"Ryuuzaki, I may not look like one, but I am a popular Dota master here in the campus."

Really? I wonder why I did not know that. Light, no Kira, you're really trying to make your image look like a typical nerd. But you're wrong, you won't fool me because though I'm an older adult, I also play Dota. L thought. "Ok, Light, let me see your skill. I'll create, um version..."

Ryuuzaki, no L, I won't underestimate you. But watch out cause in this game…

Kira, watch out cause in this game…

I'll reveal your secrets.

I'll see the way you think.

And I won't lose!

"This is very interesting!" Ryuk thought.

L sat with his feet on the chair as usual, while sipping coffee. Ryuk

-apnpom. 3…2…1…


"Ryuuzaki, you have a nice hero. Like L, Azwraith is anonymous and pops out of nowhere." L, you think that you could use your doppelgangers to avoid my ulti, you're wrong. You make have a wrong name but I'll find that out, I'll kill you. With Perseverance I won't run out of life. When I complete A. Scepter it'll be over for you. Soon I will be able to write your name on my Death Note, face Inferno, and that will be your Doom!

"You too Light-kun, Lucifer is one hero that is difficult to take down." I need a Hood of Defiance for a magician like you Kira, you merciless killer. Sooner or later face my Battle Fury. You may be punishing criminals but you are not God. You are evil, bringing hell here on earth.

After several dozens of minutes:




How can Light-kun do this? It's impossible, I was not able to complete my items, How can he always doom me at the perfect time? He wasn't even fooled by my doppelgangers, I didn't even make him drop his Gem of True Sight.

"Ryuuzaki, I'm sorry, its seems that I am beyond Godlike already, we can stop now."


"Light, attack him now while he's buying in the Secret Shop, his life is red. Ya know, cheating, is also interesting!"