Post Surgical Progress Form

Patient #: 100310-11E Elric, Edward

Wound Site: Right shoulder, left leg

# Bolts : 11, 9

M.N.C. : 23, 9


Gangrenous? N

Excretion? Clear

Inflammation? w/n L

Tenderness? w/n L

Tissue Repair? fast considering conditions

Wound notes: responding well to flexibility exercise; minor problem with ripped stitches along clavicle and from r2-r6; very little inflammation around ports.


Rejection? n

Corrosion? n

Rust? n

Twisting? n

Pulling? N

Bolt notes: no rejection notices; slight distal twist to R8 anterior bolt but no known complications;

Major Nerve Connections:

Phantom limb pain? Patient does not acknowledge

Temperature sensitivity? P Homeostasis? in progress

Manual stimulation? r

Mechanical stimulation? r

Misfires? rare, but painful

Nerve Connection notes: responds well to stimulation –very fast; body is still having homeostasis difficulty; PLP seems negative; nerve misfires extremely painful –visceral reaction

Misc. notes: patient has positive progression; dehydration and malnutrition treated intravenously, nerve mis-fires not a concern presently.