Chapter 2


As if the title dosen't give it away. We join M.J. and peter a year later with a child a girl named Rachel. The girl seemed normal but in the ages of four and five she read and understood Peter's books she was a genius.

When she was five she got a little brother. Peter J.R. was his name but they called him P.J.

Anyway when Rachel was 15 Spider-Girl and Spider-Boy came into the picture.

When She turned 16 Peter found the true Identity of Spider-Boy, his son.

It was during a car chase. Spider-Boy's mask tore. Peter swung after him. sneaking up on him when he removed his mask.

"Oh Spider-Man it's me P.J. remember my birthday party." He said

Peter removed his mask saying "P.J. it's me."

"Dad your Spider-Man. This is so awesome." Said P.J.

"Is Spider-Girl your sister?" Asked Peter.

"Sorry Dad. Rachel Just takes Pictures of the two of us I've seen them together" Said P.J.

Well back at Parker place as I call it Rachel was upstairs when Five thugs with venom costume masks enter. M.J. Screams.

Rachel grabs something Harry never used a bow. She found it in a compartment in her room.

Any way she snuck partly down the stairs. Shielded by the wall she shot the one that had her mother by the throat.

He fell. Soon two more fell. She didn't kill them but they.were still hurt. One decided when she came to fire again he would get her. She stepped out from the wall by the top of the stairs and boom she was hit and she fell. "Rachel!" Yelled Mary Jane.

Just then Spider-Man and Spider-Boy entered.

I say one heck of a chapter. But if you want to find out what's happening with Rachel you'll keep yourself here waiting for chapter 3. Or even If you want to meet the other Hero's. P.J. Was obvious but these guys are new and never been seen in any comic book. They are of my design. Well they are based on someone in this story. Keep Reading.