Epilogue: Revenge.

Screams break the silence
Waking from the dead of night

Vengeance is boiling

He's returned to kill the light

-Ozzy Osbourne, Bark At The Moon


Vincent tackled Uncle Ben to the ground. He slashed his claws across his face. Uncle Ben screamed in pain. Vincent then bit into Uncle Ben's throat, and bit out a big chunk of flesh. Suddenly, Uncle Ben managed to get on top of Vincent. He raised his left paw, and stabbed it into Vincent's shoulder. Blood quickly poured out of the wound as Vincent's shoulder bone cracked and broke loudly.

Vincent then noticed something: Uncle Ben was beginning to tire from the wound in his throat. His breathing was slowing, along with his reflexes. Vincent realized that that was his chance, and used that one moment to strike. He thrust up his claws, stabbing them into Uncle Ben's eyes. Uncle Ben screamed as a combination of yellow liquid and blood poured out of them. Uncle Ben was defeated, and both of them knew it. Vincent got up, and stabbed his claws into Uncle Ben's face. Then, he began to slice them down a straight line, and tore open Uncle Ben's face, revealing his bloody skull. Uncle Ben was almost dead, and Vincent stood over his now-convulsing body, and bent down. He ripped out his skull, and dropped it onto the ground.

"See you in hell, you bastard..."

With that said, Vincent slammed his foot onto Uncle Ben's skull, crushing it into tiny pieces of brain, marrow, blood, and bone. He then slowly looked up into the sky, and for the first time since he was kid, he smiled contently.

"Mom...Dad...I love you both so much. May your souls finally be at rest. Amen."