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"What is that?"

Sakura looked up from the patient file she was going over, blinking at her boyfriend's expression. He looked horrified and... vaguely disgusted. Eyes following the direction in which his trembling finger was pointing, they settled on the object sitting third shelf down of her bookcase.

"Oh, that," she said airily, going back to her paperwork, "that was a gift from Kohonamaru. His team got into a minor scuffle with another genin group a couple weeks ago and he made that for me after I patched him up. Isn't it cute?"

Deidara's blue eyes remained fixated on the little horror, his lip curling in revulsion. Cute was not a word he would use to describe the... thing.

"Is that supposed to be you, mmm?" Uncertain, he examined the awkward... lump.

Sakura looked up again, brow furrowed. "Well... yeah... Doesn't it look like me?"

The blond continued to stare at the little sculpture. Whatever the thing was made of (he seriously doubted it was clay) was a violently pink color. Even pinker than his adorable girlfriend's adorable hair. It was molded into a roughly... human... shape... and more of whatever-it-was, this time green in color, had been smooshed onto what he assumed to be the face to make what he assumed to be eyes.

"No. That thing is grotesque, yeah!"

Sakura pouted, rather offended. She glared harshly at Deidara, crossing her arms over her chest and looking, for a moment, rather like her temperamental master.

"It is not!" She rose to her feet, stepping between the Akatsuki and the sculpture, picking up the eyesore and cradling it lovingly. "And Kohonamaru is only ten, give him a break!"

Deidara snorted, "I could have sculpted you perfectly when I was ten. Yeah."

Sakura rolled her eyes, gently placing the riotously pink lump back in it's place. "You have a bloodline limit that makes you ridiculously talented." She didn't have to turn around to know that Deidara was preening – no one thought of more of their own artistic ability than him.

"Besides," she continued, her tone disarmingly light, "It's not as if anyone else has ever given me something like this before..."

Deidara blinked in disbelief as Sakura glanced over her shoulder at him, her eyes somewhat accusing. What was she getting at? Wait, he frowned, did she want him to sculpt her? Smirking, the blond reached out and pulled her against him, muffling her protests with a hungry kiss.

"I don't use my clay to make static pieces of art, yeah. It's not my style." He mumbled against her lips. Sakura pulled back, cheeks flushed. She was only slightly embarrassed that she'd been caught.

"I didn't ask you to!" She insisted, though her tone was somewhat hopeful. Deidara groaned and flopped onto the couch, pulling the pink-headed hellion into his lap and holding her there when she struggled to get back to her feet. A warning nip from his left palm to her shoulder stilled her.

"Obviously." No, she didn't say it out loud, but the desire was in her eyes. And her rather pointed comment about the pink horror. Speaking of which...

"What's that thing made of, anyway, mmm?" He glared at the offensive statue.

"Play-doh," Sakura giggled, leaning into him. Deidara didn't know what the hell play-doh was, but if it had the capacity to make crap like that... He shivered. Sakura shifted in his lap, her green eyes fixed hopefully on him. The hardened S-class criminal squirmed under her gaze. Was he willing to compromise his artistic beliefs for this woman?


"If I sculpt you, you have to get rid of that monstrosity. Yeah."

Sakura grinned, "I'll put it next to the monstrosity."

Deidara pouted and Sakura laughed, kissing him softly. "Don't be jealous of the play-doh," she grinned mischievously. Deidara grinned toothily back, his expression wicked.

"Who's jealous, mmm? I just feel bad for the kid, okay? My work is going to make that thing look like a cat vomited it up. Yeah." Not that, in Deidara's opinion, it didn't already look that way.

Sakura lightly punched his arm (which still made him flinch) but couldn't stop the giggle that bubbled from her lips. "You're awful!"

Deidara chuckled and shrugged, "But you love me anyway, yeah?"

Sakura smiled, green eyes alight.


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