A/N: Each chapter is a new one shot. All part of the Collection for Tales in Black and White. Mostly about Sam and different events that happen while trapped on Spoon Island. Hope you enjoy my collection of stories.

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Her head ached so badly as she sat up in a darken damp cave. As she tried to stand her body collapse send sharp pain all through out her body. Panic swept over her as her memories started to bring her to how she wound up in a cave.


The rain was pounding against her face. Lucky was yelling at her so he could be heard over the storm.

"You need to go back to the main house Sam; it's not safe for you out here" Lucky said with concern as they walked in the opposite direction than the house.

"I am not going back in there Lucky, I'm safer out here than in there with the killer" Sam stopped to look at him. She decided to go to the stables to take shelter but Lucky was following her. Sam started walking again.

"Sam please." He grabbed her arm to make her stop and look at him. Their bodies were inches away and neither moved. "Please i'm worried about you, and if I know you are with the others I don't have to worry as much and I can get back to you."

Sam ran a hand down his face. "I told you to go find Elizabeth and Lulu, Lucky. You know I can take care of myself and not being in that house is safer for me. Out here I can hide better and not wonder if the person I am standing next to is going to kill me or not. I'm just as safe out here as I am in there, So Lucky go find your family, You will see me soon enough. I am just going to be in the stables." Sam gently kissed his lips. As the rain rolled off their faces.

"Fine Sam, but promise me you will stay safe. I don't want to lose you." He looked into her eyes and kissed her again.

"Don't worry about me Spencer you aren't losing me anytime soon" she smiled up at him.

Lucky gave her one last kiss before leaving her and headed back to the main house on Spoon Island. Sam watched him walk back to the house. Sam ran her hand over her face wiping some of the water away but it was useless. Sam turned around and headed towards the stables when she heard a scream. Sam turned in the direction of the scream and walked towards the sound. She came upon the edge of the island. Nothing but water and cliffs below. Sam looked to side to see a woman hanging on to the side of the cliff trying to pull herself up but wasn't strong enough. Sam looked at the women and realizes who it was.

"Hold on Elizabeth, I will pull you up. Give me your hand" Sam said. Getting down on her stomach and reached her hand to Elizabeth.

"I don't think I can" Elizabeth said trying to be calm.

"Elizabeth, just hand me your hand, I am not going to let you fall."

"Why are you saving me Sam? You hate me"

"That might be so, but I'm not just going to let you die either"

Elizabeth gave Sam her hand as she helped pull Elizabeth up. Sam was on her knees pulling Elizabeth up the last bit.

"Thank you so much Sam, for saving me"

"Its cool, Lucky is back in the house looking for you. You might just want to go to the stable they are closer that's where I was going."

"Are you not going their now?"

"No I'm going to go tell Lucky you are safe and in the stables"

"Ok. Thanks again Sam"

Sam stood up just then a wind gust hit hard making Sam lose her balance and go over the cliff. Elizabeth watched in horror as Sam went over. Elizabeth ran as fast as she could to the house to get help.

End flashback

Sam tried to stand but her leg hurt to much. It was dark and Sam couldn't see the shape her leg was in but she knew it had to be bad, if not broken. Great this is what I get for saving people Sam thought to herself. She needed to get out of there. Sam could feel the water in the cave start to rise a little. Sam stood this time pushing herself against the wall. Using the wall to help her move along in the only direction there was.

Sam slowly made her way down the path and heard someone up ahead of her. Cautiously Sam listened as her body tensed. "Hello anyone there?" She asked waiting for someone to answer.

"Who's there" said a male voice back.

"Where are you?" Sam asked. Realizing the voice sounded familiar to her.

"I'm up ahead a few feet. Look for the light when you get there" the guy said to her.

Sam knew that voice but whose. Sam slowly made her way to the light. Pain going through her body with each step and breath she took. When Sam got to the guy. Her heart sunk.

"You got to be kidding me" this was just Sam's luck. "What are you doing down her Jason?" Asked Sam as she sat down on a rock.

Great it was Sam. His first contact with anyone since the boat he was on blew up. "The boat I was on exploded when I was on my way to the Island. What are you doing down here?" Jason looked at Sam and could tell she was in a lot of pain.

"Well this is what I get after all. I should learn not to save people" said Sam closing her eyes.

"Why what happened?" Asked Jason taking a break from digging himself out of there.

"I was on my way to the stables because I wasn't going to stay in that house with a killer. After I convinced Lucky I was going to be fine, he left to go look for Elizabeth and Lulu. So as I was going to the stables I heard a women scream. It was Elizabeth hang over the cliff. So I help her up and I was standing to go back into the house to find Lucky to tell him Elizabeth was in the stables and I lost my balance and fell off the cliff and when I woke up I was down here. But the part of the cave I was in was filling up with water Jason" Sam said wincing as she took a long deep breath filled with pain.

Jason was grateful that Sam save Elizabeth. Jason decided to help Sam get back to the house. Jason started removing rocks from the cave in that happened before Sam had found him. Sam wasn't moving and Jason was worried and moved over to Sam. She was barely breathing and was now unconscious. Jason moved faster to remove the rocks. Once he got an opening big enough he picked up Sam's small body and carried her threw the underground tunnels. Hoping he was going in the right direction. As Jason got towards the end of one of the tunnel he saw light around the edge showing one of the entrances back inside the house. Sam started to stir in his hand as she was regaining consciousness.

"Stay calm Sam we are almost there" Jason said holding tight to Sam. Sam wrapped her arm around Jason's neck to hold on. Knowing she was trusting him and she wasn't really trusting that. As the reached the end found a lever that opened the door to the house. They stepped out into the study. They had just emerged from the bookshelf. Jason sat Sam on the couch.

"You ok?" He asked. Checking her pulse.

"I don't know Jason, but thank you"

Just then they heard voices in the hall and in walked Lucky and Nikolas. Nikolas stopped in his tracks, As Lucky rushed over to Sam.

"Sam, what are you ok? Elizabeth said you fell over the cliff" Lucky said kissing her forehead as he kneeled next to her. Jason giving them space as he left the room.

"My leg is killing me along with the rest of my body, but ya I fell over after saving Elizabeth, I woke up in the caves and I heard someone talking and found Jason, things got fuzzy after that. I think I passed out because the next thing I know I'm in Jason's arms and we are coming in here from the tunnels" Sam said looking from Nikolas to Lucky.

"I am going to go find Robin or Patrick to come and check her out" said Nikolas as he left his brother and cousin alone.

"I am so glad you are ok Sam" Lucky said. Pulling her into a hug and holding on to he tight, but not to tight to hurt her.

"I am just glad I'm in your arms" Sam said as she let tears escaped as she stayed in Lucky's embrace.

The end...