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I achieved my dream.

I became Hokage.

Great isn't it?

Well that's what I thought until Tsunade-baa-chan threw a 'No more work' party and her goodbye speech included calling me an 'unlucky bastard who is a bigger sucker than her'. Damn Tsundae-baa-chan, wait till she knocks herself out with her-


I was completely convinced that being Hokage was not great when after the party she threw twelve stacks of paper in my face whilst slurring that I had to finish authorising all of it before Thursday.

Thursday was in two days.

I have been Hokage for five years now and I rarely sleep in my bed due to too much work. All of you might be thinking that Hokages get breaks. You're right but at night, to avoid getting behind on work, we end up going back reading and stamping pile of paper.

In other words, I can't get out of not doing the work.

Even though, I sleep at my desk most of the time, the days when I have little work I rush to my bedroom to sleep.

Guess what today is?

Today is the day I can sleep in my bed this month. Happy days!!!

Quickly sorting the papers into piles, I ran to the bedroom. Opened the door and-

cursed my luck?

Curled up in my head were four -and not one-bodies; my wife Hinata, Kichirou, Hirokou and Hitomi.

Before I could release my –manly, I repeat manly- tears of sadness, I looked at the scene before me again and took pride in the glowing faces of my wife and children, in the moonlight seeping through the window. Turning around I headed to my office.

And for once I didn't mind having to sleep at my desk.

Peace, serenity and tranquillity.