu!" A voice called out as water flew from the nearby lake, and took the form of a dragon and headded right at Naruto and Tsunade. He barely dodged an incoming water jutsu.

"Doton: Doryu dango!" A second voice called out throwing a large boulder at Naruto. Still in midair, he was unable to move out of the way. Suddenly Tsunade jumped at it and delivered a punch, causing it to shatter into millions of pieces.

They then heard a familiar, sinister voice call out to them. "Imagine my luck to find both the Hokage of this miserable village, as well as the kyuubi brat in one place!" The two looked in the direction of the voice to see three figures, one of them being a familiar pale face.

"Kabuto!" Naruto called out.

He laughed. "Though this was once his body, he no longer exists. Through him I, Orochimaru, have been reborn!" The two looked at his companions. One bearing an Iwa symbol, the other the Kiri symbol. Both had blank expressions.

"Those are...!" Tsunade began.

"Yes, the Mizukage, and the Tsuchikage. I killed and resurrected them to help me bring down Konoha."

"Naruto, I want you to get out of here."


"Go! You'll only get in my way!"

Naruto mentally cursed himself. He may be a stronger than the average ninja, but he wasn't kage level. He hated feeling useless. He began to run, but was cut off as the ground beneath his feet had turned to mud, and he began to sink. The Mizukage then ran at him and attempted to punch him, but Tsunade caught his fist and with her free hand delivered a powerful punch to his face, sending him flying back through several trees. Suddenly a hand grabbed her leg from beneath the ground and the Tsuchkage emerged and threw her. "Doton: Doryuudan!" A dragon head formed from the mud and shot a barrage of mudballs at Tsunade.

'Damn it! I can't move, and if I stay here I'm just going to get in the way!' Naruto thought. He then started forming a Rasengan in his hand. He then thrusted into the ground, causing the mud to explode and fly everywhere, but he was no longer stuck. Seeing the Tsuchikage distracted he made two kage bunshins. 'Grandma Tsunade is gonna have trouble fighting them both at once, and it'll be even harder if Orochimaru joins in. I'll have to get him with a rasen shuriken!" He then began focusing with his clones, and a sphere formed in his hands, then an aura of wind formed around it, and took the form of a large shuriken. He then ran at the Tsuchikage. "Fuuton: Rasen shuriken!" he yelled about to slam it into the undead kage, when a wall of water formed in between the two. His jutsu hit the water wall, and caused it to blow him backwards. He was then caught by Tsunade. "Damn it!" he shouted.

"It's alright that you missed Naruto. Besides even if you did hit you'd just be wasting your arm." she said.

Orochimaru laughed at the two as they continued to struggle against the former leaders Kiri and Iwa that he had resurrected. "Its useless to struggle, you're only delaying your inevitable demise!" He then tilted his head upward as a snake head came out of his mouth, and out of the snakes mouth came his Kusanagi.

'At this rate the three of them will easily beat us. Since two of them are mostly just ash, my only choice is the shiki fuujin, but since I never planned on using it I haven't signed the scroll.' "Naruto, I want you to go to my office and bring me a scroll marked 'shinigami.' That scroll is the only way to the only way to beat those two corpses." 'And I'll take out Orochimaru with it as well."

"Alright! You can count on me! If thats the only way to beat them I'll be back in no time!" he yelled running towards Konoha, but was quickly cut off by Orochimaru.

"Just where do you think you're going?" he asked, before lifting up his sword and swinging it at Naruto. However, Tsunade managed to get between the two, and take the hit.

She then released the seal on her forehead. 'Shortening my lifespan won't matter much once I'm dead.' she thought. "Keep going Naruto! I need that scroll!" she yelled.

-End flashback-

Naruto continued running when he reached the forest, a grim expresion on his face. He had read the scroll back at the office, and knew exactly what the Hokage was planning. He however, knew it was the only way, and did what he knew he had to. He continued through the forest, too preocupied with thoughts of what was going to happen to grandma Tsunade, he didn't notice the three people folloing him. When he finally reached the clearing where he had left her, he saw Orochimaru holding a wrinkled old lady by the neck. He only recognized her by the clothes she was wearing.

"You may have delayed my killing you with your regeneration Tsunade, but now that it has worn off, I think its time we say goodbye." threw her to the ground and called his sword to his hand. Just as he was about to finish her off, a now feral Naruto slammed into him, causing him to drop his sword. He had left the scoll unraveld on the ground, a new signature in it.

"You bastard. You've cheated death enough times, I think its finally time someone took care of you for good." Naruto growled.

Orochimaru then saw the familiar sight of the shinigami behind Naruto, as a ghostly hand extended from his stomach. "So you're using that jutsu." he said, his voice full of malice. "But if the third Hokage couldn't finish me off with that jutsu," Naruto suddenly fealt pain shoot through him. He looked down to see the blade of the Kusanagi sticking through his chest. "What makes you think you have a chance? Besides you still forget about my companions." The Mizukage, and the Tsuchikage ran at Naruto. Just hen Orochimaru noticed something. Bound to the shinigami were towo more souls, along with Naruto's. And In a blur, to figures ran out from the forest and grabbed the two kages. Naruto looked to see the familiar figures of Sakura holding the Tsuchikage, and Kakashi holding the Mizukage.

"Sakura! Kakashi-sensei! What are you...!"

"We could ask you the same question." Sakura said.

"But do you know what'll happen if you..."

"We've already made up our minds Naruto, just like you." Kakashi said.

Naruto was silent for a little while, then spoke up. "Thanks you guys." he said quietly. After a few seconds, Sakura was the first to go, as she removed the soul of the fallen Tsuchikage, the ash crumbled away, and the shinigami swallowed one of the souls bound to it. Next went Kakashi in the same matter.

"With your friends help you may have defeated the kages I brought, but now that you're alone, It's only a matter of time before you give out like the third Hokage, then I'll just transfer to a new body." He grinned thinking he had won.

"He's not alone." a voice called out. Suddenly next to Naruto was Sasuke, he gripped Orochimaru's shoulders, as a ghostly hand came from his stomach, and together with Naruto, the two removed his soul as he sreamed with his final breath. The two then collapsed, a triumphant look on their faces.

An hour later reinforcements from Suna arrived and the two managed to repel the invading forces. The following day a ceremony was held to honor the four ninja who had saved the village, as well as all the other fallen ninja.

Everything was black for Naruto for a while. 'So this is it. Well I guess I had a good life. Too bad I'll never be Hokage. But at least I took care of that snake bastard, and hopefully the village is saved.' Then he recalled the scroll, how it had said he continue to fight in the shinigami's stomach. 'Not exactly what I expected, but I guess I'm a little relieved.' Suddenly his eyes shot open and he found himself in a bed in a room he was unfamiliar with. He looked around and saw Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi lying in beds next to him. "Guess I'm not in the shinigami's stomach. But..Where am I?" he asked not expecting an answer.

He did however get one. "You're in the Soul Society." he heard a voice say, then sigh. "Though I hoped I would never see you here." In the doorway was a man wearing a black kimono, with a white sleeveless haori. He was shocked when he saw the face of the person.

"You're...The fourth Hokage!"

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