AN: As you can tell from the title, this story is about Deidara's daughter. This is also a modern day Naruto fanfiction complete with shinobi, jutsu, bijuu, jinchuuriki, kekkei genkai, the whole enchalada. This is how the chapters work. I'm going to start when she's five years old and in kindergarten and work my way up from there. The story doesn't really get started until the 9th grade, aka it will be one chapter for that year until the 9th grade. The other chapters are to show how she grows up, and to give the readers an idea of what happens to her to make her the way she is. Also, this is the first time I've tried something like this so please DO NOT FLAME me! Last but not least, this story is not going to be crazy and random like my other story Dawn of the Wolf, at least I'm not planning on making it that way.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto does...this is why these stories are called FANfiction...

It was a Monday morning, and I was still sleeping when Sasori came to wake me up for breakfast. He gently shook me awake. I yawned, "Not now daddy." As I rolled over trying to go back to sleep. "Hn. Wrong person," Sasori said, but I didn't care. I was tired and wanted to go back to sleep. He grabbed the covers and whipped them off the bed, "Its time to wake up, Fai." "I'm still tired, uncle Sasori, I wanna sleep more," I whined. Then Sasori did the evil trick that people always pull when you refuse to wake up, namely he turned on the lights.

I whimpered and put my head under the pillow, but Sasori had had enough. "Fai, you have until the count of three to get out of bed. One, two..." Even though I am only five, I knew that you can only push Sasori so far before he did something drastic. I quickly scrambled out of bed before he could say three. I stood there rubbing the sleep out of my eyes as Sasori remade my bed and laid out an outfit for me. "Hurry up and get dressed," Sasori ordered as he left the room.

I sleepily pulled on my white shirt with the picture of a teddy bear on it that said my teddy will kick your butt!, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes. Now fully awake, I ran down the hall of the two bedroom apartment that I lived in with my father and "uncle" Sasori. The living room was seperated from the kitchen by a half wall, and the dining room was in a space to the left of the kitchen. On the wall that was inbetween the living room and dining area was a small shrine with my mother's picture on it.

I didn't really know what it was for, but dad said that since mom couldn't be with us anymore the picture was there so she could watch over us. I don't know exactly what he meant by that, but I said good morning to mom's picture like I did every morning. She had dark brown hair and ocean grey eyes. I had inherited my father's sunshine yellow hair, but I had my mom's eyes. I went to the kitchen next to see my dad making pancakes, while Sasori sat at the dinner table reading the morning news.

I ran up to my dad and gave him a big hug, even though I only ended up glomping his leg. "Morning daddy!" I squealed. "Good morning, Fai-chan. I'll have your breakfast ready soon, un!" I let go of him and started jumping up and down excitedly. "Can have a big one daddy, please, please, please?!" "Of course, Fai-chan," he said as put a big pancake on my plate and handed it to me,"Here you go, un!" I ran over to the table with my plate when my father finally noticed which shirt I was wearing.

"Great exploding art, un! Sasori-danna, she can't wear that shirt to her first day of kindergarten, un!" Sasori turned to look at him, "The first day of school is when first impressions are made. She needs to wear her cutest outfit to make a good impression." "That's not her cutest outfit, un! Her cutest outfit is the one with the bird on it that says art is a bang! The shirt she's wearing now will make the other kids think she's antisocial, un." "You just like the other shirt because you made it for her, and what's wrong with being antisocial?" "Well, you just like the shirt she's wearing because you made it, un! I don't want her to be antisocial because my baby deserves some friends her own age."

"DADDY!" I screamed. He got out of Sasori's face and instantly ran to my side. "What is it, Fai-chan? Did you poke yourself? Spill something? Was the pancake too hot, un?!" He said going into full father panic mode. "My hands are eating my pancake!" I sniffed. I was born with mouths on my hands, just like my father. Only I couldn't control mine, and they were eating my pancake! Dad sighed,"Do you have any control over them yet, Fai-chan?" "No, they do what they wanna..." He sighed again and pinched the skin between my thumb and index finger, which made my mouths close.

Then he cut my pancake for me and handed me the fork. "Now remember to eat with the fork and not your fingers." "Okay daddy." I managed to eat the rest of my pancake, but the mouths on my hands didn't go down without a fight. They kept sticking their tongues out trying to grab the pancake pieces and making munching noises, but I didn't give them anymore cuz they already ate half my pancake. When I was done, I gave my plate to dad who rinsed it off and set it in the dishwasher. "Fai, have you brushed your teeth yet, un?" "No." "Well, go brush then. We've only got fifteen minutes before we leave." "I don't wanna." He gave me 'the look'. I turned around and went to the bathroom where I quickly brushed my teeth.

Sasori came in behind me after I was done. He grabbed the hair brush and brushed my hair back into a high ponytail like my dad's. Then it was time to leave so we headed to the door. My dad came up to us, and helped me put on a denim jacket. "Do you need a scarf, Fai-chan? Its a little cold today, and OHMYGOSHYOURSTILLWEARINGTHATSHIRT, UN!" "Too late to change now,"Sasori stated, "We need to leave or we'll be late." "Fine, but if no one talks to her I'll blame you, un!" "Um, daddy where are we going?" "Hm? Oh, today is the first day of school." "You're telling her this JUST NOW?!" Sasori said incredulously. "Eh, well I forgot, un. Anyways, I'll tell you on the way."

So we left the apartment, and dad was telling me all about school. He had enrolled me in a school for gifted children. He said that it was called Kunai Elementary. He was making it all sound like a whole lot of fun, and I was actually getting excited to be going. "And the very best part," he said, "Is that its a girls only school so there won't be any boys there, un!" "Oh for pete's sake, Deidara they are five years old!" "That's already too old, un!" "I swear the Overprotective Fathers of Japan Society is less protective of their children then you!" "Hmph. Whatever. Just remember, Fai-chan, boys have cooties and are icky." "Okay daddy," I said. I was five and already thought that anyways. "I pity the first boy she brings home," Sasori muttered. "What was that, Sasori-danna?" "Nothing."

Finally, we arrived at the school. Dad and Sasori walked me to my classroom. "Okay, Fai-chan, here's your class. Now you be a good girl for your sensei, un." "Aren't you coming too daddy?" "No, Sasori-danna and I have a mission today, and we won't be able to pick you up so Tobi will walk you home and baby sit, un." "But I want to stay with you!" I started crying. Sasori leaned down to my eye level. "Now, Fai, we leave all the time for missions. This is the same as that except you get to play here with a bunch of kids your age," Sasori reasoned. I stopped sniffling and look at him. "And I'm sure that Tobi'll let you eat ice cream until you puke when you get home,un," dad added. I grinned at that, who wouldn't. I was going to get all the ice cream I could eat; it was like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one. "Okay, bye daddy. Bye uncle Sasori. I love you!" With that, I left them behind as I entered the classroom.

I was scared out of my mind. If it wasn't for the promise of ice cream I would have run out screaming. There were a bunch of girls my age in the room talking and giggling with their friends. I had never had any friends my own age because of my father and Sasori's positions in Akatsuki. I didn't know what to do, and I was scared and alone. Then I saw a pink haired girl quietly sitting in the corner with a blond haired girl. They didn't seem to be as loud and giggly as the other groups of girls so I went over to them. "Um, hi," I said timidly.

"Hi! I'm Yamanaka Ino!" the other blond, Ino, said, "And this is my friend Haruno Sakura," she said introducing the pinkette who gave a small, "Hi." "I'm Katsura Fai." "Hey, Fai-chan, wanna sit with us?" Ino asked. "Y-yeah!" I said. I think I might've just made my first friends. I looked from the smiling blond to the pinkette. "Um, why are you looking down all the time?" I asked. "Because of my big forehead!" she said sadly. "Huh, but your forehead looks okay..." I didn't get it. I thought her forehead looked fine. "See, Sakura-chan," Ino said, "I told you that your forehead wasn't that big." Sakura looked up at me and smiled. Yep, I had definitely made my first friends, and I couldn't have been happier.

The sensei came in shortly after that, and I took a seat between Ino and Sakura. Our sensei introduced herself as Mihara-sensei. The first thing that she did was teach us some math. Then we went over basic history and basic shinobi history. I soon found out that Sakura was really smart because she already knew most of what the sensei was talking about. Ino didn't know as much, but she was making really funny jokes about Mihara-sensei when her back was turned. Next thing I knew, it was recess.

Well, not really recess because Mihara-sensei wanted us to pick flowers into a boquet, but since Ino was really good with flowers we finished really early and were playing ring around the rosie. Unfortunately, my hands decided to make their debut appearance. "Eew! Your hand is wet!" Ino squealed as she dropped my hand. "OUCH! You pinched me!" Sakura accused, looking hurt. It was then that they say the mouths on my hands. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!" They shrieked loud enough to bring Mihara-sensei and the entire class running over.

The other girls arrived on the scene first and got a beautiful view of my hands with mouths on them. "Ewww!!!!!! What are those?!!" "Hey, look at the freak!" "Woah, gross!" "It stuck its tongue out at me!" "Wierd!" "No way!" Then Mihara-sensei finally got there. "What happened?" "We were playing with her," Ino said pointing at me, "And her hands bit us!" Sakura was crying too hard to say anything at all. "I didn't mean to!" I said, "They just do what they wanna!" "Okay, class," Mihara-sensei said, "What Katsura-san has is called a kekkei genkai. Its a special ability that is passed down through certain shinobi families. Different kekkei genkai give their owners different abilities. There's nothing to be afraid of. This is just the Katsura bloodline ability."

Even though Mihara-sensei gave an explanation and brought everyone back inside right away, nothing would ever be the same again. When we all went inside to take our seats, no one would sit next to me, and Sakura and Ino were avoiding me. I sat all alone throughout the presentations of our floral arrangements. When I went up to present mine, Ino and Sakura loudly said that mine only looked half way decent because they told me what to pick, and everyone laughed at me. Mihara-sensei tried to restore order to the class room to no avail. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran out the door and to the bathroom where I fell and cried.

It was all because of my hands. My stupid stupid hands. Even now they were munching and sticking their tongues out, completly oblivious to the pain they had caused. I hated them, and I hated myself. I had just started crying again when an older girl with brown hair done up in two buns walked in. "Oh my gosh, are you okay?!" she asked concerned. She ran over and knelt beside me. "NO!" I screamed. "Don't look at them!" I tried to hide my hands, but she was too quick. She grabbed them, only to drop them as a look of horror crossed her face, and she ran out of the bathroom screaming.

I sat there and cried until I couldn't cry anymore. I didn't know how long that I was there, or what to do then so I went back to class. When I got there, everyone was learning reading and writing. Mihara-sensei was both really angry and really relieved that I came back. She told me that because of what happened she'd let it go once, but I could never run out of class like that again. She gave me the worksheet and told me briefly what they had gone over while I was gone. I sat down and did the worksheet alone. Still, even all of that wasn't as bad as what happened next.

It was the last class before we could all go home, and I was so happy. Soon Tobi-niisan (AN: nii-san means older brother and yeah its Japanese but I'm too lazy to keep writing big brother Tobi) would come save me from this nightmare. I just had to get through art class first. I thought that maybe if I apologized it would be better. I was wrong. Before I could even say anything Ino said, "We don't want you over here! Get lost!" Sakura finally found her voice, "Stay away from us, freak!" I walked away from them and everyone else. Still, it was a class so I needed to do something. Then I saw it. Modeling clay. I always saw dad carrying the stuff around. I didn't know why, but I just needed to hold it.

I walked over to the clay and reached for it. There was something mesmerizing about it. My mouths stuck their tongues out wanting to lap it up. Mihara-sensei reacted quickly and brutally. She ran up and smacked me, hard. So hard that I fell backwards with a bright red handprint on my face. "What do you think you're doing?! Are you trying to blow us all up?!!" She was scared, everyone could see it. I didn't know it then, but that blow would be what made the events today permanent. That blow branded me as a freak for life. The other girls were staring at me like I had sprouted a second head. Mihara-sensei sent me to the corner for a time out. Finally, the bell rang, and I was free.

I ran out of the building before anyone could say anything else to me, and I didn't stop until I threw myself on Tobi-niisan. "What happened to Fai-chan? Fai-chan is not happy." "Tobi-niikun!" I cried. I was so hurt that that was all I could say as I cried into his t-shirt. "Tobi will take Fai-chan home and make her favorite lunch because Tobi is a good boy." All I could do was nod as Tobi picked me up and carried me home. When we got there he made me green tea and monja. (AN: her school starts at 6:00 and ends at 1:30 so they don't have a lunch time) After I was done eating, Tobi let me watch all of my favorite movies and eat ice cream until I puked. I was feeling much better now, and I played videogames with Tobi until bedtime.

Tobi even read some of my favorite book to me before I fell asleep. "Good night, Tobi-niikun. Thank you." "Good night, Fai-chan. Tobi hopes Fai-chan has good dreams because Tobi is a good boy." He turned out the light and went out to the living room to wait for Sasori and dad to come back. The next morning they were back. Dad and Sasori were concerned because my teacher had called, but she didn't say exactly what I did that was so bad, just that I had been very naughty. I couldn't tell them. I couldn't bear to have them find out what happened. I was so scared that they wouldn't understand, and for the first time I lied and said that I didn't know why.

From that day on, all the other girls started teasing me and calling me mean names. They would pick on me and no one else. The entire school knew about me, no thanks to TenTen who had walked in on me in the bathroom. Everyone thought I was a freak, and everyone hated me. I was so sad and so hurt by everything that they said. I started wearing gloves to school to hide my hideous hands, but the teasing didn't stop. Dad and Sasori knew that something more than what they were being told was going on, but as long as I wasn't hurt and insisted that everything was fine there wasn't anything they could do. When summer vacation came, I couldn't have been happier or more relieved. For three months they couldn't do anything to me. For three wonderful months, I was free.

AN: Well, what do you think? Fai says stuff like wanna and gonna because she's five/six in this chapter, and I was trying to make her sort of think and sound like a five year old. I know that I probably failed miserably, but this is what happened to her in her first year of kindergarten. Also, she didn't tell her dad and Sasori because she's a little girl and she's scared that they'll react like her teacher did, just to make that clearer. Stick around and find out how she survives the first grade next chapter.