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Light didn't know why he had felt the urge to catch L. It had worked out well in the end, but now….as he held L's light frame in his arms and looked into those wide dark eyes he felt pain. He felt as if his own heart should be the one to stop, but then L seemed to look at him. It was a test. He smirked and waited for L to glare or pout. But it didn't happen. He lay still and his eyes fell shut. Light felt more than heard his own scream. He felt the tears form and prepare to fall.

He didn't know why he had gone out on the roof. He could have simply left L to freeze to death. Why did he have to feel this now? Why not sooner then this? If it had happened sooner he could have…but it was best if Light didn't think of that as he looked at L's motionless body. The tears spilled and he yelled for no reason. He screamed and mourned. Then…He recovered and continued his role. He was Kira. He was the god of the new world, but…the pain never left. The image replayed in his head every day that he looked upon the building, L falling from his chair, the spoon he used to stir his tea with clinging on the tiles, that moment of false hope that Rem hadn't done it.

Light dealt with it in his own way. He thought of L standing in the rain and toying with him. He thought of that playful grin L had made after Light's second try. He thought of their fights and their laughs. He thought of crawling across the bed and glaring at the still conscious detective. But none of it helped. Misa noticed first. She was smart enough, though, to keep it to herself and leave him alone. She let him be. She let him cry when he locked the door and thought everyone was gone. And she let him use her as a replacement for where L had occupied.

Light stared down at L and let the tears fall as he thought of it. "AH! Ryuzaki-sama!! Smile! Come on!" Misa cheered pointing the camera at him. L glared at her his fork still dangling from his mouth. Light smiled and reached across and snapped the photo himself. "Ah! Light-kun! Delete that! I told you I don't-" L tried to complain reaching for the camera. Light laughed and hid it behind his back breaking into L's sentence. "Nay! Ryu-kun! Let me keep it! I want to have a photo of my friend!" Any other word and L would have smashed the camera, but to be called friend. Tears spilled down Light's face and onto the framed photo of L. His hair was unruly and the bags under his eyes were present and he still wore that oversized sweater, but to Light this photo of L, scowling at him with his fork still in his mouth, was the most beautiful picture he had ever seen. So Light kept it close to his heart and never erased that feeling of guilt he felt for L's death.

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