Title: Stainless Steel

Author: angeletoile/Aimee5

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Summary: Things have changed between Booth and Brennan, and there's someone Booth thinks deserves to know first hand. A short friendship piece.

Author's Note: I like Cam. In fact, I think she's a great addition to the show as long as she's not in any way involved with Booth beyond friendship. I wrote this sometime during season 2 after they'd ended their relationship but then I forgot about it, so I'm posting it now. It's still relevant, and could take place anytime since then, really.


He'd never understood why she found the morgue comforting. The stainless steel and multiple sharp instruments reflected a cold environment to him. He'd always felt that Bones' office, in contrast to the rest of the lab, was a warm place to be; reds and browns adding colour and depth that steel and glass couldn't even begin to imitate.

But not Cam. She didn't wear colour, didn't have a colourful office. He found her in her colourless morgue without a dead body in sight.

"You're writing reports… in here?" he questioned upon entering.

She looked up from her paperwork, a small, surprised-but-trying-to-hide-it smile on her face.

"It's quiet," was the only explanation she offered.

He shuffled his feet, nervously, staring at the floor. Replacing her pen atop a mountain of casefiles branded with the Jeffersonian logo, she offered him her full attention. "What is it, Seeley?"

"BonesandIaretogethernow," he blurted in a rush, continuing to stare at the floor for at least another ten seconds before raising his eyes to meet hers. She looked mildly confused. "I said…" he began, believing she hadn't understood his speedy words.

She raised a perfectly manicured hand, "I heard what you said, Seeley." She didn't look angry.

"I just… I didn't want you to hear it from anyone else," he shrugged his shoulders in such a Booth-like way it almost broke her heart. She swallowed hard, cleared her throat and raised her clear eyes to meet his.

"I appreciate that," she replied, sincerely.

And then she picked up her pen and continued on with her report.


Ten minutes later, once Booth was long gone, she moved off to the side of the morgue and stood between one of her beloved stainless steel pillars. Slowly, her shoulders began to shake and her cleared eyes were clouded with mist. Sinking down the pillar to the floor she allowed the tears of loss roll down her cheeks, her sobs silent. She had known, all along, but had never given up hope until this moment.

For the first time she recognised how cold the stainless steel could be, as it pressed cold and hard in to her back.