Sam, one of the many restless students with their eyes glued to the clock, sat in the back of the lecture hall. For many of them, Sam included, it was the last class before the thanksgiving long weekend. Despite the fact that this course was as fascinating as watching the grass grow Sam was usually very disciplined and managed to pay attention and take notes...it really wasn't easy. Not today though, because this was his last class before the four day long weekend and Sam had plans. Tomorrow, being thanksgiving he was of course going down to see his family and by family Sam meant Missouri. Best of all though, was that Dean was going to meet him there, Missouri had invited them both down for thanksgiving dinner and then after it would just be Sam and Dean for the entire weekend. Sam could barely contain himself. God he missed Dean.

It'd been a few months since Sam started College and the past year had been the best of his life…after prom, he could have done without the whole rejection, public humiliation and trial thing. But after all that…it was good. Dean had turned up to Sam's prom (which Sam still couldn't really believe) told Sam he loved him and asked the teenager to come with him. Sam left with him immediately. They went back to Andy and Anson's place and picked up Sam's things before they drove back to Dean's for his stuff…they didn't get very far after that. They had both gone up to Dean's bedroom to pack his clothes and then…the few long weeks they had been apart took effect. Dean had kissed him and Sam melted. They were both starved for each other and it got hot, hard and desperate. Dean tore off Sam's clothes and removed his own whilst Sam spread himself open for him. They couldn't tear themselves off each other to save the world. Dean had been possessive and urgent and Sam had been all too willing to give himself over to Dean and let the older man do whatever he wanted to him. They'd fucked so hard and dirty that Sam soaked the sheets with his sweat and come. They passed out straight afterward.

Later Sam awoke in the middle of the night to soft kisses on his jaw and worshipping touches over his heart. Dean then slowly and gently made love to him. Sam had cried softly into Dean's neck, shaking from his need and overwhelming emotion, he had Dean back, Dean loved him and they were together. Dean whispered to him, telling him he'd never leave again, how much he missed Sam and how sorry he was, whilst he kissed Sam's tears away and rocked his cock deeper inside his Sammy. Sam had wanted to live forever in that moment and it was a memory that sustained him when he slept in his dorm room alone in his empty bed during the long weeks. After the night they had made up, they loaded up the impala and Sam asked Dean once again where he was taking them. Dean had smirked and wagged his eyebrows;


They spent three entire weeks in this beautiful hotel room on the beach. Sam became a sex maniac, obsessed with Dean, his body, his hands, his freckles, everything and Dean definitely wasn't complaining about Sam's constant need for touching him. It got so bad that not having Dean inside him almost hurt. They became addicted to each other…and margaritas, those things are awesome. They came back with tans, twin smiles and two boxes of illegal fireworks; which Dean had brought out and used to light up the sky the night Stanford called informing Sam that he had his full scholarship. Sam loved Stanford but he loved Dean more and missed him a lot, especially since he got used to waking up in bed beside his lover everyday. Dean still came to see him whenever he could, almost every weekend. It wasn't ideal but it was enough to sustain Sam's sanity.

There were times when Sam longed for Dean, Mexico and their apartment bubble and secretly made plans to head back during the long break between semesters to surprise Dean. Finally the lecturer reached the final slide and Sam shoved his notebook inside his satchel bag, not giving the professor time to finish. His actions were mirrored by the swarm of students around him, the sound of rustling overpowering the lecturer's voice. The lecturer gave up and dismissed them. Sam stood, swung the bag over his shoulder and filed out with the rest of the class. It was five o'clock and Sam just had time to get home, shower and dress for dinner plans with his friends. Sam hurried down the stairs and began the long walk to the dormitories.

When he finally got there he unlocked the door expecting an empty dorm room, since his room mate finished his classes yesterday and headed home early, he didn't expect Dean spread out on his bed flipping the channels on his room mate's TV.

'Dean? What are you doing here?' Sam gaped. Dean turned off the TV and tossed the remote aside.

'Thought I'd come surprise you,' Dean explained and stood up 'this way we can drive down to Missouri's together….bad idea?'

'Fucking awesome idea!' Sam beamed and ran to Dean, pulling him into a tight hug.

Dean clutched at Sam's shirt and pushed their bodies flush up against one another. Just like that Sam was hard, it had been over two weeks since Dean's last visit and he was aching for it. For Dean. Dean rolled their hips together and Sam whimpered. They pulled their heads back and hazy, heated eyes met each other. Dean leant forward and pressed his lips against Sam's, tongue lapping at Sam's bottom lip. Sam opened his mouth and Dean's tongue swept inside, stroking against Sam's and tasting his lover desperately. San rubbed his hard cock against Deans. Dean growled, turned them around and pressed Sam back onto the bed. Suddenly Sam realised he didn't have time for this, despite really, really…really needing it.

'Nngh! Dean I can't!' Sam whimpered.

'Why not?' Dean asked tonguing at Sam's ear and rubbing his hand over Sam's straining cock.

'I…I have plans…I have to go out,' Sam keened when Dean pressed harder on his cock.

'So break them,' Dean suggested and bit at Sam's neck.

'C-can't. I'm having dinner with Tristan and Greg,' Sam almost cried when Dean removed his hand and sat up.

'What time?' Dean asked.

'Six-thirty, but I still have to get ready and the restaurant his half an hour away.' Sam pouted.

'Shit,' Dean cursed and ran his hand through his hair 'Okay…ah, well you get changed and I'll go fill up the tank, it was nearly empty when I pulled up.'

'…you want to come with me?' Sam asked with a huge smile.

'Sure, they're my friends too,' Dean shrugged and then pulled Sam close again 'and afterward I'm going to bring you back here, bend you over and pound into you so hard you're going to feel me for days. You're going to feel the sweet burn of my cock in your ass, when you're sipping tea and eating turkey with your grandma.'

Sam keened and reached for Dean who pulled back and shoved a towel in his face.

'Hurry up, time's a wasting.'

Sam sat in the car beside Dean watching the lights of the streetlamps as they drove past, excited about the night that was to come. Dean was right they were his friends too and they had all become surprisingly close. Sam had found an intellectual equal in Tristan and loved to discuss medical, political, and theoretical concepts with him. Of course a lot of the time Sam and Tristan broke into involved and heated debates, which often resulted in disaster, they had been thrown out of the library three times for getting carried away. Then there was the time when Sam and Tristan had thrown the gloves off during their debate on (and no surprise about this) religion. Dean and Greg had broken them apart and sent them to time out, which in their translation meant that Dean locked Sam in the bathroom and Gregory locked Tristan in the bedroom, and then left the intellectuals there to cool off for two fucking hours; while Dean and Greg went down to the bar across the street from Greg and Tristan's apartment for a couple of drinks and a game of pool.

That was of course a while after they had all met for the first time. Sam had met Greg before he brought Dean into the picture. Sam had liked Greg instantly. He had this strong belief in people and a love for life that Sam could relate to. Also…Gregory was surprisingly crude for a priest, which was probably why he and Dean got along so well. They bonded over their weakness for hot young man meat, so says Greg. Dean and Greg often…always joked and teased each other, Greg would make jokes about 'Professor Dean' and detention, and Dean would retaliate by singing lines from Steven Lynche's 'Priest', which he quoted even more so when he found out Tristan had actually been an alter boy in his pre pubescent days. Sam had, had his doubts about whether Dean would get along with Tristan and Greg, especially after Dean and Gregory got into a battle of which one of them had, had the hottest sex in the kinkiest places and Tristan got so embarrassed he drank himself into an all new kind of stupidity. As it turns out, that's the way to Greg's heart, since drunk Tristan is a horny possessive top!Tristan.

Sam and Dean entered the restaurant side by side and spotted Greg and Tristan in the corner sitting close together; Greg caressing the soft skin of Tristan's right hand. They looked up surprised when the waiter placed another chair at their table.

'Dean this is a surprise,' Tristan greeted 'I thought Sam told us you were meeting him at his grandmother's tomorrow?'

'He did, and I was, I thought I'd come up and surprise him,' Dean explained and sat down.

'That's nice,' Tristan commented 'In that case I can certainly understand you being fifteen minutes late.'

'Ignore his majesty, he's just a little tired after his early morning exam today,' Greg excused.

'Sorry anyway,' Dean shrugged 'We got held up in traffic.'

'Oh yes, traffic, I'm sure,' Greg smirked 'Nice hickie Sammy.'

Sam blushed and hid behind his menu.

They fell into their usual comfortable flow of conversation, Sam and Tristan discussing the hells of college and study along with what high points they enjoyed. Sam and Tristan were kindred spirits, both found satisfaction in their work and looked forward to their future in medicine, helping people and stimulating their minds with procedures, techniques and ridiculously complicated theories. Sam got a little carried away describing his love of medicine to the other love of his life. Dean smiled and put up with it, occasionally paying attention mostly adoring the way Sam got all excited and happy describing something to him. Tristan was just as fascinated as Sam was and often remarked and added other facts while Greg closely examined the silver wear, after over four years of hearing about doctor stuff from his boyfriend he got bored quickly and tuned it all out. Sam and Tristan were on the same subject for forty five minutes before Dean interrupted.

'So Greg, how's the philosophy tutoring going?' Dean asked.

Greg looked up surprised at the mention of his name and then beamed realising the change in conversation.

'Great, I mean it's a small class but they're great students and I like it so…yeah. It's good…despite all the e-mails with lame ass excuses pleading for assessment extensions.' Greg divulged.

'That's great,' Sam smiled 'That you have a job that you love.'

'Yeah of course just having a job at all is a great thing,' Tristan added.

Dean clutched his chest.

'Ouch, you wound me man,' Dean mocked pain.

'Trist,' Greg frowned 'Cut the guy some slack, you remember how hard it was for me to get back into work afterward.'

Sam bit his lip, familiar surge of guilt bubbled in his stomach and he felt faintly nauseous.

'Actually I have news about the job thing,' Dean confessed. Sam looked up at him confused.

'I got one,' Dean stated.

'A job? Doing what?' Greg asked.

'As of next Semester I'm going to be the Assistant Coach of a local community college basketball team,' Dean stated.

'No fucking way!' Sam's jaw dropped.

'Yeah, they want me to start as soon as the break's over, get the team training and into shape before the season starts.' Dean explained.

'Dean! That's awesome!' Sam exclaimed.

'Yeah, that's great…almost too great,' Greg cautioned 'And don't take this the wrong way but that's a really, really good offer for anyone, let alone someone with your kind of history.'

'Yeah well I don't have a criminal record or even a strike or warning to my name so they couldn't refuse me on that basis. Plus the team sucks, I mean really sucks; bottom of the barrel runt of the litter sucks. You remember the guys that were always picked last for the team? Well this is a whole team made up of those guys.' Dean clarified 'Hell I think they might be using me for the publicity….which is really very desperate. I know technically no publicity is bad publicity…but my kind of publicity isn't good.'

The guys laughed.

'Well good luck with that, just try to keep your hands off the players this time.' Greg winked.

'"Oh alter boy, you will find the grace of god inside my rectory,'" Dean sang and Greg kicked him under the table.

'I hate that song,' Greg pouted.

'You love that song,' Dean denied and opened his mouth to taunt him some more but stopped when Sam placed his hand on Deans.

'I'm so fucking proud of you,' Sam confessed all bright eyed 'You're going to do great, you were a great coach.'

'Thanks,' Dean smiled back and curled his fingers around Sam's.

'Oh I bet, "McQueen, drop and give me twenty and when you're done you can drop to you knees and give me twenty minutes,"!' Greg laughed.

'Oh come on, you are so fucking hypocritical I bet you were all "Give me five hail mary's and then I'll make you pray to god for absolution before I let you come all over my robes.".' Dean mocked.

'Oh look here comes dinner,' Sam interrupted thankful for the distraction before things started to get really dirty.

After they had finished eating Tristan had gone off into detail about his current choice of study and Sam sat riveted whilst Dean fidgeted in his chair. Dean had been hard the entire trip up to Stanford, the thought of Sammy and the last time they were together, in the dorm room was on repeat in his head. Dean had Sam writhing and begging underneath him as he rocked his hard cock into Sam, muffling his lover's cries so his roommate wouldn't hear. Dean had fucked Sam's prostate repeatedly and stroked Sam's cock to orgasm. Dean squirmed and pressed his palm to his crotch. He looked at his watch and figured they had spent enough time here anyway, now was time for Dean and Sam, after another two damn weeks of abstinence. Dean smirked and sat back in his chair and innocently placed his hand on Sam's knee underneath the table.

Sam tensed a little but otherwise showed no other sign of change in demeanour. Dean slid his hand up high on Sam's thigh, tauntingly close to the hardening cock in Sam's pants. Dean ran his hand gently along the inside of Sam's thigh, teasing his lover underneath the table. A small flush had arisen on Sam's face. Dean smirked and placed his palm over Sam's clothed and so very interested erection. Sam immediately parted his legs, still very much the eager, hot, desperate teenager. Dean squeezed and Sam made a small noise in the back of his throat. Dean began to rub and Sam's flush deepened. Dean expertly manoeuvred his fingers blindly under the table and slid down the zip of Sam's jeans. Dean slid his hand inside Sam's pants and the younger man let out a quiet and long exhale, while he clutched at the table and tried not to make a sound.

Dean began to stroke and Sam turned to look at him. Sam was all flushed, eyes full of heat and want, lips parted oh so perfectly. Dean wanted so bad to taste him, oh god he wanted to plunder Sam's mouth, claim all that heat and want for himself and then he wanted to get on his knees and suck Sam off right at that table, make Sam lose all control right there in the restaurant, and god Dean knew Sam would let him, that Sam would throw his head back and scream as he would come down Dean's throat in front of their friends and everyone else. A cough suddenly pulled them both out of their bubble and they turned to look at their friends.

'If you two wanted to be alone you could have just said so,' Tristan stated.

'I…I don't,' Sam blushed red and pulled Dean's hand, reluctantly, out of his pants.

'You're both looking at each other like you're starving for it and one touch is going to make you cream your pants,' Greg stated.

'Which we get, you see each other at what? Fortnightly intervals, you're definitely allowed to be sex starved. So we're going to leave first to prevent any embarrassing…standing horizontal moments if you get what I mean,' Tristan winked and stood.

'Happy thanksgiving,' Greg waved and headed toward the exit after his boyfriend. Dean and Sam called out their good byes a little embarrassed but still a lot turned on.

Sam opened the door to his room and lead Dean inside. The door slammed closed and Sam was shoved hard up against it. Oh god he was so close already. The entire trip back Dean kept touching him, it was like he couldn't not touch Sam; running his fingers through Sam's hair whist Sam drove, slipping his palm up Sam's shirt, caressing Sam's cock through his jeans, whispering dirty secrets in Sam's ear. Sam needed Dean so badly he was already keening and begging for him.

'Two fucking weeks Sam,' Dean spoke hotly into Sam's ear as he threw aside Sam's shirt and pulled Sam's jeans and boxers down to his knees. He softly caressed Sam's abdomen whilst Sam moaned and nearly sobbed with desperation.

'Look at yourself Sammy, two weeks without me to touch you and you're starving for it, all flushed and begging, cock all hard, hot and weeping for me,' Dean spoke, running his fingers over the tip of Sam's cock, gathering the pre come and then sucking the digits into his mouth with a ravenous and a look of bliss on his face. Sam growled, the sight too much, Sam was so fucking hot, he was burning all over and he needed Dean to touch him, needed Dean now. Sam grabbed Dean's hips and pulled him tight up against Sam. The feeling of Dean's jean's rubbing against Sam's cock made him cry out and bury his head in Dean's shoulder, shaking and trying so hard not to come.

'Easy Sammy,' Dean cooed and kissed Sam's neck 'Easy, I know.'

'Too long Dean. I need you so much. I couldn't stop thinking about you…all fucking week. Jerked myself raw thinking about you hip deep inside me, your cock all fucking hot and pulsing,' Sam confessed 'Not going to last, please just fuck me. You don't need to prepare me- ah! Been working myself open every night so when I finally saw you, you could fuck me against the nearest fucking surface without waiting, can't wait Dean, just fuck me. Need you to fuck me!'

'Your god damn mouth,' Dean cursed, turned Sam around and bent him over the desk.

'God yes!' Sam cried when he felt Dean's cock press at his opening. He pressed inside, still cautious. Sam pushed back Dean's cock forcing him all the way inside. Dean cursed and Sam groaned, his grip on the table turning white knuckled. Dean started to thrust immediately, hard and long strokes, making Sam feel every god damn inch. Sam whimpered and moved his hips in rhythm with Dean's.

'Couldn't stop thinking about you either,' Dean confessed in Sam's ear 'Jerked off to that god damn stupid message you left on my answering machine, voice all innocent and so fucking sexy. You're so hot Sammy, all mine. It's going to be like this all semester. Every time I come up to see you I'm going to fuck you hard and deep just like this and when I'm not here you're going to be a good boy, study and go to classes and jerk off thinking about this. Not going to go to parties to hook up or get laid with some teenage college kid, because you're mine.'

'Yours,' Sam agreed and groaned, pressing his forehead against the desk as Dean fucked his prostate.

'Good boy,' Dean whispered and tongued Sam's ear.

Dean reached forward and grasped Sam's cock, making the teenager whimper and fuck himself back on Dean's cock and then forward into Dean's fist.

'Missed this so much,' Dean whispered 'Fuck! Love you Sammy!'

Sam came all over his previous lecture notes. Dean came soon after filling Sam up with every drop of come. Dean collapsed back on the rug a shaking, panting, sweaty mess. Sam collapsed down beside him and rested his head on Dean's stomach.

'Love you Dean, missed you so much,' Sam confessed and looked up at Dean. Dean smiled fondly at him.

'Me too,' Dean spoke and ran his fingers through Sam's curls 'Now you're all mine for a whole four days. Gonna tie you up to the bed and never let you go.'


Sam's alarm had gone off that morning at six o'clock and Sam had gotten ready whilst Dean groaned and burrowed back beneath the covers. Sam had Dean's car packed and ready to go before Dean would wake up, which was only after Sam got fresh hot coffee from the uni café as well as two cinnamon buns. The drive to Missouri's was wonderful. They hit the road with Dean behind the wheel; one hand on the steering wheel and the other on Sam's thigh. They chatted animatedly or sat in comfortable silence during the three hours, with a stop on the side of the road to "check the directions" Dean had said, which turned out to be code for "unbelievably hot blow jobs". Not that Sam had any complaints…god the way Dean had swallowed him down and sucked his brain out through his cock he definitely didn't have any complaints. When they arrived at Missouri's Sam realised he had never felt so relaxed or content, not since Mexico. Just spending time with Dean soothed and comforted him like nothing else. His heart sank knowing that it was only for a limited time and that in just a few days Dean once again, would be gone for another two or more long weeks. Dean slapped his hand on Sam's thigh gaining his attention.

'You okay?' Dean asked perceptively.

'Yeah, I'm fine, let's go before Grandma comes out and starts yelling at us for loitering in front of her house,' Sam put on a smile and got out of the car. They approached the door and it sung open in front of them.

'You're early,' Missouri stated.

'Yeah, Sam made me wake up an hour earlier so we wouldn't risk being late,' Dean rolled his eyes.

'Hey! You never know there could have been traffic,' Sam defended.

'I beg to differ honey,' Missouri spoke up 'now hush up and give me a hug.'

Sam grinned and pulled her close. They parted and Dean sat there shifting awkwardly.

'Dean,' she greeted with a nod 'Happy Thanksgiving.'

'Ma'am,' Dean smiled 'Same to you.'

'Well come on in,' She waved them inside and turned around.

'Well I've got a feast in the kitchen I've got to tend to so you can understand that I'm too busy to talk to you boys just yet. I'm sure you can find an appropriate way to entertain yourselves in my house,' she explained.

'Ah sure,' Dean shrugged 'So when's lunch?'

'Don't get impatient with me boy, we eat when the others get here,' she scolded.

'Others?' Sam asked confused.

'Of course, you don't think I'm some anti social spinster woman do you?' she asked.

'Of course not, only you never mentioned that others were coming,' Sam covered.

An alarm went off somewhere inside the kitchen.

'We'll talk later Sam, my vegetables are ready,' she spoke and waddled off.

'Dude, your grandma's kind of scary,' Dean stated and sat down.

'Yeah, she used to scare the crap out of me when I was a kid,' Sam laughed 'When I had to save up for a bike I did a couple jobs for her for some cash and she bought my love with her awesome cookies.'

'Augh! Don't mention food I'm so hungry,' Dean groaned.

'You'll wait and like it Winchester!' Missouri called out from the kitchen and Dean scowled when Sam laughed.

Sam and Dean were sitting opposite each other whilst Sam was describing the time he and Tristan convinced Greg to sing karaoke in a crowded uni bar when the first guests arrived. Sam and Dean stopped mid conversation to listen in, curious to see who their guests were. They heard Missouri point them toward the living room and tell them they had to wait until the other guests arrived before she pushed past Sam and Dean and back into the kitchen. Bella entered the room and Dean all but fell out of the chair.

'What the hell? What are you doing here?' Dean gaped.

'Why hello Dean, lovely to see you to, I'm doing fabulously, and how are you after I saved your undeserving, ungrateful arse from going to prison?' she asked with a smile on her face. Dean grumbled something like

'I'm fine,' and sat back into his chair.

Sam waved uncomfortably at Bella and half smiled.

'Hi Bella,' he greeted and awkwardly asked 'What are you doing in my grandma's house on thanksgiving?'

'I was invited of course,' she replied.

'…you know my grandmother?' Sam asked confused.

'No, my boyfriend does,' she clarified.

'Boyfriend? You, the evil bitch lawyer has a boyfriend?' Dean asked 'What the hell kind of guy could put up and compete with the shit you pull?'

It was at that moment John walked in and Dean actually fell out of his chair this time.

'John!' Sam brightened 'It's great to see you how are you?'

'Hey Sam, I'm great thanks, how's Stanford?' John asked and unconsciously wrapped a hand around Bella's waist.

'It's fantastic, I love it. I miss Dean of course, but it's awesome.' Sam exclaimed.

'That's good to hear-,' John started.

'Wow! Hang on a second! You're dating Bella now? You…and Bella?' Dean asked.

'Yeah that's right. Now boy, be very careful on what you say now, considering all the shit that went on with Sam and all the crap you pulled,' John warned 'while you're at it consider how I bailed you out of jail, helped the kid when you went off at him, and when Bella saved your ass from prison and helped in getting you and Sam back together.'

'You and Bella….,' Dean gaped.

'Dean close your mouth before you catch flies!' Missouri called out again from her kitchen.

Dean shut his mouth and sighed.

'Well at least now you're getting laid you won't be so damn cranky,' Dean remarked.

'Watch you mouth,' John growled but he had a smile on his face. Dean got up and John pulled him into a manly hug.

'It's good to see you boy, you look good and happy,' John stated.

'I am, how about you, how's work going?' Dean asked.

'Booming as usual, work for an honest mechanic is never lacking,' John stated.

'That's because there hardly are any,' Sam remarked and they all sat down to chat.

When the final guests arrived Missouri had the food all set out on the table and the four of them were still in the living room chatting happily. Dean and Sam sat side's pressed together. Dean had his arm wrapped around Sam's shoulders and tracing patterns with his fingers on his shoulder and Sam had his hand on Dean's knee when Sam's parents walked in. Sam froze and looked up in shock. Dean's grip on his shoulder tightened when Sam's parents set eyes on them. John and Bella turned around, John cursed and Bella smirked, no doubt she thought it just got fucking interesting.

'Hi Sam,' Ellen greeted.

'Ah hi,' Sam replied still in shock.

'How are you son?' Caleb asked.

'Fine…,' Sam tried not look like a gaping idiot.

'No wonder she didn't tell us others were coming,' Dean growled.

'The food's done, if you would all like to take your seats,' Missouri directed. Everyone headed to the dining room whilst Dean pulled Sam aside.

'We can leave if you want,' Dean offered 'Or we could stay, if you want to…if you want to forgive them. Patch things up?'

'…you'd be okay with that? If I forgave them?' Sam asked surprised.

'They're your parents, a part of your life. I wouldn't make you choose between us,' Dean explained 'So it's up to you, what do you want?'

'...They are my parents. I do miss them,' Sam spoke uneasily.

'Okay then, so we stay,' Dean stated.

'But if they…you're a part of my life too, and if they can't deal with that then I walk away from them, as long as it takes for them to realise you're not going away and I'm not going to give you up.' Sam spoke up.

Dean pulled Sam into a deep kiss and then rested his forehead against his lover's.

'You can do this,' Dean spoke.

'We can do this,' Sam clarified, took his hand and walked into the dinning room.

They ate making safe small talk, talking about what Missouri was up to and how they were all fine and well the usual boring stuff.

'So where's Missy and Ben?' Sam asked.

'My sister and her husband's,' Ellen spoke and told the others 'they have kids the same age they get along with.'

'How's College Sam?' Missouri asked.

'It's great, some of it can be pretty boring and a lot of it's difficult work but I enjoy it,' Sam explained.

'I remember my college days,' Caleb stated 'Some of the best days of my life. I met your mother there. You must really enjoy it, being surrounded by people that are the same age and share the same interests as you,'

Sam tensed and Dean tried not to get angry.

'Yeah well, it's really competitive so we usually make friends outside of pre med. I don't know anyone well enough though, too busy with the workload they have us doing.' Sam clarified.

'But there must be someone special to you, someone you formed a bond with at Stanford?' Caleb asked. Ellen kept her eyes glued to her plate and shuffled her potatoes around.

'Well I'm close friends with the Dean's son, he's a year into med school and a couple years ahead of me,' Sam stated.

'That's a fine age difference, he must be a great help too. You must have a lot to talk about,' Caleb spoke up and dared to glance at Dean.

'Oh we have a lot in common. He's dating a man a few years older than him as well, they started dating when he was seventeen, whilst his boyfriend was a priest at his local church,' Sam explained and looked devotedly at Dean 'So yeah we have a lot in common.'

Caleb paled and Ellen looked up surprised.

Dean smirked and took a big bite of his turkey whilst John covered his smile with his hand.

'How romantic,' Missouri spoke.

Caleb recovered and looked up at Dean suddenly.

'So how do you like being unemployed?' he asked.

'Caleb that's enough!' Ellen snapped.

'That's alright Mrs McQueen,' Dean smiled at her and turned to Caleb 'I'm not actually, I got a job as basketball Assistant Coach for a community College.'

'You did?' Caleb asked surprised.

'Yeah, but of course it did take me a while to find a job. So I took Sammy down to Mexico for a holiday after he graduated. Just the two of us for two whole weeks on the beach,' Dean described.

'It was perfect,' Sam added 'Like an exotic honeymoon.'

Caleb all but gawked at them. Dean looked at Sam a little surprised and squeezed his knee under the table as though to say "Nice one". John was trying very hard not to laugh.

'So John,' Caleb decided to change the subject 'How do you know Missouri?'

'I don't, not really,' John shrugged.

'Oh…then does your partner?' Caleb asked Bella.

'Oh no, I'm here simply as John's date,' she clarified and took a sip of wine.

'I know Dean,' John spoke up 'That's why Missouri invited me, and no doubt why she invited you,'

'It is, I believes family should be together on the holidays.' Missouri confirmed.

'…family?' Caleb asked.

'John's my father,' Dean stated.

'…I see,' Caleb nodded.

'We actually met because of Dean a couple years ago,' Bella spoke up 'You might remember me, from the trial. I was Dean's lawyer?'

'Oh…ah yes…I remember,' Caleb acknowledged.

Sam had never seen his father so shocked in all his life, it was hilarious…but he couldn't help but feel pity for both his parents.

'Mom, Dad, I'm glad you're here, I am and I have missed you,' Sam cut to the chase 'But I'm in love with Dean. No matter what you say or do that's not going to change. I want you back in my life…but it's going to be a life that also involves him, you can make peace with that or not it's up to you.'

'Oh honey,' Ellen sighed 'Of course that's alright with us, we love you.'

Sam smiled brightly when she patted his hand warmly.

'Right Caleb,' she spoke in that menacing voice that always meant punishment if not adhered to by anyone in the McQueen family.

'Of course,' Caleb coughed and spoke up 'You're family, no matter what. Hell at least it's not drugs right?'

'Oh Caleb,' Ellen groaned and John did actually laugh this time.

Missouri looked immensely pleased with herself and Dean couldn't help but be a little angry at her still. The rest of lunch went by pretty easy after that. Conversation wasn't spoken with subtle barbs or comments. It was when Missouri brought out the dessert that Dean cleared his throat.

'I bought an apartment, nearby the community college that I'm going to be working for. And it turns out that it's within half an hours drive from Palo Alto,' Dean spoke almost randomly.

Sam looked at Dean stunned.

'Why didn't you tell me?' Sam asked.

'I was going to later, but now seems a good as time to any, and I also wanted to ask if you would like to move in with me?' Dean offered.

Sam looked up at him completely surprised.

'You're serious? You want me to move in with you?' Sam asked.

'Yeah, I know I'm a mess with leaving my boxers and the table thing but-,' Dean started to babble.

'-We'd be living together,' Sam clarified 'You wouldn't be gone for weeks…we'd be together all the time?'

'Well yeah that's the general idea,' Dean nodded.

Sam beamed and threw his arms around Dean.

'Oh god yes!' he laughed and pulled Dean in tight.

'Now see you've gone and taken all my thunder,' John sighed 'And I was about to go propose and all.'

Dean and Sam pulled a part and gaped at John.

'No way!' Dean exclaimed 'Are you serious?'

'No, I'm just bullshitting you,' John laughed.

Dean growled a little and frowned.

'That reall y wasn't funny,' Dean snapped.

'What's wrong Dean, don't want me for a Step mother?' Bella asked.

'Are you kidding, I'd love that, almost as much as I'd love to stick my hand in a bucket of acid!' Dean spoke sarcasticaly.

Dean and Bella continued to bicker whilst John watched with a twisted grin. Missouri watched over them all lovingly and scolded Dean when he began to curse. Sam's parents talked to one another about ringing to check up on the kids.

And Sam smiled whilst under the table Dean's hand clutched at his and Sam linked their fingers together. He'd only been at college for a few months but Sam had to agree with his Dad, these were the best days of his life.